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America’s Children are Dying from Flu Shot – Evidence of Cover-Up by Media and Public Officials America’s Children are Dying from Flu Shot – Evidence of Cover-Up by Media and Public Officials
There can be no doubt that the influenza shot is responsible for inducing deaths in American children as well as in children globally. Even... America’s Children are Dying from Flu Shot – Evidence of Cover-Up by Media and Public Officials

There can be no doubt that the influenza shot is responsible for inducing deaths in American children as well as in children globally. Even one death is cause for alarm. In fact, a single fatality is sufficient reason to halt the largely unscientific, heavily marketed flu vaccination program.

Why would any entity or group purposely perpetrate the deaths of children? Are the people behind this, pharmaceutical houses and their well-paid collaborators, including agents of the CDC and medical profession, so naive as to not realize the consequences? Is there a more nefarious plot at hand? Is there actually a malicious attempt to cause harm, reducing, as Bill Gates implies, global population? Why else would such noxious injections be imposed upon civilization, despite the fact that countless dire consequences, including the creation of sickness, partial or complete paralysis, and fatality, have directly resulted?

The flu vaccine, after all, represents the injection of a toxic drug into the veins and tissues of vulnerable children, including those who possess no immunity to defend themselves.

It could be simply the fact, many would surmise, that Big Pharma is massively profiting from this. Moreover, when children do die as a result of its inoculations, then a cover-up is imposed: a significant attempt at obfuscation. Additionally, there is the issue of the fact that the pharmaceutical houses are fully indemnified. If a person does sue, it is not Big Pharma that pays the bills but representative governments themselves, which the pharmaceutical houses have lobbied to do so on their behalf. Nothing could be more corrupt than this.

Doesn’t anyone care to any degree about these children? Is all that shall be done is to merely disguise the facts? That’s the sole effort that the media, public officials, and medical authorities are making. There is no deliberate investigation.

Emma Splan

What about this poor child, little, highly vulnerable Emma Splan? Who can justify her death? This little girl was delicate and vulnerable. Then, she was injected with the powerful porcine-based H3N2 killer vaccine. As a result, she died precipitously. Moreover, no one said anything. No one reported the fact that she was inoculated with a killer virus that ran roughshod over her system, causing her to suddenly die.

Emma, did, in fact, get the inoculation. Despite this, in the Fox News report from which this is derived, her school authorities are “urging students to get vaccinated” as a result of her death. Officially, that death is caused by “flu complications.”

That urging is mere diversionary tactics. Never is it admitted that she died from the consequences of the inoculation. Instead, people are quoted praising the actions of the parents to have gotten her the shot: Sarah Lutkus, a family friend, told WNBC Splan’s parents “did it the right way.”

Did what the right way, made sure that she was contaminated with a killer virus, to which she was defenseless? That way, if she did die, the parents wouldn’t be culpable? Or, is doing the right thing merely submitting to the greedy machinations of Big Pharma?

Here is a screen-grab from the news story:

What does it mean that they didn’t linger? No one is speaking about the facts in the case, which is that the child was injected with a deadly, mutated porcine virus that was developed in chicken embryos: a mutation, a freak of nature.

Nevaeh Hernandez

Consider the case, too, of Nevaeh Hernandez, North Bergen, New Jersey. After receiving the vaccine in mid-December she succumbed to a flu-like illness a mere 60 days later. All those in her care have made it clear that she had gotten the vaccination, including EMS worker and grandmother Sandy Rivera, who said, ‘She had the flu vaccine. We took her to the hospital.’

The claim is, though, that she had been vaccinated in December. Despite this, the article quotes the statement of the CDC which is that, incredibly, the flu shot for children is “59% effective.”

In Claytownship, Michigan, yet another youth lost his life this year, in this case, a 12 year old. Horrific beyond belief, the child, once again, was struck suddenly and unexpectedly. Like the other two children he had been vaccinated with the 2017/2018 batch.

Viciously and aggressively, the illness struck. There is a pattern to this, and it all leads back to the man-made, corrupted porcine-derived H3N2 strain:

The mother added: “When I came into his room he was on the floor. His eyes were open and he was looking at me,” she tells WJBK. “The only way I can describe the way he looked is he looked like a fish out of water. A fish trying to breathe.”

This seems to be the pattern. The virus, operating by stealth, shuts down the body, likely through attacking the brain stem, leading to a collapse in the respiratory centers, often preceded by vomiting and high fever as well as an overall sense of unwellness.

The children are dying, and no one is speaking out about the source, which is assuredly the inoculation. All the CDC can offer is percentages, like those empty words of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar:

“You’re 36% less likely to get the flu and see the doctor if you get a flu shot,” adding, incredibly, “If a young child gets a flu shot, he or she is 59% less likely to get the virus and have to go to the doctor

Adds Jerome Adams, Surgeon General, in particular parents must make sure they ‘get their children vaccinated.’ He says nothing about the known horrific consequences. How callous – the Surgeon General must well know how controversial the flu injection is and is surely aware of the complications, including the countless cases of sudden death in infants, children, and more.

“The flu vaccination is safe,” he said. “It is still your best defense.”

It’s the best defense against precisely what? There is no proof it defends against the flu itself; rather, it directly causes flu-like illnesses. Therefore, his words are hollow, amount to what is none other than pro-drug company propaganda.

As well, any claim that a higher percentage of those who have died were not vaccinated has no basis. It surely does not account for those who contracted the killer pathogen from vaccine-associated viral shedding, which can be a considerable cause of illness and potential fatality.

The pattern is the children get the inoculation, then a month or so later, become ill. All that time the pig virus has had the opportunity to mutate within the tissues, likely utilizing human genetic material for its survival, in fact, to enhance its invasive capacity. Then, suddenly, it overwhelms the tissues and there is no chance: no warning. Consequently, fatality occurs. This explains the association of brain damage, brain inflammation, respiratory collapse, and liver cell damage upon their demise.

Natural remedies: the answers for a reliable defense

The findings of this post do not substantiate the standard claims in the least, especially those of heavily compromised government and health service mouthpieces. Not only is it far from safe, the ability of the flu vaccine to defend the body is nonexistent. If the individual wishes a defense, it is necessary to turn to high-potency natural medicines, which can be safely administered to adults and children alike. Top powerhouses in this regard are oil of wild oregano, oil of cumin, wild sage oil, and cinnamon oil or combinations thereof. There are also some protective powers in raw honey, freshly squeezed citrus juice, spicy chicken soup, and elderberry extracts. Of note, out of all these, oil of wild oregano is the most potent and can be used both internally and topically. In one case a specific brand, the original maker and originator of wild oregano oil supplements, Oreganol P73, was tested and found effective against the influenza virus in vitro, destroying 99%-plus of both cold and flu viruses. DISCLAIMER:  This is not to promote a specific brand or product for flu itself but, rather, through freedom of speech, to offer helpful alternatives for those who wish to avoid admittedly ineffective and potentially dangerous medical therapies.

Nevertheless, there is no need to panic. While medicine has no answers to these syndromes, there are powerful, protective answers in nature. See the following video for a brief, though somewhat biased, review:



Ancient Uses of Wild Oregano: Proof of Modern Powers

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