It is well-established that oregano oil acts as a powerful germ-killer. Other spice oils, like oil of cinnamon and cumin, have also been found to be germicidal. Just looking at the typical over-the-counter products it is clear that there are no antivirals. This is what makes spice oils so invaluable.

A number of studies have been done of oil of wild oregano or its various components against viruses. The main finding of this research is that the oil has direct actions against these microorganisms. Incredibly, it has been found to “disrupt” the viral membrane, virtually shattering them.

This is a mechanism which all people can take advantage of. There are a number of viral pathogens of concern. These pathogens include the various herpetic viruses, the hepatitis category, wart pathogens, the norovirus, intestinal flu pathogens, coronaviruses, and the flu itself. 

In work published in Medical Science Research investigators found that oil of oregano destroyed a variety of viruses. Study the findings under electron microscopy it was found that it, along with cinnamon oil, shattered the viruses, which they deemed “remarkable.” 

It was enveloped viruses that succumbed. This proves that the oregano oil essentially dissolved the pathogens. This include complete action against the Newcastle viruses, known to cause fatalities in birds and poultry. 

On the tough, resistant norovirus a study was done. Here, significant antiviral actions were determined. Through treatment, there was an observed loss in the infection capacity of the virus. Within 15 minutes levels of the viruses, using both carvacrol and oil of oregano , were seen to decline significantly.  Oil of oregano and its active ingredient carvacrol were so highly regarded in this study that they were deemed a potential treatment for preventing food poisoning, both in food and beverages and on surfaces. 

The oil appears to “disrupt” the viral capsid, a significant power. It was investigators in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy who further demonstrated this. Once again, under electron microscopy they demonstrated the “disruption of the viral envelope after pretreatment” of herpes viruses with oregano and other essential oils. This, they said, clearly preventing their abilities to be infectioius. It was all seen under the electron microscope, which is the ultimate proof. 

These are mainly essential oil extracts, prepared by distillation. Regarding CO2 extracts these, too, have been demonstrated effective. This is, in particular, against herpes type 1 at various stages of its development. The CO2 extracts demonstrated moderate antiviral action; pre-treatment acted also to prevent viral replication. This demonstrates that the oil produced through distillation is more potent the CO2 extract, although the two together would be worthy of study. Extracts of both oregano and sage were found to be antiviral in this investigation.

Investigators in England publishing in Food and Chemical Toxicity found a combination of spice oils, including oil of oregano, to be active against viruses through, once again, a cytotoxic action. They even observed powers against HIV, with the oregano being active in low concentrations.

Perhaps the most dominating study was done by Ijaz and Ingram on human coronavirus and also influenza A. In this study the viruses were allowed to infect cell culture. At a growth of some 5.5 million viruses per milliliter in the case of the coronavirus the oregano oil in a 1% dilution was found to destroy 99.9% of the viruses.

A multiple spice oil concentrate or extract destroyed 100% of the germs such that none were detectable. This amount to the deaths of hundreds of millions of viruses, all in a short 20 minutes. Incredibly, by 5 minutes there was a greater than 98% destruction of all pathogens. Nothing known in this world could operate so powerfully. The multiple spice oil complex was even more potent, dropping numbers by the 5 minute point to 99%, that is less than 1% survival. 

Clearly, wild oregano oil is a super-powerful natural medicine that this world can take advantage of. Beware of cheap imitations containing synthetic additions, like carvacrol and p-cymeme, which are toxic. Of note, any carvacrol level advertised above 85% is fraudulent. In wild nature this substance never arises higher than 85.6%. Be especially cautious of levels higher than 88%.

So, as long as it is truly wild oregano, whether as the oil or juice essence, relish the benefits. Also look for multiple spice oil extracts/concentrates containing cumin, sage, oregano, and cinnamon oil, as used in the original research. Be well with wild spice oils, especially oil of wild oregano: God’s medicines, made just for the benefit of humankind and unmatched by all that is made synthetically. They have the powers for lifesaving support unmatched by man-made interventions. Take advantage of these profounds gifts of wild nature for your guaranteed protection and better health. 

With truly wild oregano oil and multiple spice complex oils these can be taken with impunity and also applied topically. If a person is ill, as much as is necessary can be used to support the immune health. For instance, the oil can be taken even on the hour, the same is true of the multiple spice complex. How important this is in a world where no other options are offered.


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