Are COVID-19 Masks and Social Distancing a Cover-Up for a Vaccine Disaster?

May 30, 2020

No doubt, the current coronavirus pandemic must be re-defined. It is hardly a pandemic. Rather, it is an industrial-grade disaster of a monumental magnitude. It was meant to be. Various greedy, hostile elements have set the stage for this crisis. Because certain entities are culpable all the world sees is nonsense: social distancing, lack of contact, and the wearing by the public of masks.

The industries involved are the pharmaceutical houses and also the factory-farm sector. Both are responsible for the spread a vast degree of disease about the world, largely in the form of sepsis and drug-resistant germs. There is another element. This is the GMOs. This relates to the nature of the feed for factory farmed animal. It also relates to the medicines administered: vaccines made with genetically engineered techniques.

In 2028 through 2020 in China there was a monumental disaster. Some  350 million farmed pigs died or were culled. Why was this done? It was strictly because they were infected with contagion: coronavirus infection. According to Chinese investigators this is a virus originating in bats. Is this not the same pathogen implicated in this disease?

All of China’s industrially raised pigs are vaccinated. Virtually all these drugs are synthetically produced through recombinant technology. As well, these animals are all tainted with GMOs. Additionally, there is creative research in this godless domain. This involves the creation of chimeras or species with other animal’s components. Consider the following write-up in MSN:

“Two piglets recently born in China look like average swine on the outside, but on the inside, they are…part monkey.

A team of researchers generated the pig-primate creatures by injecting monkey stem cells into fertilized pig embryos and then implanting them into surrogate sows, according to a piece by New Scientist. Two of the resulting piglets developed into interspecies animals known as chimeras, meaning that they contained DNA from two distinct individuals — in this case, a pig and a monkey.”

The manipulated piglets died shortly after being born. This type of genetic engineering-based cross-species research is continuous throughout China. The objective is merely greed, as scientists attempt to patent life.

Clearly, this world’s has gone half-mad. There will nothing but further sepsis and disease generation if these genetically modified animals are allowed into the marketplace. Even without this as a result of recombinant technology were various viruses, viral-like particles, plasmids, and vectors are manipulated there are continuously universal risks. This is to both animals and humans, as represented by the COVID-19 disaster. Don’t forget, the swine flu of 2009 was also an animal virus-induced debacle.

For China vaccines are big business. Since 2004 market size has gone up 20-fold, reaching several billion dollars. With this comes an extraordinary degree of corruption.

It is illicit to the extreme. To promote their licentious wares China’s mobsters utilize microtargeting on social media, fake videos, and the plant of dead swine corpses. These criminal elements have even resorted to utilizing drones to drop infected material on or near pig farms. The plot is to gain traction to sell their illegal, untested vaccines.

These were tactics relied upon in 2019 by Chinese nefarious elements, mere thugs, all to make ready cash. The purpose was to forcibly persuade farmers to buy in to illicit vaccines, supposedly to reduce the risk for coronavirus disease’s spread.

It had the opposite effect. They proved so poisonous that tens of millions of pigs were sickened, many of which died or had to be culled.

Among the earliest victims of COVID-19 were not the keepers of bats but. rather, those who were handlers of only hogs. This fully indicates that the pandemic coronavirus is in hog flesh.

How much of a role did the illegal vaccines play in contaminating the flesh: in possibly leading to the global outbreak? According to J. Shike in Farm Journal’s Pork these untested, experimental inoculations proved disastrous. In her article Underground ASF Vaccines in China: What’s the Risk? it was revealed the vaccinated pigs simply dropped dead. In some cases their skin died off, while females suffered abortions. Many of these vaccines were smuggled in from overseas. This would indicate that the disease may well have originated from outside of China.

Even if the germ originated in bats the question is were bat viruses harvested and then used in various vaccines? It was A. Fauci’s NIAID that facilitated such research, funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the tune of 3.7 million dollars. This was all prior to the outbreak. Surely, he and his collaborators must be held culpable for this catastrophe, as the types of viruses that were researched are precisely the type that have been involved in this endlessly catastrophic outbreak.

The fall dateline of the widespread use in China of coronavirus vaccines is simply too coincidental. There must be a connection to the outbreak, which actually started at virtually the same time. Surely, in producing these inoculations SARS-like coronaviruses were used.

All the evidence points to an outbreak from genetically engineered, man-manipulated pathogens. More than any other culpable sources include the industrial sectors: factory farms and pharmaceutical houses. Whether legal or illegal, GMOs and various recombinant technology poses a dire risk to human. All this predicted in the C. Ingram book, Natural Cures for Killer 
Germs. It is time to take action and fully boycott all that is GMO: food and vaccines. This includes factory farmed pigs. chickens, and cows.

Regardless, pork is clearly involved. See what is happening in the slaughterhouses. When these animals are killed and the blood flows, the viruses spreads like wildfire. Moreover, a cover-up is crucial. So are the distractions. Otherwise, the world would hold the real criminals behind this disaster culpable. Among these responsible parties are the pharmaceutical entities the produce the farm-sector vaccines as well as those who are financing, like Goldman-Sachs, China’s, among others, factory farm industry.

The consumption of pork itself must be strictly avoided. Those who have heavily consumed it should take an antidote. This is the wild oregano oil and also the aromatic juice or water of oregano and in some cases of extreme consumption the multiple spice oil capsules consisting of wild oregano oil, cinnamon oil, cumin oil, and wild sage oil. It takes 90 days of spice oil therapy to decontaminate pork viruses.


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