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Don’t Fear Cold and Flu: Wild Oregano to the Rescue

There is no reason to be apprehensive about weather changes or for that matter, cold and flu. That’s because in nature there truly is a powerful answer. This is wild oregano, particularly its extracted oil. Long relied upon for every conceivable upper respiratory disorder, a quality, truly wild oregano oil…

Interview with Michael Savage

Dr Cass Ingram is interviewed by nationally syndicated talk show host Michael Savage of Savage Nation on the benefits of raw extracted cannabis oil. Broadcast: December 8, 2016.

Lectures in Pennsylvania

Hey Pennsylvania! You’re my next stop in November! Please attend one of these lectures: How to Reverse All Inflamation and Bone Loss with Natural Cures Also updates on Lyme and Cannabis Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016 – 7:00 PM American Slovenian Citizens Association – Cheswick, PA 230 Herron Ave. Cheswick, PA 15024 724-274-9997 More…

Danger of GMO Vitamins
Danger of GMO Vitamins It is crucial to avoid GMO sources of any kind. Highly toxic, GMOs are associated with the development of deadly diseases in animals, including endocrine disorders, digestive diseases, immune dysfunction, and cancer. Most of the studies showing poisonous effects have been feeding studies in animals,... Read more
The Power of Red Palm Oil
The Power of Red Palm Oil Red palm oil is one of the most potent natural whole food oils known. Derived from the kernel of a special kind of palm tree indigenous to Africa this oil has been used as a food  and  medicine  for  centuries.  One  of  the healthiest... Read more
Mood-Altering Drugs—What You Need to Know
Mood-Altering Drugs—What You Need to Know Recently, it has become evident that drugs for the brain or mental disorders may, in fact, cause these very  disorders. What’s more, these drugs actually violence, even in people who are not predisposed to  it.  Recent  evidence  indicates  that  mood-altering drugs, such as Prozac,... Read more
Human Damage from Genetically Engineered Food —Find Out Where You Stand
Human Damage from Genetically Engineered Food —Find Out Where You Stand Genetically engineered foods are poisonous. This has been documented by a variety of scientific studies. The latest study performed in Russian is damning. It demonstrates that the intake of genetically engineered soy causes severe liver cell damage and dangerous increases in  estrogen  levels (especially... Read more
How To Naturally Support Health – Cold & Flu
How To Naturally Support Health – Cold & Flu Natural treatment for cold and flu is ideal, since there are no key drugs for these conditions: especially their are no medical agents which kill and purge these viruses. TamiFlu is largely ineffective and does nothing to eradicate these conditions.... Read more
The Dangers of Codex and What You Can Do About It
Dr. Cass Ingram’s Civil Defense The Dangers of Codex and What You Can Do About It The best way you can fight Codex is to change your shopping habits. Simultaneously, you will gain a major improvement in your health. Codex is a false front for the drug companies. It is a regulatory group... Read more
The Power of Chaga Mushroom
The Power of Chaga Mushroom Found in the deep remote northern forests of the world is a truly  rare  and  powerful  medicine—provided  by  nature itself—one that has been long revered for centuries for its potent  and  unmatched  nutritional  powers—the  chaga mushroom. Grown on wild birch trees, the chaga mushroom is... Read more

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