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Is the House of Rockefeller Responsible for the Lyme Pandemic? Is the House of Rockefeller Responsible for the Lyme Pandemic?
Is the House of Rockefeller Responsible for the Lyme Pandemic? It makes no sense that Lyme disease is a naturally occurring infection, at least... Is the House of Rockefeller Responsible for the Lyme Pandemic?

Is the House of Rockefeller Responsible for the Lyme Pandemic?

It makes no sense that Lyme disease is a naturally occurring infection, at least not in the United States. Moreover, it would certainly not have been the kind of condition that could result in a pandemic, at least not on its own: not as an act of nature. It just wasn’t an issue. Never. People went outdoors all the time. There were plenty of deer, then, lots of mice and other rodents, too. Yet, no one in those prior eras got Lyme disease. There were no groups of people coming down with sudden onset joint inflammation, no pockets of children with rheumatoid arthritis: no children or adults with bull’s-eye rashes.

So, how could it after all these decades of non-existence suddenly occur and only in one or two areas, Lyme/Old Lyme, Connecticut and Long Island, New York? The only logical explanation involves bio-warfare research, conducted at New York State’s Plum Island.

In all likelihood experiments were conducted with diseased ticks on US soil, surely on the island at the minimum. The purpose was to determine if such ticks transmitted disease. Plum Island, a secretive entity which while technically listed as being under government supervision via the USDA, was, in fact, a biological warfare research center. What is most disconcerting is that the island facility rather than being a true, carefully monitored government entity was in all likelihood instead a facility of a secret government, that is the government of the rich and powerful. Who is the titular head of that government? It is none other than the arch-corrupt Rockefeller cabal in collaboration with other treacherous elements, including that other arena of corruption, the House of Rothschild.

According to J. Loftus, author of The Belarus Secret,”Plum Island appears to have been the site of experiments with disease-infected ticks conducted by Nazi scientists brought into the United States under Project Paperclip.”  The Belarus Secret was first published in 1982, long before the Lyme pandemic was fully realized. Plum Island was still at that time off-limits. It was a military base, after all. In his article Blowing the Lid off of Lyme he quotes former lab director Jerry Callis, who ran cover for the actions at the facility, claiming that ticks never escaped:

…Jerry Callis confirms that there was indeed secret tick research on Plum Island, but he claims that none of the poisoned ticks ever escaped: “Plum Island experimented with ticks, but never outside of containment. We had a tick colony where you take them and feed them on the virus and breed ticks to see how many generations it would last, on and on, until it’s diluted.


He then stated that the growing of ticks since that specific time was re-instated. Yet, according to Loftus’ sources ticks were released, purposely, into open air and ground on the island.

So, there it is, this universal, commonly described connection, which is the bringing forth to the United States of biological agents. Yet, here is what is rarely stated. These agents were not produced necessarily within but rather originated from research in Europe but also possibly from Communist Russia.

One of the Nazi scientists who appears to have been involved with Plum Island was Dr. Erich Traub, who was in charge of the Third Reich’s virological and bacteriological warfare program in World War II.

It was Nelson Rockefeller who played a key role in attempting to disguise the role of his family in the treacherous acts. Though promoted as an actual accepted government, that is USDA, facility the Plum Island lab was seemingly only loosely connected to the federal government. In fact, rather than being under the control of local government officials “Plum Island was under” Rockefeller’s  “command,” at least according to reports from a variety of people with top-secret US government clearance. Then, it was an entity of the secret, terminally vile Rockefeller cabal. Traub is Rockefeller, and therein lies the link of the corruption that is Lyme disease. Even so, what did Rockefeller have to cover-up other than the role of his family in the weaponization of Lyme ticks and therefore the initiation and spread of the disease?


In an article by Loftus the following is found, which is highly revealing:


The Rockefeller clique exerted vast control of the world at that time, and one of its purposes was the creation of biological warfare agents. Once again, there is no reason for the cover-up and the blocking of Congressional investigation unless the family was culpable for the disease outbreak. Again, according to Loftus:



So, the use of biological agents was not entirely a Nazi issue but involved all the great powers of the time, including the United States and Russia. The only known American power connected to the creation and weaponizing of these agents is not the government itself, nor the office of the presidency but, rather, the exceedingly corrupt and arrogant beyond belief Rockefeller cabal.


Proof of the involvement of this cabal is found not only in the role of Nelson Rockefeller but is also demonstrated by the key scientist associated with the origins of Lyme, former Nazi and Russian Communist scientist, Erich Traub. As demonstrated by P. Doyle it is Traub who was a clear agent of the Rockefellers demonstrated by the fact that he “spent the prewar period of his scientific career on a fellowship at the Rockefeller Institute in Princeton.” Here, he, along with American cohorts, perfected his skills with bacteria and viruses before returning to German on the eve of the war. Curiously, in the 1930s Traub was listed as a member of Amerika-Deutschewr Volksbund, a German-American club known as Camp Sigriend. The camp served as the national headquarters of the American Nazi movement.

Yet, as the war came to a close what happened? Incredibly, Traub was recruited by the US Navy, which stationed him at the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. Eventually, he was taken to Plum Island where he coordinated experiments with diseased ticks, references to which are found in the National Archives.

He no doubt was there, and while there he conducted experiments with ticks which were maliciously infected. As further proof of his roles reports Doyle “Files about Tick Research and Erich Traub that have been purged” from various top-secret storehouses. 

Even so, regarding Traub according to Loftus there is yet another degree of direct evidence.

As demonstrated by the actions of Nelson Rockefeller, as well as the purging of files, there is a major cover-up in existence. Great attempts at disinformation are being perpetrated, for instance, the attempt by Scientific American to dismiss the Rockefeller, that is Nazi, connection to the spread of tick-borne disease, as further confirmed by the Nazi, that is Zionist, heritage of the Von Holtzbrinck firm, which owns Scientific American.

There is also the connection of the formerly deep southern/Texas only arthropod the lone star tick, which was in the Plum Island research era suddenly resident in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

Was, though, Traub really a Nazi scientist, or was this just a cover?

Regardless, he cannot be deemed an actual Nazi as the most correct description, because he worked at the behest of all the great powers of the time, the Nazi clique, the Russians, and, most importantly, the ultra-powerful Rockefeller cabal. He was a favored child, never pursued or prosecuted in the least but was, rather, put under the protective power of the great conquering powers.

During his stint under Nazi and also Russian command he conducted live germ trials using ticks and other insects as vectors. Like Plum Island, the lab from which he worked under Nazi and then later Russian control was an island, in this case the facility on Insel Riems, nestled in the Baltic Sea.

Regarding Plum Island tick research on the island dates back to the 1950s, a time when the infected athropods had been brought in from Europe. This was before it was even known as Plum Island. In this regard it has been absolutely proven that the researchers were working with the southern lone star tick.


Rockefeller Institute head, Richard E. Shope, M.D.

It was also during that time that every attempt was made to install Traub as lab director. Once again, Rockefeller entered the picture, in this case through Rockefeller Institute boss man, Richard Shope. It was Shope who did all that was possible to get his associate, Traub, installed as the head of the lab, stating he was one of the “world’s most outstanding virologists.” Though he ultimately declined taking on the role, notes Doyle, “There is considerable evidence that he was involved with biological warfare research at Plum Island.”They experimented with poison ticks dropped from planes to spread rare diseases. I have received some information suggesting that the U.S. tested some of these poison ticks on the Plum Island artillery range off the coast of Connecticut during the early 1950’s. . . .Most of the germ warfare records have been shredded, but there is a top-secret U.S. document confirming that ‘clandestine attacks on crops and animals’ took place at this time.

It all ties back to Rockefeller. The world must know. In all likelihood Lyme is a creation of terminally criminal ones, who through their greed and treachery caused the creation and spread of this previously non-existent disease.


Clearly, Shope was a major player, as was Traub, in the creation of biological, disease-causing agents: infectious germs, which would be and were spread in order to artificially create disease. Those attacks, releases, and manipulations led to Lyme disease, and all these horrific attacks and corruptions point to solely one entity, and that is that ultra-billionaire source, the genocidal, criminally corrupt House of Rockefeller. 

Lyme is a horror beyond belief. The responsible germ, Borrelia burgdoferi, was unknown in the American medical literature until its isolation from ticks in the early 1980s. The revelations about the Plum Island bio-weapon facility arose just at that time. The disease broke out a mere ten miles or less from the facility, and it was a facility which admittedly performed tick vector research. The connection is clear. By all evidence Lyme is a bioweapon.






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    How can Rockefeller institute be both Zionist and Nazi connected ??


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