• The first-ever book on the real causes behind the COVID-19 pandemic and how to reverse it, all with natural medicines is now available in downloadable PDF format and in Printed hard book form! Copyright © 2020 Knowledge House Publishers - 3rd Revised, Expanded Edition
  • Free yourself from dozens of illnesses and conditions with wild oregano oil Used for hundreds of years, not as a food but as a medicine, even mentioned in the Bible. Wild oregano oil is good for the entire body. It cleanses all types of illnesses, including infections and inflammation, and even reverses allergies and excessive mucous.
  • Formerly titled Supermarket Remedies
  • Are you poisoning yourself with what you eat and drink? GMOs—genetically modified organisms—are poisoning you every time you consume them. Learn how truly noxious these GMOs are plus how to carefully avoid them. Formerly titled, The Poison in the Cupboard.
  • “Black seed oil cures all diseases, except death,” so said the Prophet Muhammad.

    Find out how black seed and especially the cold-pressed oil can support your health and make you feel as good as you can be, plus determine which supplements offer the highest quality and the expected results.
  • Wild oregano is the most powerful natural medicine known.

    Learn how you can dramatically boost your health and reverse numerous diseases.
  • Live longer, feel better! …a proven system based upon years of research. Reverse major diseases with the food you eat.

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  • Finally, a simple and effective way to cure diabetes — without drugs. In Dr. Cass Ingram’s Natural Cures for Diabetes by Dr Cass Ingram, you will find the optimal easy-to-apply diet plus the most powerful nutritional supplements for reversing diabetes as well as hypoglycemia.
  • Headaches can be cured naturally: Dr. Cass Ingram proves the headache connection to toxic foods, food additives, and chemicals.
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    Health disasters can be reversed. Learn how to reverse any health disaster from A to Z, all with natural medicines. Allergies, bronchitis, asthma, cold, flu, herpes, shingles, diabetes,
  • Finally, you can cure your high blood pressure naturally and change your life forever. The real facts about high blood pressure and its causes are finally revealed.
  • Killer germs are already here. You are probably already infected. You may have experienced the nasty symptoms. Now you can know exactly how to reverse it, naturally. Plus, learn the warning signs of killer germ infections and how you can avoid becoming a victim.
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