• Finally, a simple and effective way to cure diabetes — without drugs. In Dr. Cass Ingram’s Natural Cures for Diabetes by Dr Cass Ingram, you will find the optimal easy-to-apply diet plus the most powerful nutritional supplements for reversing diabetes as well as hypoglycemia.
  • The Cannabis Cure

    For perfect health and wellness, raw, organic CO2-extracted hemp is the answer. This is the nonpsycoactive cannabis/hemp, with its potent active ingredients, known as cannabinoids.
  • Dr. Ingram gives you all the solutions you need for reversing respiratory complaints from A to Z. The solutions are all natural and herbal.
  • Your body shape reveals your hormonal weaknesses. It’s the key to knowing what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat, and what supplements to take. Your face, hands, and body shape tell all about your body functions, based on the hormone-endocrine system.
  • Finally, you can cure your high blood pressure naturally and change your life forever. The real facts about high blood pressure and its causes are finally revealed.
  • Reversing and preventing bone loss with powerful food, herbs, spices, and more Discover the most powerful nutrients and the key exercises for building bone mass. Stop osteoporosis. You don’t have to break your bones with Dr. Ingram’s method.
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    The Infection Connection

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    The Infection Connection is the most important, new revelation in modern medicine...

    ...proving that microbial attack is the cause of the majority of diseases. INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT! For a limited time you can get The Infection Connection (printed format) $5 off the regular price, and we'll ship it for FREE! You must use the discount code INFECTION at checkout. Offer only available for the first 25 books sold. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.
  • “Black seed oil cures all diseases, except death,” so said the Prophet Muhammad.

    Find out how black seed and especially the cold-pressed oil can support your health and make you feel as good as you can be, plus determine which supplements offer the highest quality and the expected results.
  • The Hemp Oil Miracle


    Raw hemp oil can make you well–in a powerful way

    Hemp has been relied upon as both food and medicine since the beginning of history. Find out how you can rely upon raw, organic hemp oil to reverse dozens of illnesses. GET IT FREE! For a limited time we are offering The Hemp Oil Miracle (printed format) for FREE with the purchase of any 3 books in the store. All qualifying books must be printed format.
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  • Learn the full powers of wild tree resins plus the health benefits of raw, organic cannabis resin.
  • The Golden Root Miracle

    Reverse all disease through the magical power of Indian Gold, turmeric root and its extracts Turmeric has great power for reversing disease. Yet, wild turmeric is the most powerful of all. Learn about the immense powers of wild turmeric for combating dozens of conditions
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