• Detox and Anti- Infection Protocols This is the free PDF only. Softcover purchase is also available at this link  (CLICK ME)
  • Protocols to better your health using raw natural honey Print edition coming soon!
  • There is a medicine in nature that has been specified by God as a “medicine unto humankind.” This is raw honey, and it was the Qur’an that made this distinction. It is a medicine of the Bible as well, with the holy books mentioning that it is a prominent feature of that lofty and purified realm of paradise. Yet, this is only about truly raw honey versus the heavily heated or pasteurized type. There are certain other distinctions 5 that make it medicinal, and you can learn about those here!
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    Detox and Anti- Infection Protocols.
  • Respiratory-Circulatory osteopathic technique is a method of treatment aiming at restoring the full function of all the body's diaphragms, especially the thoraco-abdominal diaphragm. Based on the work of J. Gordon Zink, D.O., this is through evaluating a fiscal torsion propensity known as the Common Compensatory Pattern (CCP). To correct this distortion active articulation and muscle energy are primarily applied to remove all fascial torsion strains, concentrating on the axial skeleton.
  • By the hundreds of millions they have lined up to receive it. In the United States there are large centers, sports stadiums and parking facilities, where mass vaccination centers have been created. Yet, does the injection live up to the promises described? Is there any real, measurable protection to be had? Pfizer, for one, says this shot is 95% effective. Is that to be believed? It is not that difficult to determine.
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