• Trees are the most powerful of all plants. They are also the longest lived. Find out the most powerful cures of the forest, especially the wild chaga mushroom and wild birch bark.
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    Reversing and preventing bone loss with powerful food, herbs, spices, and more Discover the most powerful nutrients and the key exercises for building bone mass. Stop osteoporosis. You don’t have to break your bones with Dr. Ingram’s method.
  • Are you poisoning yourself with what you eat and drink? GMOs—genetically modified organisms—are poisoning you every time you consume them. Learn how truly noxious these GMOs are plus how to carefully avoid them. Formerly titled, The Poison in the Cupboard.
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    The Infection Connection

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    The Infection Connection is the most important, new revelation in modern medicine...

    ...proving that microbial attack is the cause of the majority of diseases. INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT! For a limited time you can get The Infection Connection (printed format) $5 off the regular price, and we'll ship it for FREE! You must use the discount code INFECTION at checkout. Offer only available for the first 25 books sold. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.
  • Respiratory-Circulatory osteopathic technique is a method of treatment aiming at restoring the full function of all the body's diaphragms, especially the thoraco-abdominal diaphragm. Based on the work of J. Gordon Zink, D.O., this is through evaluating a fiscal torsion propensity known as the Common Compensatory Pattern (CCP). To correct this distortion active articulation and muscle energy are primarily applied to remove all fascial torsion strains, concentrating on the axial skeleton.
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