• The Hemp Oil Miracle


    Raw hemp oil can make you well–in a powerful way

    Hemp has been relied upon as both food and medicine since the beginning of history. Find out how you can rely upon raw, organic hemp oil to reverse dozens of illnesses. GET IT FREE! For a limited time we are offering The Hemp Oil Miracle (printed format) for FREE with the purchase of any 3 books in the store. All qualifying books must be printed format.
  • The Infection Connection is the most important, new revelation in modern medicine...

    ...proving that microbial attack is the cause of the majority of diseases.  
  • The Longevity Solution—Finally, a book that explains the incredible powers of royal jelly based upon modern science.
  • The Lyme Disease Cure

    Destroying Lyme with natural cures—without any side effects? That's precisely what Dr. Cass Ingram achieved after contracting a potentially deadly case of this disease.
  • Out of stock
    Wild oregano is the most powerful natural medicine known. Learn its immense powers through Dr. Ingram’s thorough book, which covers all the latest scientific facts.
  • Dr. Ingram gives you all the solutions you need for reversing respiratory complaints from A to Z. The solutions are all natural and herbal.
  • Get well quickly through the power of wild raw berries. These are the most powerful foods known. Learn about your health. This is real power, proven by modern science.
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