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Science Finds God: Tamiflu Death Toll
 Science Finds God: Tamiflu Death Toll. Homeoprophylaxis with Dr. Cilla Whatcott. HIGHWIRE with Del Bigtree. Courtesy of Cha’s Organics Read more
Are Flu Vaccines Causing a Nationwide Flu Pandemic?
It is widely reported that currently there is a pandemic flu outbreak, while according to ABC News, “for the first time” there is “widespread flu activity in all 50 states.” Yet, what could cause such a sudden onslaught of this disease? It is, in fact, excessively aggressive medical intervention.... Read more
Top 5 Natural Remedies for Fighting the Flu
With this year’s flu vaccines being only 10% effective, according to the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, herbal medicines look more promising than ever. For the entire general public, natural medicines should be the primary therapeutic intervention for the 2018 flu pandemic. The flu shot is unreliable. Surely, the... Read more
Dr. Ingram Discovers Case of Vaccination Induced Polio in Maasai Village
See this video featuring Dr. Ingram in his journey with Kenya’s Maasai tribe, where he interviews the village chief after telling him his concerns about corporate mass vaccination. After saying this, the Chief said, “We have such a case,” which led to the interview with the mother of this... Read more
Vaccines are Carcinogens: Avoid them at all Costs
Vaccines are Carcinogens: Avoid them at all Costs There can be no doubt that vaccines are carcinogens. The data are beyond compelling. It’s actually a hard fact.  The final proof arises from an article publishing on In this article there is a significant revelation based on research conducted by... Read more
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