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Lectures in Pennsylvania

Hey Pennsylvania! You’re my next stop in November! Please attend one of these lectures: How to Reverse All Inflamation and Bone Loss with Natural Cures Also updates on Lyme and Cannabis Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016 – 7:00 PM American Slovenian Citizens Association – Cheswick, PA 230 Herron Ave. Cheswick, PA 15024 724-274-9997 More…

How to Obliterate Genital Herpes: C. Ingram protocol

Few people realize genital herpes can be obliterated from the body. After all, it’s only a virus, though a tenacious one. The right approach must be taken, which takes into account the physiology and infective pattern of the pathogen. The virus operates in two phases, the essentially non-infective one, or…

As an Antibacterial Nothing Can Compare to Wild Oregano Oil
Make no mistake wild oregano oil is one of the most potent naturally occurring antibacterial agents known. In fact, nothing in nature can compare it regarding its broad-spectrum powers, fully proven by a wide variety of scientific studies. People should be taking major advantage of it. Wild oregano oil... Read more
Video: Remote Source Vitamins & Supplements
 Dr. Cass Ingram discusses the benefits of vitamins and supplements that are raw, natural, full-spectrum, without chemicals or additives. . Read more
Powerful Pain Relief Alternatives at EXPO West
 Defeating the opioid crisis in this country could be easier than we expected. Dr. Ingram meets up with Dr. Ward Bond on the EXPO West show floor to explain how and why these “alternatives” are the way to move forward. Read more
Dr. Ingram and Dr. Bond at EXPO West
 Dr. Ingram meets up with Dr. Ward Bond on the EXPO West show floor to discuss how wild oregano oil and hemp are showing incredible results and passionate pleas at this year’s Natural Products Expo. Read more
Lyme Can Be Killed. New Research Shows Oregano Oil Dissolves Biofilm
Breaking news: Carvacrol and other Naturally Occurring Phenolic Compounds Dissolve Lyme Biofilm Layers, Killing Deadly Pathogens Updated, 3-13-18 As has been stated here, repeatedly, wild oregano oil is the lead therapeutic agent for the natural treatment of Lyme disease through the dissolution of the germ biofilm. For over five... Read more
Top 5 Natural Remedies for Fighting the Flu
With this year’s flu vaccines being only 10% effective, according to the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, herbal medicines look more promising than ever. For the entire general public, natural medicines should be the primary therapeutic intervention for the 2018 flu pandemic. The flu shot is unreliable. Surely, the... Read more
Talking About the New Book – The Wild Turmeric Cure
Talking About the New Book – The Bone Building Miracle
Research Points to Many Medical Benefits of Hemp Plants
Research Points to Many Medical Benefits of Hemp Plants Modern day medical researchers have only recently begun to recognize the full medicinal value of many age-old natural remedies and treatments for such common ailments as heart disease, glaucoma and migraines. One such ancient natural remedy that has recently been... Read more
Grain-Free Way to Better Health
How to be Grain-Free Grain allergies permeate our society. Grains are one of the most common foods consumed on a frequent basis from early childhood onward. Most everyone has consumed wheat, corn, rye, oats, or rice on a daily Basis for years. This leads to allergic sensitization of grain protein... Read more

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