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Lyme Disease Interview with Talk Show Host Richard Syrett
Radio host Richard Syrett of The Conspiracy Show speaks with Dr. Cass Ingram about his victory over Lyme Disease using natural herbal remedies. Aired: June 4, 2017). For a limited time get Dr. Cass Ingram’s Best Selling Book – The Lyme Disease Cure and a 4 oz. bottle of... Read more
Protect you and your family from ticks and Lyme Disease with Protec-X repellent
Dr. Cass Ingram provides hints and tips to protect you and your family from the increasing number of ticks and Lyme Disease this summer season. Protec-X is a safe, all-natural, herbal repellent spray helps protect against dangerous or annoying bug bites. For a limited time get Dr. Cass Ingram’s... Read more
New Book: The Poison Cupboard
The Poison Cupboard by Dr. Cass Ingram NEW! Order your copy today! Are you poisoning yourself with what you eat and drink? GMOs—genetically modified organisms—are poisoning you every time you consume them. Through The Poison Cupboard, Dr. Cass Ingram teaches you how truly noxious these GMOs are plus how to carefully... Read more
Canacurmin – The Cannabis/Turmeric Synergy
Canacurmin is made by North American Herb and Spice and is available in 60/120 Gelcaps or 2 fl oz bottle. Read more
Benefits of Black Seed Oil
Introducing TurmaMilk Golden Milk Mix
Buy TurmaMilk Golden Milk Mix Now Read more
Talking About the New Book – The Wild Turmeric Cure
New Book: The Wild Turmeric Cure
The healing powers of wild turmeric for all diseases—heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, neurological conditions, inflammation and more. by Dr. Cass Ingram NEW! Order your copy today! Reverse all inflammation—and chronic pain—with wild turmeric Turmeric can reverse all diseases? That is what the science is showing. Learn about the... Read more
Talking About the New Book – The Bone Building Miracle
Just Published: The Bone Building Miracle
The Bone Building Miracle Reversing and preventing bone loss with powerful food, herbs, spices, and more by Dr. Cass Ingram NEW! Order your copy today! Osteoporosis is reversible Build your bones powerfully—and prevent osteoporosis—with whole, raw foods. Use food concentrates to block bone loss and rebuild bone mass. They’re... Read more