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Lectures in Pennsylvania

Hey Pennsylvania! You’re my next stop in November! Please attend one of these lectures: How to Reverse All Inflamation and Bone Loss with Natural Cures Also updates on Lyme and Cannabis Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016 – 7:00 PM American Slovenian Citizens Association – Cheswick, PA 230 Herron Ave. Cheswick, PA 15024 724-274-9997 More…

How to Obliterate Genital Herpes: C. Ingram protocol

Few people realize genital herpes can be obliterated from the body. After all, it’s only a virus, though a tenacious one. The right approach must be taken, which takes into account the physiology and infective pattern of the pathogen. The virus operates in two phases, the essentially non-infective one, or…

Find out if you have the Vitamin D Blues?
Do you have the Vitamin D Blues? In the book Nutrition Tests for Better Health the following key nutritional deficiency test is found. It is in regard to vitamin D deficiency, one that worsens at the changes of seasons, especially during the fall and winter. Vitamin D deficiency is widespread,... Read more
Dr. Cass Ingram’s Thyroid Gland Test
Do you have questions about your thyroid function? The Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome is perhaps the most commonly occurring hormonal disturbance in America today. It afflicts millions of people of all ages and sexes, although adult women are its usual victims. The thyroid gland controls the metabolic rate and is... Read more
Human Damage from Genetically Engineered Food —Find Out Where You Stand
Human Damage from Genetically Engineered Food —Find Out Where You Stand Genetically engineered foods are poisonous. This has been documented by a variety of scientific studies. The latest study performed in Russian is damning. It demonstrates that the intake of genetically engineered soy causes severe liver cell damage and dangerous increases in  estrogen  levels (especially... Read more

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