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Interview on the Jiggy Jaguar Show

Sneezin’ Season is right around the corner. Forget drugstore pills and prescriptions: The Cure is in The Cupboard 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION – NEWLY UPDATED FOR 2016 Dr. Cass Ingram educates listeners on how to fix their wintertime ailments naturally with medicinal kitchen spices For all those who are battling a…

Colds, Flu and Viruses Can Be Stopped!
 Dr. Ingram discusses the power of real, raw oregano oil and how it can be used to disperse some nasty germs, bacteria and viruses that bring us down. Excerpt is from Dr. Ward Bond’s, Think Naturally show. Read more
Flu is no major threat if using oil of wild oregano
As stubborn as the flu virus can be and as much fear and pandemonium it causes, there is much that can be done to both prevent it and treat it. Moreover, such treatment and prevention is not cumbersome or complicated. This is done through the use of wild spice... Read more
GMO Alert: Beware Synthetic Carvacrol in Oregano Oil
Wild Oregano: Your best choice to improve your health
The many health benefits of oregano oil are amazing, but not all oregano oil on the market shares the same level of quality and efficacy. Some can even be dangerous. Dr. Ingram shares his recommendation. Read more
GMO Alert: GMO Oregano Oil in the Marketplace: Proof
GMO Alert: Oregano Oil
Oreganol P73 Testimonial
Man-Made Epidemics Taken from the Cure is in the Cupboard
Man-Made Epidemics Taken from the Cure is in the Cupboard 20th Anniversary Edition It is well known that there are a significant number of diseases which can cause sudden fatality. Virtually all such diseases are infectious in nature. Yet, what is little unappreciated is that many of these sudden and/or... Read more
Beware GMO Oregano Oil Infests the Market
Beware GMO Oregano Oil Infests the Market Ingram, C., updated, May 5/2017 In the late 1990s this author was contacted by powerful people in the research community, Ph.Ds who were doing government-associated research. These Ph.Ds, working for a major university on the East Coast, sent me a second day... Read more
Nighttime Purging with Wild Oregano for Better Health
Night Time Purging with Wild Oregano for Better Health Let sleep do the work it is meant to achieve, that is to create healing, in this case through the powers of antiseptic spices. For healing the body and regeneration sleep is the catch-up mechanism, a kind of system created... Read more
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