Can Surgical Masks Gas Out and Cause Harm or Kill with Cyanide and Formaldehyde?

May 10, 2020,  10:00 PM with title change

C. Ingram, D.O.

You have made the choice to wear a mask, which is understandable. Yet, no research was done prior to doing so to evaluate the potential effects or safety.

It is a reasonable presumption. There is a pandemic, and you need to protect yourself and guard those close to you.

Recently, two Chinese youths died suddenly while wearing surgical masks. Though previously perfectly healthy and not infection victims, it is now believed that the mask-wearing caused the deaths. When this happened, they were exercising, running, for mandatory school physical exercise. This cannot be ignored.

Here are the basic facts:

The deaths of the teens have prompted experts to point out the dangers of wearing high-grade masks during intense exercise, with a movement promoting the non-necessity of wearing protective masks in gym class now gaining traction.

The two students in Hunan and Henan provinces, aged 14 and 15, were participating in events such as 1,500-meter runs when they died days apart in mid- to late April.

Both were wearing N95 masks, the ones mandated for health care workers.

What, then, killed these children? For certain, these mask contain highly toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde and various petrochemicals. One of the petrochemicals is the substance dibromodicyanobutane.

Think about it. Di-bromo-Di-cyano-Butane. That’s a combination of bromine, cyanide, and butane, all of which are poisonous. Who wants to breathe this chemical? After once using a surgical mask on an airplane, it is never again.

In the National Library of Medicine this substance is listed as acutely toxic, an irritant, a corrosive agent, and an environmental toxin. It is also listed as “harmful or fatal if swallowed.”

A harsh petrochemical complex, it was first registered as a pesticide, later to mainly be listed as a “slimicide.” While its use is mainly industrial, it can be found in cosmetics, but only in a “safe” or tiny amount. Technically, an aliphatic nitrile this is nothing more than a crude oil-based synthetic, which is a cyanide derivative.

According to the National Library: “A number of aliphatic nitriles (or cyano derivatives) undergo electrophilic substitution reactions, including nitrosation. Reactions have been reported with nitrous acid in acid solution…” Sounds pretty ominous.

It couldn’t have been from suffocation of oxygen or mere carbon monoxide accumulation alone. As another hint they weren’t wearing cloth masks, for instance, home-made devices. Chemicals in these face masks causing allergic toxicity and even lung tissue poisoning is the likely cause. The point is should we really be putting sources of toxic chemicals over our faces, so they can be continuously inhaled?

What is in the bleached-white medical masks? It is a deliberate toxic soup of formaldehyde and the urea-based complex, melamine formaldehyde. The latter also contains ethylene. As well, there is quarternium-15. In the elastic is found the compound thiuram. It also can cause allergic toxicity.

When heated up and gassed out, all the mentioned chemicals are highly dangerous. When this happens, hydrogen cyanide is released. Nitrogen oxide is also unleashed. The heat from the body, as in heavy breathing, as occurred in these youths, greatly activates all these substances. Already, as in the crisis of 2007 and 2008 melamine, as found in infant formula and pet food, has lead to proven tragedies, deaths in pets and infants.

The presence of these petrochemical derivatives is no surprise. Most masks are not cotton based but instead are made from so-called “non-woven fabrics.” The term nn-woven tells all. These are nothing other than plastic derivatives made from polypropylene. Other sources are equally wretched, listed as polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, and even polyester. All these can readily gas out, especially under heat. Others, like ethylene, formaldehyde, and hydrogen cyanide, are already gases waiting to be liberated. The heat from human breathing readily achieves this.

No wonder masks are making people sick. In one review it was found that these petrochemically-infested mask were a major cause in health works of a wide variety of reactions. These were mainly toxicity reactions to the skin of the face, where over one-third of the wearers developed reactions: adverse skin reactions, mainly acne, facial itching, blistering, hives-like outbreaks, and rash. The coverage, known as occlusion, can contribute. This may trap germs on the facial skin, leading to boils and acne.

Here is what one medical worker posted on the net:

For about a year, I’ve been dealing with non stop breakouts along my jawline and under my chin. I’ve come to the realization that the areas of breakouts correlate directly to where I wear a mask. I work in the OR, 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week. I have a mask on for at least 10 of those hours usually. I’m scrubbed into surgery so I’m unable to step out and change it frequently (if that would even help). I’ve tried all of the masks we have…and I’ve seen no improvements with any particular mask. I need help! My face looks worse than all three of my teenage girl cousins.

In the Orient doctors are seeing a “surge of reactions” from masks, usually limited to the areas in direct contact with them. Regardless, people shouldn’t be exposing themselves to these toxins for no reason. At least, there should be an attempt to neutralize the poisonous effects with non-toxic sources, such as true, chemical-free essential oils. Such oils may also be found as micellized sprays which can be misted into the masks. Better yet, is to, if necessary, wear non-synthetic sources from non-bleached cotton. These, too, can be enhanced through a micellized essential oil-based mist.

If this is not addressed, there will be catastrophes. If masks are forced upon vulnerable adolescents or active athletes, this will heighten the risks. Or, perhaps, they will be told to wear them, even without a dictate, simply from fear. There will likely be fatalities, especially in back-to-school youths. A ‘biocide and slimicide’ to be used mainly in latex paints, adhesives, with industrial oils, and in metalworking fluids should not be directly inhaled into anyone’s body.

Something extreme happened to the two Chinese youths and possible a third, who died on a playground. As a result, China’s provinces are heeding this and warning against their use by adolescents during physical activities. At the minimum avoid using synthetic-based, petrochemically-tainted masks on children or teenagers.