The Unvaccinated Beware, COVID-19 mRNA Shots Cause Death and Disease Through GMO Shedding

Cass Ingram

April 25, 2021, title change and corrected, same date

The mRNA-based COVID-19 shot is exceedingly dangerous. A patented GMO of transgenic nature there are two makers of this potentially deadly drug, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. In the rush to market they have created unreliable and destructive medical devices, which never were subjected to the mandatory animal testing.

Both these companies have a less than forthcoming history. Moderna has never before made a drug. It maintains a secretive environment, while its agents are constrained by ego, abuse, and ambition. Pfizer was inflicted with the largest ever fraud and deceptive fine by the Justice Department. The only objective of both companies is profit. Safety and efficiency are rarely if ever considered.

Because there are billions involved, both companies are indifferent to any consequences. They have remained indifferent despite ruining countless millions of lives and causing hundreds of thousands of fatalities. Deaths mean nothing to the perpetrators. Only stock market portfolios and major financial dividends are the focus. For people that are killed and permanently damaged, so be it, this being the necessary consequence when financial gain is placed over all else.

mRNA off-gassing is a threat

The same is true of the dangers of exposure of the toxins to the unvaccinated. The reports are frightening. Respected researcher Astrid Struckelberger, PhD., has reported dire consequences for an Israeli couple. The husband received the Pfizer jab. while his pregnant wife refused to do so. It didn’t matter. He came home, sickened, and became intimate. As a result, the woman was infected and died, as did her baby. A drug rep has reported that two pregnant pharmacists who refused the shot suffered consequences regardless. They lost their babies from exposure to vaccinated colleagues and patients as well as possibly administering the shot.

There are a multitude of reports of toxicity to the blood clotting system, a key feature of this poisonous intervention. People who have been in contact with the vaccinated have developed an unusual pattern of bruising, this occurring in those who never before had such disorders. Young girls, 10 and 11 years of age, are suddenly developing menstrual bleeding. Others have reported getting fist-sized blood clots. while still others are suffering severe migraines they never before suffered. There are “sudden nosebleeds with huge clots.” Yet others have reported suddenly developing menstrual bleeding despite being post-menopausal. They are exuding, so they report, “grapefruit-sized blood clots.” Most of this is happening by just being around vaccinated people, that is in “close proximity.” Clearly, then, this will lead to an untold number of miscarriages. There is already an increased degree of these events by as much as 400%.

From the Website come a vast number of revelations. Certainly, it makes clear, the mRNA shot targets the placenta. This is true of both the vaccinated and those who are exposed to them who did not get the shot. One physician who has come out against this is board certified pediatrician L. Palevsky. He reports that hundreds of thousands, perhaps, millions of women have been afflicted. He asked them to beware and report any unusual symptoms, including sudden onset bleeding and unusual spotting.

Mainstream gives confirmation

The danger of mRNA poisons from the vaccinated is confirmed in the mainstream, for instance, the Montana Daily Gazette. Says the news journal,, “The reports began with an unvaccinated Instagram user sharing with her followers that after years of regular cycles she missed her menstrual cycle two months in a row. Shortly after she shared her experience, the woman began noticing mainstream news articles drawing a connection between menstrual issues and the covid vaccine.” It reports, for instance:

My boss got the vaccine and I did not. About a week later I had the worst period with horrible cramping, vomiting from pain, heavy flow, and blood clots and extreme fatigue. I was two weeks early in my cycle; I bled for almost two weeks then spotted for about a week then started bleeding heavy again. Definitelyn not normal for my very regular and short menstrual cycles…My boss had Moderna and was very sick after the first jab. 

People don’t even realize they are being exposed, but just being around the poisoned puts them at risk. One defense is the use of spice oil supplements such as oil of wild oregano or the multiple spice oil complex as well as the oregano oil/clove bud oil antiseptic spray, These spice oil-based formulas act to destroy the spike protein, halting the progression of the attack.

Another story is quoted as follows:

I am an (unvaxxed) pharmacist but administering shots every shift. Just had a miscarriage…didn’t think anything of it until after reading all these stories. A close friend of mine, also a pharmacist, had a miscarriage a week apart from me.

The article even makes graphic reference to the female organ, the uterus, demonstrating how it is being destroyed by the drug. Says the Gazette, “After reading hundreds of testimonies, the Instagram user learned many women experienced decimal casts, the lining of the uterus falling out. A quick Google search of the term showed a spike in search results in January 2021, when the Covid-19 vaccines were being introduced.”

These are actually decidual casts (not decimal) and are produced when the entire lining of the uterus sloughs off at once.

The mRNA injection causes the body to create antibodies. That’s its job to protect itself. Some of these antibodies are directed at proteins found in the uterus and placenta, notably Syncytin-1. This protein is involved in human placenta function. The mRNA- induction of an immune response against this results in fertility issues after injection, which may lead to permanent sterility and affects both males and females. It is as if by design, a method to take out the human population.

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