COVID-19 Vaccine to Be Given To Make Everyone Sick and Create a Low Level of the Disease

August 11, 2029

Cass Ingram, D.O.

There is only a single reason for global administration of a COVID-19 experimental vaccine. This is to sicken the population, presumably at a low-level, so that they don’t get fulminantly sick with the disease. It is also to mollify the public, which is fixed in evident fear over this rather minor viral syndrome. To be sure some people do develop significant illnesses from the pathogen. Others readily die, especially the elderly or those with major co-morbidities. Yet, this is not sufficient to put the entire global population at risk. Yet, this is the scheme of hideous power-brokers whose only goal is to profit, the goal being to “re-start” the economy.

To do so they must deal with the fearful and virtually paranoid public, people who hide in their homes, bury themselves behind shields and masks, while also avoiding all contact with others.

The perpetrators are well-aware that they will disseminate disease. It is highly unlikely that they themselves will take the inoculation. However, they will mandate all others to do so, all the individuals of the dispensable, bamboozled general public. Once the vaccine is administered, say the supposed authorities, then “the country can reopen.” Then, why is Sweden nearly fully functional without inoculations and also certain states, like South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah? It is interesting to note that in Oklahoma and Utah, which are virtually entirely functional, there is popular use of natural medicines, notably the potent antiseptic, oil of wild oregano. It is a godly medicine growing in the mountains from which it is harvested. Then, the oil is distilled out as is the watery juice-essence. Of course, it will work on viruses. It has the divinely-inspired action to do so.

Furthermore, here are the study results by Ingram and Ijaz, 2003, to prove it:

However, back to the vaccination scheme. It is a political ploy upon the people. Millions of Westerners have bought into this madness. They actually think they need the shot to regain normalcy. Something must be done. ‘I will not go out into the public without it, won’t fly. I am scared.’ As long as this mentality exists the vaccinators will carry on with their plots, regardless of toxicity or efficacy concerns.

The FDA has stepped into the scene, declaring that a dismal 50% efficacy, but possibly as low as 30%, would be enough for approval. Without any basis, regardless, the pharmaceutical cabal has connived that miserable scheme that they are out to rescue the world. In the epitome of corruption they have caused the whole world to shut down, just to bank on their miserable wares for saving the day. By doing so they have wrought destruction on most of the civilized world.

Yet, people follow their inane dictates, holding paid moles, like Anthony ‘where is the data’ Fauci, as their saviors and false prophets. What of the vaccines that they tout for the heroics? In the so-called trials they are fairing poorly, with strong, healthy people routinely succumbing. Could people soon start dropping dead in these trials. Up to 20% of these strong youngsters have been hospitalized with poisonous reactions. What is going to happen to the weak, elderly, and disease-ridden plus those on multiple pharmaceuticals? Surely, certain of them will get so sick that they will either die or be buried as COVID-19 deaths, succumbing to medical intervention.

Reports Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the FDA commissioner Peter Marks, M.D., is highly worried, but not about the vaccines’ toxicity. Instead, he is frustrated with the American public, saying that “what scares me more than anything is that a third or half of Americas are hesitant about taking (a COVID-19) vaccine.” What does he care? He already stated, essentially, that the FDA doesn’t expect the vaccines to be largely effective. So, since it doesn’t work what difference does it make if people refuse it?

So, now the FDA says it’s OK. It is fine to expose people to the germ to see if the vaccine works or fails to do so. Before COVID-19, the agency was hesitant to allow such trials. However, now there is much desperation. People should be given the disease, and the attitude is “Let’s see what happens.” It will end up like the 1976 swine flu debacle where perfectly healthy individuals minding their own business will become sickened, paralyzed, and killed. Yet, this time, no one will be able to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Marks and his cohorts don’t want Americans to lose faith. Yet, what if FDA-authorized vaccines fail? It will not be a good scene. In the first place inoculations do nothing positive against the disease itself. The failure will be in making healthy or symptom-free people sick, which will happen categorically, All the synthetics and pharmaceuticals are failing, Remdesivir, early vaccine trials, and various other experimental drugs. Sanofi’s authorized trial on its antiinflammatory drug for COVID-19 caused critically ill patients to suffer internal organ damage and pooling of blood, and so the study was halted.

There already is a fatal loss of confidence. The FDA has nothing to worry about, because it can’t stop the trend of public erosion. In the trials the vaccines are making the subjects so sick that the pharmaceutical houses are dispensing acetaminophen preventively for up to two-weeks before the trials. This is to control the symptoms of illness, such as fever, once they occur.

If it doesn’t work plus it makes people sick, why even worry about it? Just admit it and move on.