COVID-19 Vaccine Trials are Miserable Failures with Everyone Getting Sick

July 26, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

As expected, the vaccine trials of the various experimental COVID-19 inoculations are miserable failures. Nearly everyone got sick. Yet, this is being heavily whitewashed. Instigated by Bill Gates, apparently, he wants everyone on the earth to become sickened and die.

Even so, with such poor results and such an evident danger will he risk his life and all the money he has to enjoy by taking the shots? He certainly won’t do so. Nor will his wife and children. Yet, he will hypocritically demand the general population to do so. Said Gates’ former private physician in a closed-door medical conference when before a group of his colleagues:

“I don’t know if he (Gates) had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children.”

Refused is a big word. This means he was frightened at the prospect of what the inoculation could do to his children. It also means he realized that vaccinations are poisonous and that he would be dealing with the damage to his children, which he chose not to incur.

Then, will people still listened to his false mandate and take the COVID-19 inoculation? You can rest assured that he won’t do so.

In Gates’ Moderna trial the vaccine horrifically failed. For instance, all the participates reported reactions, and this toxicities were systemic. These are healthy people who Gates and his collaborators had sickened. The toxic reactions included fever, fatigue, and headache; in other words, they were made miserable. “We should have warned them. They will lose confidence in us,” it was essentially said. Nearly all of them also had an immunological reaction locally, as their bodies attempted, though not well, to cleanse this filth. These reactions included pain, swelling, and redness at the injection site. As far as the systemic symptoms in many cases it was bad enough to interfere with daily activities; in other words, they were too sick to function.

One participant happened to be a major poster child for CNN about bravely undertaking the study. The network is now refusing to interview him. The last time he was on, Ian Hayden, he was told by the network not to say anything about the reaction he underwent. Yet, it is reported that after suffering a disturbance so profound despite his previously robust health he fell to sleep for several hours in the day and “upon standing, the participant was lightheaded and nauseous, vomited, then fainted,” the study noted. He would have struck his head during the fall and possibly died had his girlfriend not caught him mid-fall.”

Imagine if a weak and elderly person would have gotten this dose. Such a one would have summarily died. He continued to be ill for nearly another week, or at least this is what he admits.

In the Oxford University study reactions also abounded, with seven of 10 or more suffering from fatigue and headaches, a slightly lesser percentage from aches in the muscles and chills. Some of these recipients suffered these reactions severely.

Study doctors have the participants painkillers, prescribing these every six hours. Mostly, they were determined to useless and people continued suffering the disconcerting symptoms, especially in the severe reactors. This means that when people become intoxicated by the vaccine, they will largely be left to suffer, and this could run for days and weeks. This is obviously a highly bad proposal for people who are in good health and actually even a worse plan for the compromised. Therefore, there are no candidates for these Gates-endorsed vaccinations.

Compare this to the pilot trial using God-given natural medicines showing everyone getting well, even people told they were going to die. The oil of wild oregano and the wild oregano- clove bud oil-based spray proved to be universally effective, as did the wild oregano juice, without side effects.

Yet, were are told that the manipulations of these vaccinators, including the results of their trials, are “promising” and “encouraging,” even “remarkable.” What is remarkable is that a young person in perfect health nearly died from the jab, stating that it made him ‘the sickest he had ever been’ in his life.

The vile entities responsible for this trials know it is not going well for them or for the participants. Now, they have mandated that everyone needs to take drugs while on the trial, an unprecedented intervention. Says, “the researchers added new study arms in which people got acetaminophen every six hours for 24 hours after the injection.

Now, it some cases they are manipulating the results further by giving the drug before the vaccines are administered. The purpose is to attempt to intervene with the reactions so they can be reported as “moderate” or better yet “mild.” Acetaminophen blocks the fever. The vaccinators don’t want people to know that their wares are causing violent, spiking fevers. Clearly, the trials are being manipulated to give the public nothing other than false hope, but a dangerous falsehood at that.

The latest Chicago-based Moderna trial of some 30,ooo people will go badly. In fact, all the current inoculation studies will fail. How will that be covered-up? Surely, the truth will come out that it is nothing other than a deadly poison. Gates knows these facts. That’s why he won’t take the coronavirus jab.