Handling Pig Meat and Carcasses Greatly Increases the Spread of COVID-19

July 05, 2020

Deuteronomy (14:8) “The flesh you shall not eat, and their carcasses you shall not touch…”

Does anyone take the time to study what almighty God has to say about causes of pandemics? The Bible says that if a godly one touches pork, the person is supposed to go through an elaborate ritual to purify the self. The Qur’an simply calls it filthy, in Arabic, rijis. The Old Testament uses the term “unclean.” Why did this all-intelligent One go to all this effort to warn against it? Certainly, his upright servants never consumed it, at least not knowingly.

Jews and Islamic people will tend to avoid it completely. What happened to the Christians? They represent one of the biggest markets for pork, even though it is banned unto them.

The COVID-19 pandemic gives the basis of this. The disease, which has devastated the world, likely originated in industrially-raised, highly contaminated vaccinated pigs. Already, it has broken out in large numbers in two Chinese meat markets which specialize in this industrial fair and when an untold tonnage of pork was in the facilities. The sickened in many cases either at the pork flesh or were handling it.

In the latest the meat and seafood trading sections at Beijing’s huge wholesale market were found to be seriously contaminated with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The take-away is that it is in the farm-raised flesh that is the source of the tainting, especially the pigs, and it always as been. Yet, it appears that this has been covered-up.

The hard proof comes from Germany. There, more than 1500 workers at a pig processing plant tested positive for COVID-19. This led to some 7000 workers being quarantined. This was the single greatest infection pocket in this country since the outbreak originated.

Here is the hard proof that this is flesh-related. With the regular employees about 20% tested positive. Yet, for those who are dealing with the half-carcasses, who are cutting these up, nearly 70% were infected. It can’t be just because they work in close proximity; the pig flesh and carcasses are exposing them to infectious agents.

All this is being disguised as simply the result of hygiene and crowded living conditions. In US slaughterhouses tens of thousands have been infected under similar circumstances. Handling pork is a major risk, perhaps more so than any other.

It can’t be the norm. If this was the case, there would be relentless pockets of the disease throughout the land, and it would be  a crisis beyond comprehension. Let us never forget that among the first who sickened in Wuhan were those that traded only in hogs. Moreover, there are over 10 major industrial hog plants in Wuhan alone. Plus, the Wuhan Institute of Virology was testing bat coronaviruses on pigs, presumably to make a vaccine. This was all done courtesy of the US taxpayer via funding by none other than A. Fauci’s NIAID.

It was Fauci who oversaw the untenable: research on bat coronavirus at the Institute. In this case the novel bat viruses were cultured then injected into piglets. The infected animals were then sacrificed and fed to carnivorous hogs (Note: all hogs are carnivorous and would even eat a human, dead or alive, if given a chance). Did those infested pigs then entire the marketplace and then were eaten by humans? There is a highly likelihood this was the case.

No one has dealt with this issue. There are no warnings to halt the consumption of pork or to deal with how hogs are transported. Even the mere discussion of the connection seems to be banned. Thank God not all people are handling pork flesh–or are they?

Daily, people do deal with pork, the fresh and frozen meat from the supermarket. Most likely, all this pork flesh is tainted with coronaviruses, even the COVID-19 pathogen. In a preliminary clinical trial the positive cases of the disease were not only pork consumers, nearly 100% of them,  but many were also handling it. Pork has always been a pandemic source. Eating it is worse, as it will create disease virtually immediately upon consumption. God knows what He is doing.

Moreover, a pork consumer will likely test positive for coronavirus, because at a minimum there is cross-contamination. The virus is within the vaccines administered to the pigs, which means it is in the flesh; so people will test positive.

All pork products should be avoided. This includes the ones that people are summarily addicted to: including bacon, salami, bologna, pepperoni, and ham. Especially, raw pork products must be assiduously avoided, including prosciutto. At a minimum a person is likely to contract trichinosis and other parasites from such illicit, unworthy food.

This is all the more reason to seek natural medicines a frontline therapy, especially those with potent antiseptic power. The most vigorous of these are oil of wild oregano, the wild oregano oil plus oils of clove bud and bay leaf spray and also the multiple spice oil complex. The latter contains oils of oregano, cumin, sage, and cinnamon. The vaccine-origin and porcine-based germs must be obliterated, and these spice oil medicines do precisely this. If this is not done so, then there is a risk for severe sickness: even fatality.

These natural medicines must be guaranteed edible, so they can be consumed with impunity. The oregano oil was shown by Preuss and his group to be highly viricidal in a test comparing it to antiviral drugs. The spray must be mycellized for optimal absorption and aggression. This natural medicine is so potent that it may be diluted up to 50-fold or more and still be effective, especially when used as a room decontaminant.

The clinical trials listed on this site were performed using such therapies. If a porcine-origin pathogen is proven to be the cause, it is not the end of the world. The divine realm will come to the answer through the intake and use of the highest quality, wild and remote-source spice oil medicines. These natural medicines are universal germicides. Nothing can resist them, including the pathogen(s) behind COVID-19.