Devastated Health Workers Sickened and Test Positive From COVID-19 Vaccination

Cass Ingram

January 10, 2021

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The COVID-18 vaccine rather than protective people as purported is a cause of disease syndromes, including the COVID pathology itself. All it does is to suppress the immune system, in fact, greatly burden it. Thus, those who receive this inoculation contract the disease while, previously, they had been immune. t

Some say the best that it does is to prevent severe infection, so even if people do catch the virus, they would be protected from getting seriously ill. There is no evidence of this,. that is to is all speculation,

Yet, what happens in real life? Take an English NHS nurse’s experience. Wishing to remain anonymous, she contracted COVID-19  three weeks after being inoculated but was protected before the shot, never experiencing the symptoms. In fact, her partner and one of her children also tested positive, The symptoms she is suffering are significant and include shortness of breath, bad cough, high temperature, and still was shocked she tested positive.

‘It gave me peace of mind..” she noted, making her “feel safer” and as if she was doing her duty. It was the opposite. The vaccine caused her to shed the disease, sickening her loved ones.

The nurse said she was told after 10 days she would be protected. Now, the cover up line is that this may take months. Wait a minute, wasn’t the vaccine with all its fanfare supposed to help right away, aiding in putting an end to this crisis?

Make no mistake, it will be worse, not better.from the vaccine. The greater is the number the more dire will be the spread of this sickness.

Now, we are told that at best the inoculation “reduces your chance of suffering,” while in the propaganda line it is said that no vaccine is “100% effective.” Dozens of other health workers in England are reporting similar findings.

What about in the US? On Christmas Eve, after working a shift in the COVID-19 unit, Matthew, a San Diego nurse,  became sick. He got the chills and later came down with muscle aches and fatigue. He contracted the disease, as his immune system had been devastated by the inoculation.

After all, it is an invasive procedure with the injection of hostile components, microbial agents. residues of human fetal and/or dog kidney cell lines, monkey cell line components, formaldehyde, and polyethylene to mane a few.

It is hard to know the type of sepsis created in the microbial-based inoculations. There are germs of all manner, as the starting material was largely human fetal cell clonal lines. Consider the case of the Austin-based physician, Dr. E.. Porter, and her healthcare-working husband. Some eight days after both had been vaccinated they developed the disease with symptoms including difficulty breathy and fever. Ultimately, the entire family with five or more children were all sickened. Without the vaccine this would not have happened. She won’t admit to this, but it is obviously the case.

In San Jose an emergency room 60 health workers were sickened with COVID-19, one dying. One week to 10 days prior apparently all had received the vaccine. As a cover up a person in an inflatable Christmas costume is being blamed, even without the slightest shred of evidence. Let us quote NBC as the source: “As for vaccinations, the emergency department staff at the hospital was the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine less than 10 days ago.” The hospital says they “would not be expected to have reached immunity when this exposure occurred. All this time in being exposed to the disease and there were no outbreaks and deaths, only after mass inoculation? Anyone who would think there is no connection is either a buffoon or a hardened pharmaceutical mole.

It can be definitively stated that the vaccines helped perpetrate this wild spread.

A Texoma woman is a case in point. She took the vaccine and suffered wide-ranging lymphatic poisoning manifested by the symptoms in her arm and shoulder. Taking the Moderna inoculation she tested positive for COVID-19 over a week later, expecting instead protection. This happened even though she followed protocol with PPE and social distancing. She even wore a mask in public for added precautions. “Kendall Wilson, 31, works in health care and said she was hesitant at first, but decided to get the vaccine, since she’s a frontline worker and has a daughter.”

It did her no good at all. In fact, all she ended up was with a highly sore arm radiating into her shoulder, inability to sleep on that side, whole body discomfort, and symptoms of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 vaccine represents a shock to the body. It doesn’t know how to react; the individual is sickened. Either a person feels it, or it commits its treachery chronically. A person should beware. There are already a plethora of side effects as well as deaths from the inoculations. It is better to take the chances with the disease than to submit to the needed, especially since it is ineffective and actually enhances the transmission of the syndrome. It surely didn’t help the Auburn, N.Y., nursing home, where nearly all people and staff were inoculated and still some 10% of the residents died.