For its world-wide potentially fatal vaccine Pfizer wins, even if it loses

Cass Ingram, D.O.

Dec. 13/2020, revised, Dec. 14, 6:00 a.m.

Win or lose, cure or sicken, Pfizer and other drug entities will always prevail. When people die, it won’t be because of the vaccine, so it will be claimed. It will instead be because of “predisposing conditions.” When they are paralyzed and can’t move their limbs, it is just coincidence; MS is in the family, even though this developed within 48 hours of the shot. When people suffer Bell’s palsy in large numbers, it is no matter. It just happened within 24 hours of the injection just by happenstance, When they suffer anaphylactic shock and have to be resuscitated, the problem is with them, not just the vaccine, they have “allergic tendencies.” No one will say the inoculation is so poisonous it can kill you outright,

If the injected individual is paralyzed for life, such a one’s life being entirely ruined, it is no matter. There is no recompense. Pfizer has been indemnified. See the headline by the Insurance Journal, that is “Drugmakers Shielded from COVID Vaccine Liability.” There will be diversions, much double-talk, and, upon crisis after crisis, including sudden death, a failure to take action. People will be told that there is no government money for protection, even if they summarily lose a loved one. In other words, when there is a monstrous catastrophe, that is even if the campaign is halted, still, Pfizer is covered.

It can do what it wants. Pfizer had the inside position all along, with the placement of its mole, Health Secretary Alex Azar. This has everything to do with how it got the nod.

The entity can hardly be trusted. Surely, it used its influence to gain the advantage. The fact is Pfizer has a history of corruption at the highest levels. It has the notoriety of receiving the biggest criminal fine in history, notably of over 2 billion dollars. It has a history of criminal influence, where it illegally paid doctors to prescribe its drugs, for instance, the anti-epilepsy agent Neurontin. After caught, it was forced to be a fine to the U.S. government of over 400 million. The US Justice Department called it “racketeering.” Disclosures determined that it paid some 20 million dollars to some 4,000 doctors to gain this advantage.

In Nigeria one of its newfangled drugs killed children. When it was determined that the entity was merely experimenting on the population, the families sued and eventually prevailed, with the Nigerian government being awarded 75 million dollars.

What did attempt to do to the Nigerians? It was blackmail. “A US diplomatic cable uncovered by WikiLeaks revealed that Pfizer hired investigators to look for evidence of corruption against the Nigerian attorney general in an effort to persuade him to drop the legal action.” This is vileness to the extreme, where it sought to “expose” the prosecutor, so he would drop the charges of wrong-doing. Pfizer largely prevailed in this hostility. Says The Atlantic Global “The cables suggest that the world’s largest drugmaker may have blackmailed the head of Nigeria’s Ministry of Justice into dropping a $6 billion criminal lawsuit.”

All told, some 11 children died as human guinea pigs in tests by Pfizer, after 100 of them were given an experimental antibiotic. Numerous others became deaf and blind, while still there ruined for life with paralysis and brain damage.

It is certain that such a criminal clique will created yet another disaster with the current blockbuster drug. The cabal is represented by a proven crime syndicate. According to BioSpace:

Four former executives at Pfizer Inc., the world’s largest drug company. — Henry McKinnell, John LaMattina, Karen Katen, Joseph Feczko — as well as Gail Cawkwell, Pfizer’s current Vice President of Medical Affairs, will all face trial for allegedly concealing the unfavorable results of drug trials involving Celebrex and Bextra.

The top players of the company have undergone criminal proceedings? That certainly does not bode well for a “Warp-Speed” inoculation that has no scientific basis other than the commission of further deception and cover-up. It is a dilemma, because even when the vaccine maims and kills, still, there is no transparency. The recipients are not inclined to tell the truth. Nor are the investigators. Yet, the fact is there are a great number risks for taking the injection, including in the previously healthy. For example, there were a greater number of appendicitis and Bell’s palsy cases among those who received the vaccine than in the placebo group. Appendicitis is a medical emergency, and the vaccine caused at least twice the expected cases. As well, there were deaths, including one who suffered a heart attack shortly after the second shot. This is being covered-up on the basis that was ‘less’ than placebo.

The Bell’s palsy is significant at one one per 4500, or at least so it is reported; it is likely much higher. There is little admission of what else is resulting. Imagine if 100 million are inoculated. This would amount to tens of thousands of people developing this paralysis. It is a sign of significant damage to the cranial nerves.

There is the greater issue. This is the long-term toxicity from the injection. This toxicity will result, if from nothing else the preservatives and so-called adjuvants, including aluminum salts. This likely be manifested as chronic digestive, inflammatory, autoimmune, neurological, and kidney disease. Most people will survive, but they end up with a corruption in their long-term health, a consequence of all experimental vaccinations. They won’t easily admit it, because it was their choice to ‘serve science and the greater good, ‘ while, all along. all they were serving were the money-grubbing pharmaceutical machinations.