Dozens of Deaths in Auburn, New York, Nursing Home Tied to COVID-19 Vaccines

Cass Ingram

January 11, 2021

The people in power would have us believe that the newfangled COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and effective” and that any potential harm is far outweighed by the good. However, what of the people who are sickened and die after taking the shots? Consider, for instance, the heavily vaccinated Auburn, New York, nursing home where 28 residents suddenly have been confirmed dead. All were vaccinated. No one wants us to look this way, to analyze and investigate this, saying the shots are not involved. Even so, it makes no sense to claim there is no connection. The drug and media cartels want everyone to believe it is just a coincidence. This is to bamboozle the people and to keep them completely off track.

Yet, how can it be? There were no deaths in Auburn, New York-area nursing homes since months ago when this crisis first occurred. Even so, as soon as the vaccine was deployed there have been nearly 40 deaths. These deaths occurred in heavily COVID-19-vaccinated facilities.

Let us quote “There had been no nursing home Covid-19 deaths in Cayuga County until the first three deaths at the Commons were reported Dec. 29.” This is a most critical finding. Yet, now, suddenly, there are over 30 of them and at a number of institutions?

Officially, vaccination began on Dec. 22. By January 10 some 24 had died. Nearly all residents and most of the workers were inoculated. At best, the shots proved worthless, in fact, far worse than this. If the claim of an impossible coincidence is to be believed, then at least it must be recognized that the vaccine dramatically increased the death rate, giving these weak, over-medicated, and elderly people no power to fight back and to neutralize the inevitable cytokine storm. Thus, clearly, the vaccines operated by destroying the recipient’s immune systems, also decimating their stores of critical nutrients, like vitamin C and zinc.

As a likely part of the disinformation it is said that the first case tested positive on Dec. 21, a day before mass vaccination. “Oh, it is the incubation period. Don’t think it was the vaccine.” This is too coincidental. There were no fatal COVID-19 cases at this time. It couldn’t just happen as the vaccine was being deployed.

This was being done at all area nursing homes. Then, suddenly the deaths began occurring, in people in their 60s through 90s. Apparently, the residents tested positive for COVID-19 before their deaths. Curiously, the reports keep mum the names of the other institutions, but all had inoculated nearly all their residents.

Since the pandemic began in March, Cayuga County has 55 COVID-related deaths. In the nursing homes there have been over 30 deaths in the last eight days. From nothing to some 35 in a less than a month, in those weeks of the vaccine roll-out is the legacy of these shots. What a useless therapy it is that it helps no one and only causes harm, that is if the standard schemes of “coincidence” are to be believed. If this propaganda is taken out of the equation, then clearly vaccination roll-outs are a death machine.

The institution of concern, The Commons on St. Anthony, admittedly vaccinated over 80% of residents, while some half of all staff members were also inoculated. This would cause virulent spread of vaccine components through shedding. At a mere one-star facility like this, it was the perfect environment for senseless human-orchestrated fatality.

Do not be surprised. This is being repeated at hundreds of institutions across the country, the illnesses and deaths being attributed falsely to outbreaks of the disease.