Everyone is in Fear. Viruses Can’t Kill You if You Follow these 7 Key Steps

May 10, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

Do we really need to be afraid of viruses to the point of absolute panic and pandemonium? Regardless, what will such angst do to our health, the immune system included?

To be sure, there are highly deadly ones, for instance, Ebola, the Marburg pathogen, and bird flu. Other than these they are not that deadly. Yet, what about the current raging pandemic, COVID-19? What of the seasonal flu? What if a more deadly strain of this flu arises this season or if the coronavirus mutates further to be more vicious? Is it as hopeless as many people presume?

A trip to of all places Whole Foods demonstrates this mindset. The mood was grim. Everyone but this author wore a mask, some home-made, some commercial. Many people donned gloves, which, along with masks, were given out at the entrance. People showed concerted avoidance in fear, because of the lack of facial protection. When asking questions at the cheese counter, the attendee walked away and would not speak. As well, virtually no one talked to each other. Even with masks people were so frightened they were constantly avoiding each other.

The world is consumed with its own mortality as if there is no means of defense or protection, that is other than a flimsy cloth- or paper-based guard.

Rather than an argument for or against protective gear here is the issue. Virtually no one is offering the slightest degree of hope, attributing to the viruses powers beyond belief. Shall we attribute no authority to the immune system or the various natural substances which greatly support it? If it wasn’t sufficiently powerful, why are 99.9% of the people who are exposed to this virus not severely ill or dying: or deceased? The death rate is still disconcerting. Yet, with the great sophistication of the immune system instead of 1% of the infected succumbing (actually, it is apparently much less than this), as many as 20% would die. That would mean total fatalities of some 1,200,000. Clearly, our immune systems are working sufficiently even without great care. All we need is to boost them and also greatly assist them, especially if we become infected.

Step One: take oil of wild oregano. Get a perfect brand of the truly wild oregano oil, making sure it is not merely farm-raised. Clue: most private label products are in this category. This oil contains a potent, natural germ-killer called carvacrol. Avoid standardized and false carvacrol forms, where the claim is beyond the pale. Levels of 86% or greater are proof of deception, since in nature these levels never arise above 85.6%. A viricidal compound, carvacrol levels in wild oregano in the range of 65% to 79% are perfectly acceptable. More rarely, they are measured at 80% to 85%. Be sure that, as well, it contains no synthetic carvacrol, as this has been shown to depress the immune system rather than support it.

With high-quality wild oregano take five drops under the tongue, ideally twice daily. For superb protection take it more often. It may also be taken as a gelcap, one or two twice daily. Do not worry about overdoing, and don’t worry about the probiotics; they will survive. The risk is, rather, to not take enough. There are no significant side effects with truly wild oregano oil. You need it in your body daily. It dissipates within 48 hours.

Also, rub it on the feet and shins, an ideal administration for children. For them a few drops in water daily is also acceptable. The truly wild, high-mountain type can also be given to pets, for instance, in water, as well, rubbed on pads of feet.

Step Two: use plenty of aromatic spices in all cooking and soups. For immune support the top aromatic spices are oregano, thyme, cumin, sage, turmeric, basil, and rosemary. The sweet spices also offer powers, that is cinnamon, clove bud, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. All such spices should be consumed on a regular basis as often as possible. Be inventive. Find ways to use them in all recipes and also juices and smoothies.

Step Three: get plenty of vitamin C from citrus and other natural sources. Top sources include lemons, limes, tangerines, oranges, and grapefruit. The freshly-squeezed juices also constitute excellent sources. Other dense foods include red sweet peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. Be sure to eat some of these foods daily. If boiling these vegetables, always drink the broth. A great combo is to steam or boil-up broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and chopped red sweet peppers. Be sure to add aromatic spices.

Peel and eat a grapefruit or orange daily or ideally twice daily. The empowerment that this fresh vitamin C gives the body is immense, especially the white blood cells. For extra potency add whole food vitamin C super-sources, including wild camu camu, acerola, Rhus coriaria, rose hips, and amla (Indian gooseberry).

Step Four: eat plenty of garlic, onions, leeks, and shallots. Keep these handy and add to all food. Chop them up, and use them raw in salads and cheese dips. If socially unacceptable, avoid the garlic in preference to onions. Deodorized garlic supplements may be relied up to replace this food.

Step Five: don’t eat junk food, deep fried foods, and nitrated meats. As well, cut back on the alcohol and sugar, Instead, eat raw honey, which stimulates the immune system. Commercial meats are of concern, because of possible cross-contamination; avoid all pork products.

Step Six: use a spice oil-based aromatic spray, just in case. Spray this all over and even on the body. The best one contains aromatic wild oregano oil, wild bay leaf/lavender oils, and clove bud oil.

Step Seven: avoid all vaccines. These are immunosuppressive and, no doubt, increase the risks for seasonal illnesses and/or pandemic-like infections. Basically, the vaccines have “consumed” the immune system, and so there is nothing left to fight with. It will eventually be shown that those who have taken the least amount of these inoculations or avoided them altogether faired the best against COVID-19.

Through following these steps there is no way a virus can take you down. The immune system is more powerful than the germ, especially if a modest effort is made to bolster it. How invaluable in this regard are the natural germ-killers. The God of nature knew what He was doing when He made them. By killing down the germ count, they save the immune system from its great load, so it can perform its job more efficiently and so there is no way the human being will suffer a sudden catastrophe.

See these videos as proof that your immune system will work: if you enhance it and do all that is possible to not corrupt it.