Flu Vaccine Nearly Doubles the Risk of Death from COVID-19. Nursing Homes are Proof.

May 12, 2020, updated May 12, 4:00 am CST

C. Ingram, D.O.

Regarding the flu inoculation the most heavily vaccinated people in the United States are nursing home residents. Here, the number of coronavirus-related deaths is staggering. Research reveals that these elder care centers account for greater than 50% of all deaths in 14 states. Nation-wide, deaths in these institutions account for some 49% of the total or nearly 41,000. This is a massive amount of fatalities in such a short period, about three months.

Consider New Hampshire. There, nearly 75% of all deaths have been nursing home-related. In Connecticut nearly all such homes report the infection, with half of the COVID-19 deaThat comes out to 31,900 Deaths in Nursing Homes!ths in the state being in these institutions. The outbreak is so dire that in New Jersey the national guard was called after some 17 bodies piled up in one nursing home.

At times, the illness is known to spread among nearly all residents, for instance, as in Kirkland, Washington, where over 80 out of 130 were sickened.  Dr. Tom Frieden, former head of the CDC, said “nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are ground zero” for this pandemic.

The flu vaccine makes these elderly people exceedingly vulnerable to this virulence.

This is confirmed by a Department of Defense study. Testing some 6000 personnel it was found that those who were given the yearly shot had significantly higher odds of contraction infections from the coronavirus family. The odds went up by nearly 40%, which is highly significant.

This is true in all age groups. Immunologically, vaccines render children highly vulnerable. In one study it was found that the immune systems of youthful recipients in this flu vaccine, were severely incapacitated. The researchers identified compared to placebo a “significant increased risk” of various infections from viruses outside of the influenza family, including rather dangerous ones like echoviruses, which can infect the central nervous system.

As published on Vaccine Papers the negative effects were dramatic, with the vaccine group showing a nearly 700% increase in incidence. Yet, with the stated purpose being protection through administering the various flu strains, there was no greater protection than placebo, that is neither were effective.


This clearly demonstrates that in children the inoculations are not only useless but that they are categorically dangerous. The shots categorically deplete the immune system to the degree of severity that there is no immunity against other viruses, which is obviously happening with many COVID-19 victims today. What a disadvantage this creates for these pitiful children, victims of medical machinations. In these modern times, no doubt, these septic shots should never be given to the children.

It is also clear that major damage to the white cells develops. Commonly, heavily vaccinated people suffer from lowered white blood cell count, known as neutropenia. In one study it was found that childhood flu vaccines led to a significant reduction in key T cells, known as CD8 cells. It is these that are crucial for high-powered virus killing capacities.

Clearly, as it suppresses the immune system and leads to white blood cell death it cannot possibly help to defend the body. Plus, immunizations lead to the consumption of antibodies. These antibodies are caused to clump together in highly inflammatory antibody-antigen complexes. This is no surprise. One of the common ill-effects of inoculations is autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory skin disorders, and osteoarthritis. Plus, these inflammatory clumps may impact the renal system, leading to a wide range of kidney disorders. From vaccination the burden upon the internal organs can be immense.

The noxiousness of the flu vaccine is easy to prove. Consider this evaluation by the CDC concerning a flu outbreak on a U.S. Navy minesweeper. Occurring in 2015, it involved a crew of some 102 men, over 95% of which got the flu shot. Soon thereafter, one-fourth of these men required medical attention for the flu. All but one had been vaccinated. Clearly, the flu shot had caused this epidemic.

No wonder the injection leads to serious consequences. Merely consider the ingredients. These ingredients include actual live viruses, chicken embryonic material, human fetal cell components, egg protein from commercial/GMO eggs, thimerosal, aspartame, MSG, pork gelatin, p0lysorbate 80, formaldehyde, aluminum salts, and antibiotic residues. The aluminum salts and thimerosal/mercury readily deposits in the brain, causing neurotoxicity.

Made through recombinant technology, these shots typically contain trace amounts of genetically engineered germ/DNA from unknown and undefinable sources. It is a sloppy, dangerous business. Toxic and allergic reactions are exceedingly common and can readily result in fatality. For one, those allergic to antibiotics and chicken egg protein should always opt out.

In COVID-19 it is a bad idea to get a flu vaccine. Health care workers and others who routinely get this must take adequate precautions. Above all, any such people should strive on a daily basis to bolster the immune system. This includes the intake of foods rich in vitamins C, D, A, and B complex plus the minerals zinc and selenium. The best foods for the immune system are those that are actually germicidal. These foods include raw honey, wild oregano, garlic, onion, clove buds, cumin, and cinnamon. Routinely, add these foods and spices to your daily regimen. Be sure also to avoid all those processed food sources that disturb the  immune system, including refined sugar, white flour, white rice, nitrated meat, and refined vegetable oil. The individual should eat a whole food diet and avoid all that is noxious. This is the best protection that can be had against this horrific outbreak.