For a Viral Winter Mycellized Essential Oils Keep the Air Clean and Germ-Free

Cass Ingram

Dec. 19, 2020

It is obvious that the world has a problem. This is the contraction of a pandemic germ. It seems to be a hit-and-miss infection. Often, no one knows for sure how it is occurring or who will contract it. Just from an exposure point of view it often makes no sense. The germ loves to preside over the vulnerable and impaired, those with so-called co-morbidities.

Obviously, pathogens in the air are an issue, also on surfaces. Plus, if they gain entrance to the respiratory tract, particularly the sinuses and throat, this is a real issue. Operating by stealth the germs will replicate, often entering stealthily our own bacteria. Of note, upon autopsy, nearly 100% of victims died of bacterial lung complications. Obviously, COVID-19 is a disease involving filth and various germ attacks.

All that is possible must be done to reduce the load of germs in a person’s immediate environment. This requires a process of fumigation and vaporizing. The ideal means to do so is the reliance upon mycellized essential oils.

Mycellization is a process involving the creation of micelles. A most significant issue a micelle is basically a supra-molecule. It is a molecular assembly of what are known as surfactant molecules, which act to disperse the involved liquid. The solution is a highly penetrating, permeating all surfaces and also the air. It is like this. Oil and water don’t mix. When pour together, like oil and vinegar, they form separate layers, which is useless for most purposes. If soap is added, they mix; in other words, micelles are formed and a full oil-in-water mixture may be achieved.

Then, the water acts as a delivery agent to blend in the medicine in the body’s water-based matrix.

With essential oils it is the same process as oil in water that is treated with soap. In this a specialized solution based upon natural-source fat-soluble vitamins is applied. For diffusers putting the oil in water doesn’t allow mixing and so wasting occurs. It sticks to the sides and much of the medicine is lost. Mycellization allows a full mix. Now, the oils can act in a superior way being fully miscible in water. Now, the essential oil molecules can penetrate to do good deeds of both cleansing and germ-killing: both on surfaces and in air.

The penetration and coverage is complete, as demonstrated by the above photomicrograph. It is difficult for any airborne germ to escape the mycellized essential oils’ all-encompassing powers.

Essemtial oils can also be used, but this requires mixing and the end-product is less penetrating and permeating than a mycellized solution. For the protection that is so desperately needed this is the means that offers the highest benefit. Such a diffuser can be placed in nursing homes and hospitals. In fact, all critically ill people with respiratory solutions especially should be diffusing such solutions.

For severely sick people perhaps two or more diffusers/vaporizers can be operation simultaneously. Always, to get the powerful results mycellized solutions should be applied, either the lemongrass-based formula or the one heavy in wild oregano oil.

It is fully proven that essential oils, misted into the air, kill germs. Do this in a profound way with mycellized formulas. Keep this going all winter. Do not allow anyone to get sick, at least not from contaminated air.  Let the mycellized essential oils permeate the entire household. Use such creamy essential oil-based solutions in work diffusers. Help all others by keeping the air in your surrounds free of all pathogenic germs. Also, take the antiseptic oils internally, such as the edible wild oregano in dropper form or capsules. Note: be sure it is wild only. Oregano oils touting standardization, such as “standardized to 70% carvacrol, are often false, as there is no way to standardize wild oregano oil. Another option is the consumption of the multiple spice oil capsules as desiccated oils of oregano, sage, cumin, and cinnamon, internally spice oil therapy to the extreme.

So, get those diffusers going. Instead of essential oils in water put in a pre-made mycellized solution. Fumigation was mentioned by the Prophets and is found in the Old Testament. Take advantage of it. That is why God made it.