Hard Proof of the Role of Pigs in the Cause and Transmission of COVID-19

Cass Ingram

Jan. 3/2021, updated and corrected, Jan. 3 6:00 PM CST, again, 8:30 CST

Since at least October 2020 it has been known that there is a direct correlation of the occurrence of COVID-19 with pigs. Actually, it was realized long before that, all published in the May 2020 book  by the same author, COVID-19 Remedy, the Real Truth Revealed. The documentation revolves around a key article by  on 8 October 2020, Translated by Roberto Cataldo, this the pig connection was thoroughly documented.  The Brazilian study shows through comparative analysis the high density of pigs compared to outbreak numbers. These density amounts and outbreaks are essentially in the same regions.

It is obvious if not categorical that more than any other factor in terms of origin it is the industrial pig farms that is spreading this disease. In another assessment confirmed cases of the disease followed nearly exactly pig density. On the right a map is cropped from the larger one on the left:

CREDIT: University of Sao Paulo (as registered in images)

The overlay is highly revealing, as on the right, where the lavender-colored circles representing positive cases are placed over the the dark red and red, representing pork farm sections.

In Iowa, America’s main pork producer state, a similar situation is occurring with the evidence represented mainly in pork processing plants. There, up to one-half of the workers at certain facilities contract the disease, with the carcass processors and cutters being at the highest risk. For instance, in Storm Lake, Iowa, some 555 workers contracted the disease or one-forth of the work force. More critically, in April 2020 Smithfield, the largest pork producer in the world, was forced to close its vast Sioux Falls, South Dakota, pork plant. It was the governor and the area mayor who wrote that the factory was a locus for coronavirus transmission within the state. No greater proof is required than that. What’s more, in areas of pork processing plants transmission of the disease is 500% or greater than in other rural American regions.

In Iowa again in one plant in Columbus Junction nearly one-half the pig processor and workers were infected, with 600 people out of 1300 being a conservative estimate: two died. In Waterloo a pig processing plant rendered 1000 sickened; both were owned by Tyson.

Just as the divine scriptures state pigs are the issue. They should not be raised or consumed, even touched. For certain, all contact with their carcasses should be avoided for the potential risk of the spread of pandemic diseases. In the past pig-raising has proven disastrous. Entire plagues can be attributed to pork consumption, where infected individuals spread contagious disease. Such disease caused numerous plagues of the ancient times, where entire cities or districts are wiped out. It was a human idea to raise them commercially, as in the Roman Empire and China. No wonder God had to guide humankind away from this.

Commercial forces, for instance, the ultra-powerful pork lobby, have muzzled any discussion of this role. With the WHO, CDC, and USDA, as well as the White House, being fully complicit this is why so little is heard about it.

Despite this, it can be confirmed. It is well-known that meatpacking companies, where the hogs are slaughtered, are the highest density of all workplaces for the infection. These COVID-19 disaster zones are found primarily in the United States, Germany, and Brazil.  A critical revelation surrounds the U.S.-based pork processor Smithfield. It became a major focus of the disease in South Dakota, which is particularly revealing, as this is one of the country’s least-populated states. In Brazil a minimum of 20% of the industry’s workers have been infected, an impossible statistic but for pork contact. The detailed work confirming this was achieved by various investigators, notably Larissa Mies Bombardi of the University of São Paulo, Immo Fiebrig, a German pharmacist, and Pablo Nepomuceno, also of the University.

It should be kept in mind that this is happening in the sick pigs with no immune systems. These immune systems are fully compromised by the consumption of GMO feed, notably soy. Without this destructive practice it is likely that this disease never would have reach this disastrous extent.

In Brazil in the rural districts there is an unexpected and “unexplained” density of coronavirus infections. It can only be accounted for through the density of slaughterhouses and intensive pig-raising facilities. There, as early as November 2020 the germ was being found in human sewage waste. Yet, this brings up pig excrement. It was the definitive cause of the 2009 swine flu debacle, related to vaccine pathogens being excreted by the hogs. Now, the concern is that the rural communities in Brazil and elsewhere are tainted by the pig feces, contaminating the soil, food, and waterways. Residues of such fecal matter are surely the cause of many of the meatpacking epidemics.

This is no minor issue. The existence of these pig farms with GMO-fed livestock is killing people. According to one article by a major research journal  as many as 4% of American deaths from COVID-19, several thousand people, are associated with ” proximity to livestock plants…” Up to 8% of all US cases are held to be pork slaughterhouse-related. That doesn’t account for those who were sickened by handling the flesh at home or work and consumption.

For certain, pork-consuming Chinese readily spread the disease, as do swine flesh-consuming Germans, Slavs, and all others—as do heavy American consumers. In China entire families come down with the disease from consumption; after all, 2020 was known as the lunar Year of the Pig. Islamic Iran was hit hard as a result of its extensive contacts with Chinese elements, especially a heavily-embedded workforce and extensive traveling to the Orient.

With the similarity of pigs, genetically and physiologically, to humans the transmission of porcine coronaviruses, and also flu pathogens is guaranteed. In China in 2019 the SARS CoV-2 pathogen was readily infecting herds, and then moved on to humans. Plus, infection readily results from sickened, immune-compromised, GMO-fed herds, including consumption of this diseased flesh. Plus, the commercial pigs themselves are being genetically engineered, a disastrous consequence. The role this may play in the spread of this disease is yet to be confirmed.

This pandemic therefore can be resolved. It would require the unprecedented, which is the mass culling of pigs: in China, the United States, Europe, Russia, Brazil, and more. In addition, there should be large-scale use of anti-filth natural medicines which cleanse the porcine germs such as antiseptic essential oils and especially the edible oil of wild oregano. The latter can be consumed as a daily protective agent against pandemic germs.

The world busies itself with all manner of inanity, including plexiglass barriers, facial shields, and draconian mask mandates, as well as artificial hand sanitizers. Meanwhile, foolishly, it does nothing about the root cause. In addition, it mandates vaccines, which add further contamination and disease to the equation.

Industrial pig farms are a catastrophe beyond comprehension. Then, will this human race ever consider this and take action, putting a halt to a disease that is not only killing people senselessly but also corrupting the entire world? Or, will it pay no need, allowing this to continue to rage on and also to set a platform for more and more pandemics, which will likely be even more devastating and deadly?