How bad it is, AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Fails Before it Starts
September 9, 2020, Updated, Sept. 12, 2020
C. Ingram, D.O.
It is said that the highly touted Delaware-based vaccine trial by drugmaker AstraZeneca has been, of all things, put “on hold.” What is this supposed to mean? After all, the whole world is counting on this. Even so, isn’t it true that this is being administered to strong, healthy people? The recipient, a UK resident, apparently nearly died. While no one is providing the details, there can be no other explanation for this action.
Regardless, for the COVID-19 vaccine trials, it has been nothing but failure upon failure. In the early part of the study half, the participants suffered disconcerting fevers. It is certain that they also had aches and pains. Let’s face it. The drugmaker doesn’t know what it is doing and is shooting in the dark. People are becoming sick in many cases worse than they ever have been in their lives. The trial was shuttered, at least temporarily. The reaction was extreme, rather life-threatening. It had to be a violent reaction otherwise they wouldn’t have canceled the trial. It has been spun to make it appear as if it was a good deed to end the study.
UPDATE: It is now admitted that it was a case of transverse myelitis, a disease which afflicts the spinal cord. The trial participant, a British woman, suffered the inability to feel her hands and feet. Could it get worse than this? How could anyone even consider putting themselves at risk for spinal cord damage?
In contrast, natural medicines, especially wild spice oils, such as oil of wild oregano, eliminate fever by reversing the causes. The wild oregano also eases aches, pain, congestion, and cough. Drugs are causing the people to be sick, including vaccines, while the natural medicine kingdom brings them to excellence in function. This includes garlic, onion, juniper, raw honey, wild oregano, wild sage, and cumin. All of these can be routinely consumed by all people, either as food or supplements or both. Does anyone see the disconnect here?
Yet, the spin-meisters went immediately to work. ‘Well, it might have been a predisposing illness, so we’ll have to pause and investigate’, it has been said. ‘It’s just a voluntary move, a precaution.’ In other words, the drug company is being responsible and ethical, people are supposed to believe. Even so, here is the main point that gets lost in the disinformation. AstraZeneca itself stopped the trial, even before any independent committees could assess this. Even so, revealingly, it will not immediately describe exactly what happened.
Wait a minute. Though he nearly died from a bizarre, “unexpected reaction”  According to the drug entity he is “expected” to recover, whatever that means.
Can this be trusted? AstraZeneca has a less than forthcoming history. If it has been proven to commit fraud prior, then certainly in this case the vaccine would be expected to be a ruse. According to a U.S. Justice Department Website, the drug company was fined and paid “$520 million to resolve allegations that AstraZeneca illegally marketed the antipsychotic drug Seroquel…” This was for uses never approved by the FDA. Governmental agencies hold drug companies to a strict code that does not allow them to use potentially deadly substances for unapproved uses. It amounted to a type of insurance and Medicare fraud.
In Texas, after charges were submitted the entity paid $110 million, as for inappropriate and potentially deadly claims. This was described as a fraudulent marketing scheme that was revealed by four whistle-blowers, including medical doctors. This involved the highest degree of deception where in one case the attorney general accused the drugmaker of bribing health officials responsible for decision-making. Then, this is the type of company that can be trusted with a face-paced, poorly researched vaccine? It is obvious that AstraZeneca can only be regarded as nothing other than untrustworthy.
A known committer of deceit and fraud is suddenly a life-saver? Only an absolute fool would be so deceived to believe this. Regardless, all people should reject mere experimental therapies. Do not take this experimental vaccine. It will put the individual’s life at risk.
As of Sept. 11 in the UK at least the trial has been resumed. Who in their right mind would want to submit to any such ‘trial’ after such a potentially deadly reaction. It is certain that she was not the only one and that others were sickened. AstraZeneca is committing a cover-up of the scope of this crisis.