If you are seeking a quinone for immune and respiratory support, it should be black seed oil’s thymoquinone

C. Ingram, D.O.

April 23, 2020

Thanks to an endorsement by President Trump a synthetic form of the natural compound quinine, that is hydroxychloroquine, has been all the rage for a hopeful cure in the syndrome, Covid-19. While slightly different molecularly, the quinone family, including thymoquinone and coenzyme Q-10, offer significant therapeutic properties for lung and heart health. Of particular interest is thymoquinone, found naturally in dense quantities in black seed oil.

Hydroxychlorquine may be helpful in some cases of certain disease processes, including autoimmune conditions and malaria. Its value in Covid-19 is still suspect, though when combined with zinc there are reports of positive results. For immune and respiratory support, though, there is no comparison. The quinones of black seed and its oil are the most potent. Plus, these are readily available, typically as found in oil of black seed supplements.

Hydroxychloroquine has a multitude of side effects, including fatal cardiac arrhythmia. In contrast, black seed oil and the seed itself have no such side effects and, in fact, help prevent heart rhythm disturbances. Actually, the oil of black seed, especially if combined with pomegranate extract, can be relied upon to treat this condition. Curiously, the seeds themselves mimic the general shape of a heart. It is as if God Himself has a sense of humor, since enhancement of cardiac and arterial health seems to be the main benefit of its intake. There is a rule in nature that both the shape and color of a medicinal plant may prove telling of its precise value, heart healthy pomegranate being another example.

There are a plethora of studies demonstrating the benefit of these substances and various related compounds for lung support. Consider the work of Iranian investigators published in the Avicenna Journal of Phytotherapy. There, it was found that black seed oil possesses a number of significant capacities, including the ability to bolster immunity, while also acting as an antihistamine. Significantly, it was found to be a potent bronchodialator. As well, it has a major property besides this which is critical for today’s crisis. It aids greatly in preventing lung disorders. This means that the oil can be used as a safeguard, just to keep the lungs and respiratory tract in optimal health.

The investigators found that it also protected the lungs against toxic gas exposure, including that by mustard gas. It acted to suppress excessive coughing and was determine to be one of the most potent bronchial and lung natural medicines known. Here, ideally, it should be combined with wild oregano extract or oil, which adds a dimension of antiseptic powers as well as being active against cough and mucous accumulation. So does the juice or essence of wild oregano, which is its liquid, water-phase form.

In various human studies it has been clearly shown that black seed and its oil are anti-asthmatic. It also helps ease bronchial disorders. As well, it blocks excessive reactivity of the throat and bronchial tree from immune reactivity, including helping to modulate or reduce the so-called cytokine storm. This led one group of researches to state that it would likely “improve the clinical outcome of a patient with asthma,” which is highly significant. This is especially true considering the fact that, unlike asthmatic drugs, it is non-toxic.

Strong conclusions have been made by researchers about this novel natural medicine. This includes the statement that it is truly medicinal, that it is a miracle remedy, and a healing medicine for virtually all that aids humankind. It is especially healing, it has been found, for the treatment of “respiratory and allergic diseases,” which is not simply because of ethnic use but is also scientifically demonstrated.

Importantly, today, with raging respiratory conditions afflicting this human race currently its role in blocking excessive immune response is significant. In a rat study it was determined that black seed extract had great efficacy in this blockade, in this case against allergy-induced “airway sensitivity.” As reported by the investigators oil of black seed showed an incredibly potent action. It “ameliorated (that is eased) allergic airway inflammation…” This was by blocking excessive production of the T-lymphocytes. Anyone can see how this would be of value in the worldwide pandemic caused by coronaviruses and flu strains.

Incredibly, it worked on the genetics. In other words, it toned down the gene to reduce any collateral damage that might occur from an overzealous immune response. This is, again, the cytokine storm. It is this which is damaging victims of the 2020 global pandemic.

In one case a dignitary in Africa, governor Seyi Mekinde, tested COVID-19 positive, took advantage of black seed oil, consuming it daily. He was told to mix it with raw honey, one teaspoon of each twice daily. Rapidly, his condition improved, where he was tested negative. A combination of black seed oil, raw honey, and oregano oil, ideally, mycellized as drops under the tongue or as a liquid, would be ideal for supporting health against this condition (a new, unique supplement to look for). Synthetic drugs could never achieve such an aggressive, positive result, and this includes hydroxychloroquine. For instance, the latter cannot even come close to the immense powers of oil of black seed oil’s key active ingredients, thymoquinone and nigellone, both of which contain quinone molecules.

There is far more research with black seed oil that even remotely exists with this substance. As well, raw honey is therapeutic for virtually all chest complaints. It also helps tone down the excessive immune response, acting, as well, as an expectorant. Raw, whole food honey, by the way, contrary to popular belief is safe for all ages.

So do other spice-based natural medicines, including oils of oregano, fennel, cumin, sage, and rosemary. Ideally, select those black seed oil supplements which also contain these highly therapeutic spice oils.

Be strong with the powerful remedies of the natural kingdom. These can never hurt anyone, while, in fact, they can only help. Take advantage of them for yourself and your loved ones. There are no synthetic medicines that can even remotely compare.



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