Is Oil of Oregano Utah’s “Unique Advantage” for its Extremely Low Rate Death Rate in COVID-19?

May o5/2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

Called a “unique advantage” by Deseret News regarding Utah’s unusually low death rate from COVID-19 it can’t be a coincidence. There is an immense effort in the state, grass-roots that it is, to protect the people. This is through the intake of natural medicines for supporting immune function. In particular, this involved the use by thousands of residents of a natural antiviral agent, oil of wild oregano. The oil in a in vitro study has been already shown to decimate various species of viruses in a mere 20 minutes or less.

Could it have made a difference?

Yet, let’s play the skeptic. Is Utah’s exceedingly low rate of fatalities in the COVID-19 outbreak instead the result of chance, government-endorsed actions, or some other curious factor? It’s unlikely. With the per capita intake so massive the wild oregano oil is most likely the missing factor.

People are truly taking it. They are using the spray which is wild oregano oil-based. At least this should be evaluated for its potential.

It is accepted and approved to rely on synthetic similar, Lysol and more, for protection. The active ingredients are synthetic carvacrol and thymol. Oregano oil contains these in a natural form. This form is up to 20 times more potent than the artificial. Shouldn’t we be looking at this?

On May 6 it was reported in that “Utah has the lowest number of deaths per confirmed cases in the country, less than 1%. The national average is about 5.9% and places like New York City are experiencing a 7% death rate due to this coronavirus. That’s not the county, by the way, but, rather, the entire United States. Once again, with thousands of the state’s citizens are consuming oil of wild oregano, perhaps, other immune-protective supplements shouldn’t this be evaluated?

Medical authorities and other experts don’t have a clue. It was Brigham Young University’s H. Boyd who stated in his learned opinion that for state residents it was going to be much worse than other states. Said Boyd, “cellphone data” suggests that Utahns were “traveling at higher rates than citizens in other states.” It would be worse, he reasoned, “than it might otherwise.”

So, what happened? It was better than other areas, not even close to “worse.” There was no massive spread of deadly virulence in Utah of all places, the ski resort destination, the international travel locale.

Let us quote the Deseret News article, again: “Utah currently has one of the lowest coronavirus death rates in the nation.” Only Wyoming and West Virginia bests it.

“Why?,” the authors ask.

Yet, still, despite a lack of proof the authors advise people to “…follow the guidance of trained experts and public health officials…social distancing, hand-washing, and wearing protective masks where relevant.” The governor even stated, “Stay safe, stay home.” It is not working elsewhere. Why would this be the expected solution here?

To be certain there are plenty of cases, but minimal serious ones and virtually no deaths. The desert journal also adds to emphasize the conundrum: “So, what’s going on here?” In other words, why is there a fairly heavy spread of the virus but no major hospitalizations or fatalities. Less than 65 is mighty low considering the hospitalization rate and deaths in, for instance, the East Coast.

There is endless speculation, but never is the use of this antiseptic oil considered. It should be, because it is being taken internally. And that could make a major difference in viral transmission.

The fact is according to all accounts there is a “markedly lower death rate” in Utah.  The guessing continues, with the author wondering if the lower rate of smoking and drinking may have something to do with it. This alone cannot account for the low death rate.

Here are the facts on the ground. If a person suffers from the virus, the oregano oil will rapidly reverse this. It is killing the virus. This halts any further spread by interrupting the cycle. Clearly, then, the cluster potential is halted and neutralized. Plus, it blocks the cytokine response, the one responsible for the immune system’s hyper-reactivity: two positives at once.

The demand for oregano oil is so high that health food stores, including Sprouts, private outlets, and Natural Grocers, are continuously selling out. Plus, who knows how much has been purchased through the Internet, though this must be considerable.

According to Utah’s KUTV it has all defied predictions. Models show a “significant decrease in Utah’s mortality rate.” It was once predicted that many hundreds would die, but the new models are saying no. By the end of the summer it is expected that no more than 100 will die, less than the common flu. In January 2020 alone there were hundreds of cases of this disease, with two teenagers dying. All these infections are wretched. The flu has proven more deadly to this age group in Utah than COVID-19. We should allow none of these to affect our bodies. Why not, then, look at oregano oil and see if it could make the difference here?

Yet, for there only to be supposedly 85 or so deaths over six months? That remarkable when compared to the overall national mortality. This is one-sixth of the anticipated amount by federal government projections of some 600 deaths by August.

As far as the prediction of 600 Utah COVID-19-related deaths by August as long as the wild oregano is being used that is not going to happen. It is such a potent energetic complex that it won’t allow the disease to be set forth. Moreover, if used in hospitals and nursing homes, along with the wild oregano oil/bay leaf oil-base spray it would plummet further.

The wild oregano-based products available to Utah’s residents are numerous and include oil under the tongue, oil as capsules, multiple spice oil capsules, oregano juice or essence, and sinus-oregano spray. Also commonly used is the spray for air and surfaces containing wild oregano, bay leaf, lavender, and clove oils. All these natural medicines contain phenolic compounds capable of destroying pathogens, including viruses and bacteria. Through their vigorous intake and use the cycle of these disease-causing agents is disrupted, in fact, upended. Thus, less and less people are becoming pathogen breweries, all because of the impressive powers of antiseptic spice oils.

Ask around in Utah. Virtually everyone is either taking oil of wild oregano or has at least heard about it. Ask how it has helped protect them and also aided greatly in reversing the symptoms. The virus cannot stand the presence of either the oil itself or its fumes. Moreover, the dosage necessary to be protective is minimal: less than a tenth of a percent. To take more is simply more protective. This is to the point that there is no possibility of developing the infection, especially seriously.

Can all this be certainly confirmed? A scientific analysis will give the final evidence, but what is certain is that people have benefitted enormously from wild oregano intake.

This much can be proven. The Old Testament called it right. It truly is the divinely-inspired “cleansing” herb.