Isolated Gibraltar and Ireland are Proof of the Fatal Toxicity of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Cass Ingram

January 27, 2021

What has happened in relatively isolated Gibraltar in January 2021? The British protectorate was relatively immune from COVID-related deaths, suffer about one per month since the pandemic origin. This was not the case in January. As many as 63 people have died, an impossible statistic unless there was an intervention. That intervention was the Pfizer-produced COVID-19 vaccine. On one weekend alone 13 people had died and it was a lesser number that had succumbed in an entire year.

Over a two week period death was everywhere. Said Chief Minister Fabian Picardo,.”This is now the worst loss of life of Gibraltarians in over 100 years. Even in war, we have never lost so many in such a short time.”

Gibraltar registered its first death from COVID-19 in mid-November and by January 6 the toll had risen to 10. Virtually all these were 8o- and 90-year-olds who had one issue in common. They had been vaccinated.

Gibraltar began injecting citizens on January 9th, giving the shot to nearly 20% of the population. All the 63 occurred after the administration of the suspect vaccine. Yet, not surprisingly, the deaths are being wrongly blamed on the virus itself.

It is also said that the “deaths came two weeks after Gibraltar imposed its second lockdown to slow the soaring rate of infections, with residents only able to leave home for essential shopping, to work, exercise or for medical reasons.”  So, whether lock-down or masks, none of this works, especially after injecting people with the deadly agent.

The vaccine has caused the island to reach the notorious status of third in the world from the inoculation, all because of the rash of the vaccine-induced fatalities. It proved so deadly that it killed one percent of those injected, about 63 out of nearly 6000. The relationship is clear, but the so-called government seeks to cover it up.

What about Ireland? There, in North Dublin a nursing home suffered 13 deaths after the vaccine was administered. That number represents 26% of all residents. There were no deaths in the home prior to vaccination. This was the HSE-run Lusk Community Nursing Unitak, which confirmed that some half of all occupants had been inoculated.

This demonstrates the extent of the cover-up. The nursing home entity in a matter of self-defense and obfuscation, “All residents and staff who consented…were deemed medically fit were vaccinated,” while clearly implying that they were only shot in the midst of the deaths. However, the Irish Times reports that they were told by the nursing home group that vaccinations were begun the week before the deaths occurred.

One of the exact quotes to confirm the intoxications is “the first round of Covid-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines has been administered within the Lusk nursing home, ” which is followed by “despite the outbreak…”

“All residents and staff who consented and were deemed medically fit were vaccinated on the day,” said the spokeswoman.

The lies and deceit reveal themselves, especially by the nursing home group itself, for instance, when it is said, “Covid-infected residents and staff at nursing homes are not permitted to receive the vaccine and must wait four weeks from their positive test result or the onset of symptoms to pass.” So, if that is the case, obviously, the vaccine, not the disease, is killing these residents. If it is only half vaccinated, at least 6 of the deaths by the numbers were in the inoculated.

Yet, every attempt is made to hide the inoculations role, claiming deaths from COVID and that the vaccine just got there a few days too late, so these fabricators will claim. Even so, half the residents didn’t get it. Why aren’t they dying in large numbers? See the degree of the deception. The people in power are too quick to protest, for instance, the heath organization has stated officially, “The HSE confirmed there were a number of positive Covid-19 cases on the day the vaccination clinic took place but that the clinic was “delivered in line with public health guidance.” Who will check this, sure, they were supposedly positive.,got the vaccine, and died. Were these positive cases vaccinated? That is against protocol.

The late Dr Keshav Sharma

Regardless, it is no surprise that this would be so harsh and deadly to the elderly. In Ireland a promising respiratory doctor, Keshav Sharma, died suddenly after getting the shot. He was only 39 years of age. He suffered a cytokine storm and could’t withstand the toxicity. He died a few days after the shot. This, though, is being scrubbed. He received a potentially fatal medical intervention than died. There is only one possible cause, and it is clearly the vaccine. The elderly stand no chance. It is a plot. This is a scheme to kill them. There can be no other conclusion.