Lack of Knowledge and Use of Potent Natural Medicines Fuels and Worsens Cornavirus Pandemic. Is President Trump Opening Up the Door?

C. Ingram, D.O.

April 25, 2020, updated 2:00 am CST

In medicine there has been an absolute bias against natural medicines. This has proven catastrophic in the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Here is an example of the seriousness of this. There are a number of experimental drugs for this condition. All of these have been fraught with side effects, including premature fatality. These drugs include Prednisone, Indocin, Diazepam, and morphine. Meanwhile, the safety of the newly touted hydroxychloroquine remains to be evaluated.

Respirators, as well, have proven virtually valueless, with an associated 80% fatality rate once these are applied.

So, what else is there? It is only natural medicines that can come to the rescue. Plus, they do so without the least side effects, while never causing premature death.

Because of the decades of ignorance and even hostility towards these medicines, the medical system is woefully unprepared. It lacks all the necessary tools. It has nothing to stem the pandemic, nothing to turn the tide. Only the powers of nature can do so. Yet, the medical system knows nothing of these powers.

Is it too late?

With a concerted effort it is never too late for humanity. For instance, President Trump mentioned the potential value of zinc in Covid-19, the first time a nutritional supplement was described on this platform. Could the world be coming around?

In fact, zinc does decidedly aid immune function, boosting the capacity of white blood cells to attack and destroy germs. It also facilitates antibody function. Bravo to the President for suggesting it.

Yet, there are certain elements to consider, so let us add to this. Top food sources are red meat, seafood, and pumpkin seeds; there is also specialized pumpkinseed powder extract, which can be added to food and beverages. As well, wild oregano is highly dense in this mineral. These are the ionic forms, which also contain copper.

High doses of zinc selectively deplete this mineral, so it should always be consumed in a balance. There is a science to herbal medicine and nutrition, and if this is followed, nothing but benefits will accrue. Can we finally learn this as a society, so we can strength our bodies,so pandemic germs don’t just arise and pummel people to death? What about the other nutrients the body needs for healthy immunity, like vitamins A, D, E, and the B complex? Do we discuss the needs for natural sources of vitamin C and the requirement for daily consumption? There must be a task force, right now, developed for this purpose. Why take a chance on so-called herd immunity? Why not build up the immunity of the people to the extreme?

There are 60 years or more to make up for where the world has remained ignorant of such facts. This has been a result of following the nearly hopeless drug and vaccine model for disease.

There was also mention by the President of methods of “cleansing” the body of viruses, with description of the horrific damage this specific pathogen does to the lungs. Trump showed a degree of mercy by mentioning this damage in hope of finding a solution. Though heavily propagandized as an endorsement by the White House to use chemicals, like bleach, isopropyl alcohol, or synthetic phenols, as found in, for instance, Lysol, perhaps this was not what was meant. Perhaps, it was the beginning of a “discussion” on the value of natural antiseptics, you could call them disinfectants, for pandemic germs.

Caption: the image has the correct quote, but the plant is not wild oregano

Is there any historical basis for this? Are the naturally occurring plants, those made in the grand design by almighty God, simply to be ignored? The Old Testament is not shy. It demands that people rely on herbal medicine to become “clean” or “purified.” It also recommends this for fumigation, in other words, disinfection. Specifically, it is wild oregano that is recommended, mistranslated as “hyssop,” the only one singled out for major protection.

The biblical recommendation of wild oregano amounts to an endorsement of the powers of phenols, naturally occurring ones such as carvacrol and thymol, basic substances that were being tested at the highest levels. Here is an interesting point. If God recommends it, this can’t be harmful.

Trump was not that far off, though, obviously, the use of any chemical disinfectant is never advised. These should never be taken internally and, certainly, never injected. It was dramatic to even speculate so, although this did open up the discussion of just what could be safely done. After all, the key to re-set our world is to kill the virus, to halt it from spreading to increasingly more people. Bizarre as it seems, in that respect he has done us a favor.

It merely demonstrates the government’s desperation. To even make the suggestion to research synthetic phenols reveals the degree of despair. In contrast, there is no controversy or concern in discussing natural medicines. In fact, these can be relied upon, if they are truly made only from naturally occurring herbs and spices and/or their extracts. These are typically spice oils, a kind of essential oil. However, they must be metered in an oily base, as in extra virgin olive oil, to be consumed internally or used topically.

For purposes of a spray or a ‘cleaner’ these can be emulsified and micellized, once again through a natural process. They can then be relied upon for cleansing the environment, and just as was alluded to by the White House, for internal “cleansing.” Moreover, why not evaluate this? In fact, this blog shares the sentiment of not just letting the virus tear through people as a result of the violent damage it creates. It should be purged. So, why not do it naturally with substances that can, above all, do no harm? Even so, they cannot be deemed disinfectants. That is the domain of registry by the EPA. They can only be called natural spice oils which have antiseptic properties and which bolster and support the immune system. The federal government needs to look into these immediately. These natural spice oils include:

  •  oil of wild oregano
  •  oil of wild bay leaf
  •  oil of cinnamon
  •  oil of cumin seed
  •  oil of wild sage
  •  oil of lemongrass

All these are universal germicides. In addition, oils of garlic and onion have germ-killing properties. The most powerful of all is wild oregano oil. For this to be consumed internally it must be in an extra virgin olive oil base.

Oil of wild oregano can be commonly found. Certainly, the wild type is far superior to the alternatives, which include farm-raised and cloned. Just make sure it is wild and mountain-grown. Regardless, never consume any essential or spice oil in an undiluted form. Also, be sure of the quality and that it is not adulterated, for instance, with synthetic analogues. See if these can be found in a spray form for cleansing and protecting.

The presidency needs to evaluate this. If the national teams test these, they will find them effective. Moreover, unlike the synthetic types, including alcohol and bleach, these can be taken internally. The federal government is testing synthetic phenols. Let them now test those sources of the natural ones and determine their utility. Let them test those naturally occurring complexes that cannot harm human tissue, whether consumed, applied to the skin, or inhaled.

In the book Beyond Antibiotics: Healthier Options for Families Schenert and Smith recommend essential oils as germicides, because of the safety and the lack of germ-resistance. As well, the authors note, oregano oil’s naturally occurring phenols are 21 times more potent than the synthetic versions. The world needs that tremendously powerful potency to survive this pandemic.

Warning against the intake of commercial disinfectants 

Meanwhile, surely, as made clear by the manufacturers any internal use of synthetic germicides is to be routinely prohibited. Synthetic phenols, chlorine bleach, and isopropyl alcohol are all highly poisonous. In one unpublished study at Georgetown University a synthetic form of carvacrol was found to kill test mice.

As well, commentary on medicine from the White House level should be reserved to competent medical professionals. Already, there was a death from a man who consumed an aquarium form of the drug hydroxychloroquine. As far as the synthetic disinfectants, hopefully, all people will have enough sense not to use these in or on the body. Even so, perhaps, something positive will arise from this bizarre event.

What is everyone waiting for? Let the natural approach be researched, now, before more lives are senselessly lost.