Man-Made Epidemics

Taken from the Cure is in the Cupboard 20th Anniversary Edition

It is well known that there are a significant number of
diseases which can cause sudden fatality. Virtually all such
diseases are infectious in nature. Yet, what is little
unappreciated is that many of these sudden and/or
unexpected deaths are man-induced. Such fatalities can
occur even in the vital and relatively youthful. Can anyone
imagine it, a person is in the prime of life and yet is
suddenly stricken down and then dies. However, here is the
real issue, it is all preventable. Once again, the fatalities are
the result of human corruptions. It makes it all the more
brutal: that humans are destroying fellow humans.
The prevention is through wild oregano. Yet, this is
also the primary cure in the event that the individual
contracts any of a number of potentially fatal infectious
Is it not anything other than astounding that lives could be
saved by such a most basic approach, which is to use a natural
antiseptic, a germicide, strategically and aggressively, when
dealing with a life-threatening infection? Then, too, how
many lives could have been saved or could be saved in the
future, only if the wild oregano, particularly the oil of wild
oregano, was used in a timely and strategic way?
Should this not be the most important global news of all?
The entire world should know about it. How can there be any
other conclusion?

Food poisoning/diarrhea

Globally, tens of millions of people die yearly of diarrheal
diseases or other intestinal poisoning syndromes caused by
tainted food or water. How horrific it is. The person was
relatively healthy or at least in stable health, then such a one
ate or drank something, then the individual becomes sick
and is either hospitalized or dies.
In most instances food poisoning is caused directly by
human activity and/or neglect. Human sewage in
waterways or in soil is the major cause of food-borne
hepatitis A. The poisoning also occurs from one person to
another, from the failure to adhere to proper hygiene,
allowing food and/or beverages to be tainted by the hands
of another.
In the United States each year foodborne illnesses
strike nearly 60 million people, 20% of the entire
population. One of the worst cases in recent history was
the 2003 hepatitis A outbreak at Chi-Chi´s. The infection
was traced to fecally contaminated green onions from
Mexico. No effort was made to wash or rinse this food,
that is it was served unwashed. The horror created by this
was so great that the restaurant chain was shuttered. In
2006 commercial baby spinach caused an outbreak of
drug-resistant E. coli, leading to some 200 sickened, many
with bloody diarrhea. Three people died, while 31 others
suffered kidney failure. That same year there were
outbreaks at two Taco Bell restaurants, again by E. coli,
also leading to kidney failure in some 10 patrons. The
source was traced to fecally contaminated California
In 2011 some 80 people throughout the country were
sickened by ground turkey produced by Cargill, in this case
with a drug-resistant form of salmonella. In 2009 the germ
was again responsible for outbreaks, this time from peanut
butter and hot peppers. Horrifically, some 23,000 were
sickened; nine died.
In 2015 in British Columbia and Alberta 67 people were
overcome with an infection by Vibrio parahaemolyticus, in
this case from raw shellfish. Pork consumed in Washington
State led to an outbreak of salmonella with some 150
sickened acrosss the state and 25 hospitalized. The culprit
was multi-drug resistant, therefore this being none other than
a corruption caused by antibiotic overuse.
The foodborne parasite cyclospna struck hard that year,
with up to 1000 people, perhaps more, affected. The CDC
confirmed nearly 500 cases by August 2015, the biggest
clusters being in Wisconsin, New York, and Texas. The
source of the outbreaks were imported produce, particularly
cilantro, from Mexico.
All such poisonings and sicknesses are entirely
preventable. Surely, the greatest prevention is improved,
more hygenic growing and handling of food. Yet, a more
reliable means of prevention, as well as protection, is the
aggressive use of oil of wild oregano, the juice of wild
oregano, and the whole crude herb complex.
Too, for prevention in the home the wild spice oil-basil
sprays can be used, for instance Orega Spray. This can be
used in the kitchen vigorously. It may also be used as a clense
for fruit and vegetables.

West Nile infection

Hard as it is to believe West Nile is a man-made infection.
There truly is a naturally occurring West Nile disease, but
this occurs only in the tropics and subtropics, notably in the
Nile River Valley and also in North Africa. The occurrence
in the United States is strictly the consequence of man-made
This relates to the biological warfare facility, Plum Island.
It was this facility which at the time of the outbreak of the
disease was performing research on the virus. The outbreak
occurred initially in Long Island, New York, in an area a mere
five to seven miles from the facility, which is located near
the northern tip of the Island.
The disease is transmitted by the bite of infected
mosquitoes. Prior to the outbreak the island facility was
conducting experiments with the tropical virus. The
mosquitoes were infected with a modified form of West
Nile virus. Eventually, the mosquitoes were released,
whether accidentally or purposely. This led initially to
sickness of both animals and humans on Long Island and
also other parts of the East Coast of New York. Deaths were
reported in crows, zoo animals, and humans, largely due to
the toxicity of the virus to central nervous system, which it
readily infects.
Though treacherous, the virus is no match for the powers
of wild oregano oil. Additionally, the juice of wild oregano is
highly active against it. Both these remedies are capable of
attacking the virus, even if it gains entrance to the brain and
spinal cord. Therefore, there is no need for fatality from this
disease, as long as the wild oregano therapy is administered.
This is true both of humans and animals.
For animals in particular the wild oregano oil-based
spray, an emulsion, is highly useful and protective. For rapid
absorption this can be sprayed on the fur, particularly on the
underbelly and spinal column, for instance, between the
shoulder blades. It can also be put into water rations or
sprayed directly into the mouth.
The majority of people who get infected with the virus
suffer only a mild illness. It is the elderly or the immunechallenged
who are most vulnerable to the development of
serious reactions, which may include infection of the brain
matter, known as encephalitis and more rarely death. The key
supplements to use are the edible oil, the juice, and the
antiseptic spray.

Lyme disease

Like West Nile, Lyme disease kills people unnecessarily,
although this is a more difficult disease to reverse than the
former. It, too, is the consequence of an insect bite, in this
case from a tick. There is yet another likeness. This is the
fact that Lyme is also a biological agent, yet another
corruption of the Plum Island biowarfare research facility.
It is not difficult to realize this. Lyme first occurred in Lyme
and Old Lyme, Connecticut, a mere 10 miles south as the wind
blows from the facility. It cannot be a coincidence. The lab was
doing vector research with ticks, using these arthropods as
biological agents. The ticks were infected with deadly or disease
causing germs, then released in the natural surrounds of the
island to determine the effect on wildlife. Ex-Nazi-era scientist
Erich Traub himself released batches of such ticks. It was Traub
who was an agent of the Rockefeller clique, meaning that the
Rockefellers bankrolled his salary. It is that connection that is
more significant than the Nazi one, since it was Rockefeller
who held significant sway over the activities of the lab and since
Traub himself was a Rockefeller agent.
So, it is true. This is a highly dangerous and exceedingly
destructive bioweapon. Moreover, it acts like one upon
infecting the human body. The immune system struggles to
clear the pathogen. In some cases the germ overwhelms the
body, causing chronic disease and ultimately premature death.
The agent of destruction is the Lyme spirochete, which is,
essentially, a form of weaponized syphilis. This spirochete,
known as Borrelia burgdorferi, is highly invasive, causing great
damage to the internal organs as well as the skin and the joints.

Drug-resistant pathogens

Could it be more dire than this? There is global pandemic of
infestation from antibiotic-resistant infections, all of which
are human-induced. In Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2008,
the dilemma was described as an absolute “epidemic,”
necessitating a dramatic “call for action for the medical
community from the Infectious Disease Society of America.”
The authors of the article, Spellberg and associates, state that
the situation is grave, deeming it an “ongoing explosion of
antibiotic-resistant infections” which continues to “gauge
global and US health care.” As the authors made clear there
is no plan of any kind, governmental or otherwise, to stem
this rising tide: to do something—anything—to protect
people from this immense danger.
There is no surveillance. No action is being taken.
Moreover, there are no solutions offered. People just continue
to suffer dire consequences, including deaths in massive
There is no solution of any kind in modern medicine,
detonated by the authors’ commentary, where it is stated that
“there are no signs that development of novel priority
antibiotics” which are capable of treating these noxious
germs will, essentially, ever occur.
Drug-resistant pathogens are a major cause of preventable
fatality in modern humanity. In this case it is orthodox
physicians and hospital adminstrators that are responsible for
the killing. Plus, they are covering it up. The perpetrators are
never held responsible for their crimes. What could be more
dire than this? It is yet another example of man-made
corruption that is spreading great treachery upon the earth.
Throughout the Western world countless millions of people
suffer the consequence of seeing their lives being destroyed as
a result of these infectious agents, some losing limbs and/or
having their overall health corrupted, others losing their lives.
It is a horror to the extreme, one that never before
occurred, that is until the advent of modern medicine. The
medical system is corrupt. Diseases that by no means require
antibiotic therapy are treated within these drugs regardless.
Often, this is for medical-legal reasons. The doctor dispenses
antibiotics even when they’re not indicated, even when such
a one realizes it is wrong. It is all merely to for self-protective
purposes. So, in fact, these drug-resistant debacles are
medically induced disasters. A partial list of antibioticresistant
killer germs, also know as super germs, is as follows:
• Clostridium difficle
• Flesh-eating bacteria (MRSA)
• Enterococcus
• CRE (carbapenem-resistant enterobacter)
• mutated E. coli, that is E. coli O157:H7
Man-Made Epidemics 231
• Multi-drug resistant TB
• shigella super-germ
• drug resistant salmonella
• multi drug-resistant pseudomonas
All such germs are commonly contracted in hospitals, also
in some cases in doctor’s offices and outpatient centers. The
germs commonly taint inanimate surfaces in hosptials and are
also found circulating in the air. In many cases the pathogens
can be contracted from medical procedures through
contamination of supposedly sterilized medical devices.
One such device is known as a duodenoscope, often used
for a special procedure known as ERCP. According to the
FDA such devices are particularly likely to transmit drugresistant
infections, since because of their design there are
“microscopic revices” which are nearly impossible to clear
and disinfect and thus may contain even after cleaning “body
fluids and organic debris.” In 2015 at one medical institution
alone, UCLA’s Ronald Reagan medical center, seven people
were sickened after undergoing diagnostic procedures with
the device. Inevitably, of the hundreds of people yearly
contaminated by this scoping device many die.
All scopes sent into the body’s internal canals can transmit
infection, including endoscopes, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes,.
and colonoscopes. Besides CRE, germs which can be
transmitted by such scopes include pseudomonas, enterobacter,
H. pylori, klebsiella, serratia, staph, including the ‘superbug’
type, salmonella, E. coli, and gastrointestinal viruses.
This is no minor issue. In 2015 a deadly staph superbug
outbreak occurred at Virginia Mason Medical Center. Test
cultures proved that the source was once again specialized
endoscopes. The drug resistant staph, it was determined, was
able to despite cleansing procedures “stick to the scopes.” Of
the 32 people who were infected some one third or 11 people
died. All such fatalities could likely have been prevented
through the aggressive dosing of superstrengh oil of oregano
as sublingual drops.

Vaccine-induced infestations

No doubt, vaccines play a major role in the spread of manmade
diseases. Few people realize it, but the majority of
vaccines contain live, pathogenic organisms, ones that
clearly can cause chronic and potentially fatal diseases.
Moreover, this is precisely what they do. Vaccines devastate
modern humanity and there can be no doubt about it.
To comprehend the degree of danger of these injections a
review of their nature is required. Vaccines are animal
productions, that is they are produced on or within animal
tissues. This means they are tainted with the fluids from living
beings, namely blood, serous fluid, intercellular fluid, and
lymph. What kinds of living beings or entities are used in their
production? These beings/entities include human fetal
embryonic cells, the cultured cells of mice, as well as dogs,
chicken embryonic cells, and genetically modified insect cells,
among others. In the past monkeys were used for growing
vaccine cultures, for instance, in the 1950s through 1960s, green
Rhesus macqaques, the source for the spread of SV40. All such
animal tissues are contaminated with various pathogens, all of
which may be readily transmitted into the vaccine.
Then, too, there is the issue of vaccine viruses, as well as
bacteria, which are also highly infective. These various germs
are specifically cultured to produced a vast number of living
microbes. Then, various altered forms of such microbes are
injected into people, the children of the Western world
suffering the greatest degree of this burden.
Yet, now, through the actions of Bill Gates, and among
others, people of the rest of the world are now under siege.
Despite the lack of any need for vaccines, essentially, Gates is
imposing them upon the people of developing countries, seeking
to arbitrarily vaccinate large numbers of children. Through
this he is spreading great corruption in the land, causing the
onset of degenerative diseases in injection recipients.
So, virtually no one can escape it. In fact, it is as if it is a
plot to undermine the people, to cause ruination of their
health: to prevent them from achieving their optimal
Make no mistake about it modern vaccines are poisonous
to the extreme. The typical germs in these innoculations, for
instance, the rubella, mumps, and measles viruses, as well as
the flu virus, are all still alive when they are injected. The
injection of such germs destabilizes the immune system such
that it is not able to respond.
There is yet another destabilizing, rather, disease-causing
factor: the vaccine additives. These additives are known
largely as adjuvants. The purpose of such additives is to drive
the vaccine matter as deep as possible into the tissues: to
ensure that the wretched infections agents take hold. Some
of these substances, notably formaldehyde, mercurial
compounds, and aluminum salts, are touted as preservatives
and stabilizers. Regardless, they are all noxious, especially
when injected into tiny, developing infants and toddlers.
Furthermore, the role of these innoculations in spreading
infection should never be minimized. The germs are largely
alive, and upon contamination of the recipient they will
colonize in the body. It was James Wakefield who fully
demonstrated this, finding firm evidence of the colonization
of children’s bodies through MMR injections. He found
evidence of the infection of the gut by measles,. mumps,. and
rubella viruses, making the connection with such infections
with chronic constipation in autism victims. Of the DPT shot,
which is supposedly sterilized, one of the toxic agents, dead
pertussus cells, has been found to corrupt the brain, causing
in some cases neurological damage. The contaminants from
this bacteria include endotoxins, which have been noted to
cause sudden death in infants.
Furthermore, it has absolutely been established that the
polio vaccine, in the form of vaccine-tainted sugar cubes and
injections, fully contaminated the population at large. In this
case it was through a variety of monkey viruses, notably
simian virus 40,. that is SV40. The latter is a powerful
infectious agent which attacks the nervous system as well as
the internal workings of cells. Ultimately, it causes
neurological diseases, such as MS, ALS, and Alzheimer’s
disease, as well as cancer. Says one of the world’s top SV40
researchers, Loyola University’s Michelle Carbone, the
pathogen is a primary cause of a number of cancers, notably
brain cancer. In one cases, notes the investigator, upon
removing a malignant tumor in a three year-old child it was
found to be “teeming in SV40” viruses.
The combination of infective germs and toxic, synthetic
additives, no doubt, readily corrupts the health of vaccine
recepients. How can the vulnerable, developing bodies of
infants and tiny children possibly withstand the onslaught of
such toxicity?
The fact is in many cases they simply can’t. Infants and
children are routinely injured. Some of them develop serious,
destructive diseases: others die. Still others are left with
horrific injuries that largely destroy their lives. Moreover, surely,
the massive onslaught of diseases related to brain damage or
neurological dysfunction, such as autism, ADHD, and tourette’s
disease, are directly related to vaccine toxicity. It makes sense. A
prefectly healthy child is injected with live, pathogenic germs.
Why wouldn’t such germs house themselves in the internal organs,
including the brain, infecting them? The immune system of the
primary recipients of the innoculations, infants and children, is
immature. How could these recipients possibly fend off these
infectious onslaughts?
Consider the case of Julia Lawson, daughter of Susan Lawson.
A Colorado mother Ms. Lawson had the pleasure of having a
perfectly normal child: until she had the MMR shot at one year of
age. After this injection her daughter developed a severe
inflammatory reaction in the brain, in fact, a brain infection known
as encephalitis. The child had lost virtually all function of the brain
through oxygen starvation, turned blue, and developed a decorticate
posture (stiff with the back arched). Though her life was ultimately
saved, she is left with permanent brain damage. Lawson was
ordered a payout of 1.5 million dollars for damages from the
National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).
What is the NVICP? Incredibly, it is a system put in place by
the federal government, not by the vaccine makers. It protects the
companies from being sued by victims. Instead, the victims must
file suit against the federal government.
Where does the money come from to pay for these lawsuits? It
comes from the US taxpayers. How absolutely corrupt, how
categorically vile beyond belief, it is.
Despite the horror of having live or dead germ components
injected in to the bodies, it must be noted that the additives in
vaccines are no minor issue. Consider aluminum salts. These
salts are poisonous for all people, whether consumed orally or,
in particular, taken in through the injectable route. These
salts are metabolic poisons. What in God’s name are medical
professionals doing injecting such noxious salts into the
tissues? It was Canada’s Professsors C. Shaw and L.
Tomlijenovic who in 2013 made this most evident. In their
work published by SpringerScience/Business Media titled
Aluminum in the central nervous system: toxicity in huamns and
animals – Vaccine adjuvants and autoimmunity they revealed a
basic yet irrefutable finding. This is the fact that in countries
whose children had the most aluminum-tainted vaccines the risk
for the development of autism was the highest. Their data is
hard, essentially, irrefutable. The high incidence was found in
children given aluminum-tainted shots of ages 5 years and less.
Regardless, why would anyone other than an absolute buffoon,
a mere fool at best, give a pre-schooler loading dose upon
loading dose of aluminum salts through injection? Who could be
that incompent of mind to believe that such injections are safe,
just because the government or, rather, drug houses say so?
Mercurial compounds, too, are no minor issue. These
compounds are still to be found in trace levels in most vaccines
and are in particularly high levels in the flu shot. In 2014
through early 2015 according to the federal site, Vaccine
Injuries and Death Payments, it is published that a three yearold,
an child of one year and nine months, and a one and
one-half year-old child were killed from the flu shot. These are
merely the cases that are known with certainty. There are surely
dozens of other fatalities which go unreported. The deadly
agent responsible was regarded as mercurial compounds,
known as thimerosal. Yet, the role of infection cannot be
disregarded. The flu shot contains live chicken embroyonic
viruses, which can readily infect and attack the brains and
central nervous systems of children.
How can this be described other than being the most vile,
corrupt element known? What can be done about it? For
certain all people must avoid vaccinations, and parents must
never allow innoculation of their children. Moreover, if such
innoculations occur, protective action must be taken. This is
through the intake of the key wild oregano supplements, the
oil, the juice/essence, and the whole crude crushed herb. Any
injection site must be saturated with the wild oregano oil. The
oil must be vigorously taken sublingually.
Vaccines cause great stress upon the body. That stress
leads to a depletion of nutrients. It is the depletion of nutrients
which -makes the recipient vulnerable to serious reactions
and fatality. The main nutrients which are aggressively
depleted are vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc. Those assaulted
with vaccines must be given such nutrients as a protection.
For vitamin C the most ideal source is natural, whole food
sources only: the complex of wild camu camu with acerola
and rose hips powder being an example. For vitamin A the
most ideal source is wild sockeye salmon oil, derived from
the brains of the wild salmon, rich in the natural, whole food
form of this nutrient. Zinc can be consumed as zinc aspartate
or gluconate.
There are other key antidotes that can be consumed. One
of these is the wild greens flushing agent made from wild,
raw dandelion greens, nettles leaves, and burdock leaves. As
sublinugal drops this must be consumed under the tongue as
a detoxification agent: to purge the noxious vaccine
components out of the body. Additionally, the adrenal glands
must be supported, both to prevent vaccine injury and aid in
the recovery. For infants and children this can be achieved
through the consumptionof a raw royal jelly paste, the royal
jelly being emulsfied in cinnamon oil and Austrian
pumpkinseed oil.
All recipients of vaccines must simulaneously take whole
food vitamin C as a protection, along with whole food
vitamin A. The only truly natural whole food vitamin A
supplements which are available are the fatty salmon oil, as
gelcaps or an 8-ounce bottle, and the raw, whole food
freshwater cod liver concentrate, known as Omega-ADK,
available as a rare, hand-made supplement. The latter is a
whole food liver supplement containing all the liver
components and is a dense source of vitamins A, D, and K.
If these supplements are taken during vaccination assaults,
along with the wild oregano, toxic damage will be
minimized. Other supplements which aid in the detoxification
of vaccine reactions include wild, raw multiple berries drops,
raw bentonite clay, oil of ginger, juice of ginger, and oil of
coriander, that is cilantro oil. The latter has been found to
bind mercury and remove it from the body. A partial list of the
diseases caused by vaccines is as follows:
• Autism/ADD
• tic douloureux
• MS
• Parkinson’s disease
• dementia (Alzheimer’s disease)
• Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
• lupus
• scleroderma
• vitiligo
• eczema/psoriasis
• cancer
• leukemia and lymphoma
• diabetes (type 1)
Man-Made Epidemics 239
• mental retardation
• infertility
• juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
• irritable bowel syndrome
• ulcerative colitis
• crohn’s disease
• adrenal exhaustion syndrome
• Myocarditis
• cardiomyopathy
• mitral valve prolapse
• chronic fatigue syndrome
Vaccines protect no one and, rather, only cause an
increase in disease, disability, and premature death. Who can
prove otherwise?

Blood transfusion poisoning

This is a major cause of human disease and can cause
significant corruption in human health. It is yet another one
of those horrors that can cause a person who was formerly
in good or reasonable health to crumble into oblivion.
A list of the diseases that can be spread or caused by
blood poisoning include:
• hepatitis A, B, and C
• Lyme disease
• babesia
• ehrlichiosis
• SV40 infection
240 The Cure is in the Cupboard: Oregano
• mycoplasma
• Cruetzfeld-Jacob disease (mad cow disease)
• West Nile virus
• parovirus
• malarial organisms
• Chaga’s disease
• syphillis
• simian foamy virus
Blood is a major medium for contamination. In addition
to the aforementioned there are a number of diseases that may
be transmitted by blood transfusions, which cannot be
measured. Who knows what are the various pathogens which
are living in a pint of human blood? Even so, cancer itself
can be acquired through blood contamination.
There are also transfusion reactions and, additioanlly,
allergic toxicity. There can even be transfusion-related lung
and kidney damage. All such reactions are readily neutralized
through the use of the wild oregano oil, the juice of wild
oregano, and the whole, crude herbal complex.
Infact, oil of oregano and other antiseptic spice oils are
ideal cleansing agents for the blood, even in general, for
instance, for daily use. Yet, regarding blood transfusions,
routinely, the oil should be combined, along with other
supportive supplements, like te juice and multiple spice
complex, in order to prevent the transmission of disease.
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