Medical Approach for COVID-19 is a Failure, All You Need is Wild Oregano Oil and the Fumigating Spray

Cass Ingram, D.O.

Dec. 05, 2020

The world is worried about COVID-19, but this is unnecessary. In the divine kingdom has been made natural spices, the oils of which offer universal killing powers. There is a degree of interest in supplemental substances, including vitamin D and ascorbic acid. This is not the approach that is needed. These synthetic and semi-synthetic nutrients are supportive at best if at all. Instead, what is needed are natural complexes which have the capacity to kill, known as antiseptics and germicides.

Without this, it appears hopeless, at least for rapidly halting the progression of COVID-19.

There are those who make this appear as if it is virtually the end of the world. The Wall Street Journalpublished a Dec. 4th headline, “U.S. Virus Deaths Hit Record Amid Strain on Hospital ICUs.” It is well-known that upon application of the typical medical approach, which includes experimental drugs and respirators, the death rate goes up precipitously. Once a person is admitted it’s a doomsday scenario. The methods are categorically wrong. It should be about killing any compromising germs with natural antiseptics, using these as oral dosing agents, topical rubs, and fumigants.

Yet, here is the critical point. Some 99% of these admissions would be eliminated by the use of oil of wild oregano. The news outlet also says there is a “mad rush” for dry ice in advance of the upcoming vaccine arrival, necessary for shipments. In contrast, wild oregano oil has a room-temperature stability of up to four years. It is just by this time it will lose a degree of its potency.

Even so, can anyone imagine the consequences, specifically of curtailing the stress on the heath care system? To cut hospitalizations by over 90% is a major achievement. This could be done by a combination of oral use, topical application, intranasal administration, and fumigation. Other spice oils are somewhat effective, including oils of wild sage, bay leaf, and lavender, along with the edible oils of cinnamon, clove bud, cumin, and lemongrass. These oils contain simple phenols, such as the carvacrol of wild oregano oil, with universal germ-killing powers.

What is needed to achieve this up to 99% result? It is the use of the following supplements:

  • oil of wild oregano as drops or tiny gelcaps
  • sinus-oregano oil plus clove bud and bay leaf saline-based nasal spray
  • mycellized wild oregano-clove bid-bay leaf oil spray for misting and decontamination of surfaces, demonstrated effective also for PPE and as a throat spray in human trials
  • juice or essence of wild oregano for lung support

Note: be sure all oregano oil is from wild sources and never farm-raised, which is common. Avoid all oregano oil marked “standardized to 70% carvacrol.” Note that any carvacrol claiming to be 86% or above is fraudulently not wild.

In addition, there is the multiple spice oil-based capsules containing oils of cumin, oregano, sage, and cinnamon, of an extreme potency. Everyone must know about these versus merely the non-killers so much in the news, like zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C, the latter being from GMO corn. It is. as well, these natural antiseptics that are powerful enough to curb the transmission of this disease, which all societies are desperate to achieve. As well, for the herbally-minded there is also available a beeswax-oregano oil-based balm for intra-nasal placement. While this is hot on the mucous membranes it is also highly effective.

So, clearly, there are a number of spice oil options. Regarding the multiple spice oil complex contents of these capsules have been researched in an important in vitro model and found highly active against disease-causing viruses, including the human coronavirus. The oil and multiple spice oil complex killed 99.99% of all viruses by 15 minutes: in a single dose. Some people choose for exceptional protection to consume both oil of oregano and the multiple spice oil formula. Others wisely also utilize the spice oil-saline spray as a intranasal cleanse, injecting it at least once daily. Here, it should be kept in mind that this pathogen tends to reside in the nasopharynx from which it causes systemic infection.

This article offers the basis for complete protection from this infectious condition. Here, it should be realized that no one can be certain what is the pathology of this disease, that it in the latest research more than just a virus. There is a bacterial component, and upon autopsy in both the US and Italy, nearly all the fatalities were associated with lung bacterial infection. This demonstrates the value of germicides and fumigants versus mere experimental drugs, steroids, and vaccines. In fact, the vaccines amount to guesswork, while the natural germicides are scientifically-based and routinely reliable.

A retrospective study can be done on all wild oregano oil consumers. It will be found that the incidence of COVID-19, especially its severe forms, is nil. Take advantage of wild oregano oil and similar spice oil-based supplements. God gave human beings the remedies they need against this crisis.It has worked in a human trial of 50 nurses. It will surely do so for the general public. Never doubt it.