Miami Doctor’s Bone Marrow Destroyed by COVID-19 Vaccine, Dies Two Weeks Later

Cass Ingram

January 6, 2021, updated, Feb. 17, 2021

It has been stated categorically that the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are highly toxic and will be a major cause of disease and fatalities. The recent case of a Miami doctor proves this point. Obstetrician Gregory Michael, 56, was a strong, active individual. Within one week after getting the shot he suffered bone marrow failure.

The specific collapse was in platelet production. Normal is up to 400,000 per unit, measured per microliter of blood. He had none. This means he would soon die of a hemorrhage, and this is precisely what occurred. No matter what was done there was nothing modern medicine could achieve. The platelets could not be raised up artificially, dozens of units, as was attempted. No drugs or steroids would work either. The medical invasion just made it worse. He should have been given an antidote.

The vaccine RNA invaded his bone marrow and spleen, making certain he could not survive. For instance, he was given massive amounts of platelets, all that could be found in Dade County. It did nothing. Had the institution intervened with natural medicines he had a chance. Oil of wild oregano rubbed on his feet, shins, and thighs might have pulled him out of this; it could have been rubbed up-and-down his spine repeatedly. At least, it would have neutralized much of the highly poisonous vaccine mRNA. If that could have been done, the highly dangerous immune storm, which was listed as autoimmune, could have been reduced.

The mRNA in the vaccine targeted his platelets. Meanwhile, it corrupted all capacities of the bone marrow stem cells. There is no other way he remain at a count of zero. Were they not poisoned the body would have been producing these lifesaving cells continuously. That is its intelligence to prevent fatality.

It could have targeting his white cell factories, along with the lymphocytes. In that case instead of 6000 or so cells per microliter of blood there would have been done, also a sign of stem cell devastation. In each case he would be programmed to die. This is the consequence of experimental mRNA ‘technology.’

The mother-of-one said: ‘In my mind his death was 100 percent linked to the vaccine. There is no other explanation.'  Pictured: Michael with his wife Heidi and daughter

‘In my mind his death was 100 percent linked to the vaccine. There is no other explanation,’ his wife told the, fighting back tears. At least she knows the facts and is aware of the danger. Vaccines have long been known to destroy or decrease platelets. This is through a condition, known as ITP or idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpora, In one case a boy developed the condition some two weeks after receiving the MMR, about the same timeline as Dr. Michael. Twice, he required hospitalization and treatment for the massive decline.

Michael was a promoter, a believer, of vaccines. He took the shot, so he said, to protect himself, his family, and his many patients from the disease process. It was a decision he would prove to regret, one that his entire family only wishes they could reverse, The fact is there was no reason he should die. What’s more, it should have been known right away that it was a vaccine injury, while corrective treatment should have been administered. Yet, that treatment would have been exclusively  through natural medicines, the only hope for his recovery, which may have even then proven tenuous.  Yet, with full cooperation it is possible that his life could have been saved, possibly with the natural medicine pharmacy, such as the oil of wild oregano topically and internally, detoxifying a portion of the vaccine poisons.

Heidi said the couple's 15-year-old daughter is struggling to comprehend that her doting father is gone. 'They were both musicians. They would play the guitar together. They had the greatest connection ever,' she added. 'There is no way I am letting my daughter or anyone else in my family have the vaccine now, not until we know they have ironed out all the bugs and ensured that it's safe.'

It is known that COVID-19 can destroy bone marrow cells, including platelets. It is thus possible that the artificial spike proteins in the inoculations did precisely this within his tissues. It is an exceedingly dangerous medical intervention with fully unknown consequences, as this case fully illustrates. Yet, the role of inoculations in bone marrow disease is undeniable, with some 90% of all leukemia cases being vaccination-induced.

Some clinical cases are illustrative. In one 21 year-old the platelet count declined from a norm in the hundreds of thousands to mere 4000/mL. He received a booster dose of hepatitis B vaccine 7 days prior to admission.

In a 19 year-old military recruit the anthrax shot led to aplastic anemia or nearly complete bone marrow collapse. With platelets dangerous low at 2000 it was found via bone marrow biopsy that his platelet-producing stem cells had been largely destroyed.

Noah bruises2Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura | Consultant360

Bleeding disorders and/or low platelets in infants and children is nearly always a result of vaccinations. Parents should track this with marking the occurrence precisely after the inoculations. Of note, it could take days or weeks to develop, or to might happen virtually immediately.

In adults Dr. Michael’s is not the only case. It was just that his was sufficiency severe to result in sudden fatality. Medicine caused his disease and it left him stranded with not a possible hope for a cure. This, too, is the nature of the COVID-19 crisis, that is no matter what modern medicine attempts it is a categorical failure. The experimental drugs, antinflammatory agents, ventilators, and vaccines have all proven not only virtually useless but also decidedly dangerous, with ventilator patients alone reaching nearly 100% fatalities. Plus, drugs, too, are a major cause of bone marrow failure. Unless medically indicated for emergencies avoid all synthetic drugs like you would avoid the plague, and fully opt out of the COVID-19 vaccination.