Mother of Two Under High Stress and COVID-19-Like Illness Gets Well with Wild Oregano. Learn What She Did.

June 2, 2020
C. Ingram, D.O.
This is a case history of critical importance for all who are overwhelmed by the risks for respiratory diseases. It involves a young woman who was greatly aided by specific, highly potent natural medicines for a severe, frightening respiratory illness that could well have been the raging pandemic disease, COVID-19. Let us review her case to learn all that is possible about the powers of wild, natural medicines in reversing this crisis.
Ms. G. is a 35 year-old mother of two children, including a two year-old. She lives a healthy lifestyle, eating mostly organic food, while and avoiding GMOs. For a living she sells essential oils, advocating the importance of natural solutions and living a healthy lifestyle. However, as she is on the go constantly, and as a result, she suffered from significant stress and a lack of sleep recently.
“I ended up pretty sure I got COVID-19 over the Easter weekend, despite self-quarantining from March 15th onward.” At this point groceries were delivered; she did not go out. She reported that “My entire body ached. I had shooting, throbbing pain in every joint and muscle from head to toe. My head was throbbing. It was hard to breathe. My cough, it was painful and horrific.” She added that she “ran a fever of 102 to 103 degrees” for several days straight.
Day and night she “drenched through multiple layers of clothing nightly” to the degree that they were so soaked with sweat that “you could ring them out.” Obviously, her body was fighting hard but needed significant help.
She said the incredible for a person in generally good health: “I could barely get out an entire sentence. It was terrifying.” This demonstrates how dangerous is this disease, acting by stealth upon vulnerable individuals.
The immune-boosting remedies she had available seemed to help slightly, but not enough to make a major difference. “I knew I was sick…my OregaRESP and oregano juice arrived (by mail). I took three capsules every hour and an ounce of juice every hour,” or more, using the 12-ounce juice through the first day.
To aid in the detoxification she consumed fresh-pressed fresh pressed juices with ginger, orange, celery, apple—”anything organic and fresh in my fridge. I ate the WHOLE grapefruit, white part and skin. I was also applying oregano oil (as instructed) to my feet, shins, and spine.”
With all this the results were dramatic:
Within 24 hours I was talking in full sentences, my breathing was improving, and aches and pains were subsiding, By 48 hours I knew I was getting better. I had a little life in me. My family could tell over the phone and my husband noticed especially. By day 3 I didn’t have a single ache in my body and felt incredible.”
Yet, despite this positive result the untenable occurred, and listen to her story:
Just as she improved, she realized she “passed it to my 21 month old daughter. I was terrified and felt awful. I knew and trusted the OregaRESP helped me so much, so I opened the caps, poured about half onto a spoon, mixed it with applesauce, and gave it to my daughter. She didn’t love it – it was spicy – but she took it, then chugged water from her sippy cup to wash it down. I did this every couple hours and continued to nurse her as usual. She kept taking it when I offered, and I saw improvement in her pretty quickly. It was comforting to know I was giving her something that wasn’t going to hurt her or have nasty long -lasting side effects. I was giving her little body what she needed to fight, heal, and as a parent, that’s all you can ever ask for.
After a couple of days she was back to normal. And when she was feeling good, she refused the applesauce concoction with her little ‘almost two’ attitude. It’s so incredible that at her young age, she could FEEL it helping.
Our kids are so smart. They aren’t jaded or misled by this or that; they can feel what helps them and gravitate towards it. And when they are good, they know that too. They trust their instincts without second guessing.
This is her story from her heart. Obviously, her life was at risk. She could have died, especially if hospitalized and drugged up, placed on a ventilator.
As well, it was the natural medicines, taken orally, that reversed the condition. Mere use of essential oils alone didn’t suffice. She needed the major powerhouses, especially the aromatic water of oregano and the OregaRESP multiple spice oil complex, to make a significant difference. She also required the guidance to know how to take these and the importance of being aggressive, the hourly dosing being the secret to a massive improvement. The importance of this aggressive dosing cannot be overestimated.
Hot spice oils, like oils of wild oregano, cinnamon, and cumin, as found in these supplements, are a power to be reckoned with. They cause the collapsing of microbial counts, whether bacterial, viral, or other. Rely on them to save your life and to bolster your health: as the key fighting power against this vicious outbreak that has sickened and even killed so many. This is especially true of the wild oregano, the type which is so powerful it right out of the rock.
Regardless, why did the wild oregano do this? It is because it is a powerhouse against infections from all sources.  There is now discussion that the contagion spreading among the people is partly bacterial, which makes sense of how it spread to the child, as mentioned. Whether bacterial or viral it is no matter, wild oregano cleanses them all.