My Own History with the Poisonous Effects of Vaccines and How I Reversed It

June 20, 2020, 1:00 PM CST

C. Ingram, D.O.

My mother did not know. She was like all the others. Raising six kids, she did whatever was convenient. It was convenient to simply pile the children into the car and get them all vaccinated. I don’t remember much from childhood, but I do remember the inoculations.

My sister nearly died. The fever was intense and unrelenting. She went limp. We all thought she would die. She was never the same. It impacted her musculoskeletal system. She is intelligent and got her schooling. Yet, her physique was wrecked. That happened nearly immediately after the MMR. She has strong genes. She survived.

All six of us made it through this, but those of that were most heavily vaccinated, the last five: all had their health challenges.

This was in the 1950s and 1960s. The vaccines were different then. They were not recombinant or GMO, but they were still dangerous, especially the monkey virus-tainted polio inoculation. The MMR, though, was no slouch. We all had reactions from it and seem to just with our Mediterranean genes barely make our way through it.

There is no way to be sure how many were received. I do remember the inoculation cards held by my mother. She was illiterate and did whatever the doctor ordered. That chemically, alcohol stench-driven doctor’s office, that GP, who seemed like such a nice, grey-haired old man. He seemed trustworthy enough. All he knew was how to look in ears–he never seemed to find anything–and depress the tongue with a tongue depressor, apparently looking at the tonsils. Plus, of course, how to give shots. When mother finally found out in her 70s, she, bless her, turned against the shots, giving moral support to the new vaccine resistant in her progeny.

With that first round of inoculations, spread out to schedule, somehow my body withstood.

Then, guess what happened? The family moved away then back again. During that time my vaccine records got lost. Enter the seemingly hostile, intolerant new physician, Dr. Vlock. I questioned the need, even at that young age, for the shots, also questioning my mother–“I already had them,” I pleaded. It did no good.

Summarily, he inoculated me with the entire litany of vaccinations all over again in rapid sequence. That is when my health problems began and also for most of my siblings.

As well, the oldest developed a rather rare tumor mass on the top of his thigh. Benign, it was surgically removed and was most likely vaccine-induced.

All of us fell down in our health. We all suffered after this double dose rampant tonsillitis. The doctors had just the solution: remove the tonsils and adenoids in all siblings, all at once. We had good insurance, so why not? The vaccines had done their job. They had made us so sick that we became an ideal revenue source for their further corruption.

Before the operation, I was the worst. Continuously, there were the bouts of sore throat and tonsillitis, all of which were treated with sugar- or saccharin-sweetened antibiotic liquids. They were horrible and I hated it. As a consequence of the drugs, to no surprise, I developed the worst case of gastritis, colitis, and constipation. My childhood was made more miserable than I will ever know, all because of the inoculations.

Back that second dose of vaccines. Now recalling, I was in robust health prior to the second round and did not, as a rule, get sick. That was a neat time, my mind was developing fast and there was plenty of vigor and energy. After Vlock did his work, life proved to be miserable. Constantly ill, the fatigue was so bad I was deemed lazy and “no good.” There was a constant stomach ache. A sickly child, looking back, it was a decently healthy child until that battery of 12 shots, then all the symptoms came about. The fatigue was likely a result of the thimerosal, the amount of which would have been massive at the time. Yet, as shown by the massive damage of the tonsils, chronic infection was a continuous issue, and the immune system was unable to fight it.

Little did I know that I had become a brewery for inoculation germs and that, per my symptoms, they were housed in my gut. Previously a good student, voted class president in sixth grade, now the attention span was limited. Grades went from solid, with As and Bs to Cs and Ds. I would sleep until one O’clock if possible. Why all this horror? It was impossible to have a decent childhood.

The colitis proved relentless well into college, the main remaining symptom. It wasn’t until later, at 33, that the answer was found. This was the natural cures, especially the wild oregano. A powerful germicide, apparently, it was able to purge all the infectious masses from the inoculations in the gut. That includes the intestine-wrenching, miserable measles pathogen, which loves to live there, as Wakefield has so deliberately shown.

Before the oregano the body wouldn’t heal well. Were the carcinogenic monkey viruses, especially SV40, doing their dirty deeds? Rapidly, the wild oregano in the form of the whole food oil, the juice-essence, and the crude herb (a lovely supplement known as OregaMax) cleansed this cancer-causer from my system. As well, finally the colitis, manifested even by the ulcerative type, was resolved.

Life became good and normal only because of the natural medicines, the God-given. The man-made, from the hands of greedy pharmaceuticals, made my early life miserable. Plus, now, with no tonsils the risk for respiratory diseases, and cancer, is high, but the wild oregano takes care of that.ow many others have similarly had their lives ruined, all because of greed-driven power-brokers? Yet, this is a combination of corruptions.

The drug companies, through their reps, convince the doctors of the value of their wares. Some physicians sincerely believe in them, while others seem to see the value in financial benefits. The parents don’t know any better, and some of them think it is required for schooling. The main perpetrators are the drug companies themselves, because they know how useless and, in fact, horrifically harmful are their vile wares.

Merck & Co., among others, made my childhood miserable. How many other children’s lives have they ruined in those early vaccine days, and how may lives have they cost? How many disease processes and cancers have they caused? Surely, this is beyond count. It is far worse now for the little ones, with all the recombinant technology, the GMOs, the infective human DNA, and the poisonous aluminum.

The only hope is to use the wild oregano as a cleanse, especially the three powerhouses: oil, juice-essence, and the whole, crude herb. Do an experiment. If made ill by the vaccines, take the natural medicines. See if you, too, can recover. Moreover, I did not know wild oregano was the answer. Almighty God let me to it under immense pressure. Let us all take advantage of it to purge these horrific pathogens out of our bodies.

For more information see the forthcoming book, Natural Cures for Autism (Knowledge House Publishers, same author).