Mycelllized Essential Oil Spray to the Back of the Throat is the Ideal Natural Medicine for COVID-19

Of the many different approaches to the potentially fatal SARS-like coronavirus syndrome, known as COVID-19., mycellized essential oils are superior to all others. This was clearly demonstrated by clinical trials where nurses and physical therapists utilized these oils in a spray bottle form. This included treatment in the most severe forms of the disease, including individuals on respirators. While essential oils, such as the highly touted oil of wild oregano, are germicidal their antiseptic power is graduated exponentially through mycellization. It is about penetration and delivery, while this is precisely what mycellization can achieve.

What is mycellization, then, and how does this operate? Mycellization is based upon the formation of micelles. These are molecular arrangements to make oils miscible in water. It makes the oils more penetrating in human tissues, as it is well-known that oil and water don’t mix. that is they resist each other.

Why Oil and Water Don't Mix

Obviously, then, without causing them to blend thoroughly together much is lost. A barrier is created between the two:

Essential Oils & Water Don't Mix | Genesis School of Natural Health

Mycellization changes that. The importance of this is clear, as the human body is mostly water. It has to do with chemical bonds and the nature of the molecular matter, scientifically known as hydrophilic and hydrophobic. Hydro obviously refers to water, and the suffix “phillic” indicates friendly, technically from the Greek philos, meaning loving. A hydrophilic substance has an affinity for water and molecularly immerses itself in it. Phobic is obvious, which is resistant, actually, to repel. It has to do with the electrical charge on the molecule, one end can mix in water, and the other fights it:

Shampoo: An introduction to micelles

Mycellization causes a new orientation of this molecules, so they fully mix. It is magnificent, as schematically demonstrated here:

Biology 2.2.6-7 Lipids - Revision Cards in A Level and IB Biology

Milk is mycellized. This why it is fully mixed as seen by this photomicrograph, even heavy cream. If this can be duplicated naturally, this is the key, that is without chemicals such as propylene glycol, polysorbate 80, or manipulation through nanotechnology. This has now been done through one spray based upon the natural emulsion of oils of bay leaf, oregano, and clove bud with natural oils from sunflower seeds.

Heat stability of yak micellar casein as affected by heat treatment temperature and duration

With antiseptic essential oils this means these oils fully penetrate the water phase, which includes human cells and organs. There is nothing magical about it. This is simply a penetration issue. The antiseptic essential oils are delivered where they are needed, and they do the job of destroying all pathogens. It can’t hurt, and this should be relied along with any medical care; too many people are dying senselessly, and in some cases not treatment is being offered. It is up to the individual  to take care of the self. This is the state of affairs existent in this world.

In a nurses study on active cases of COVID-19 participants reported immediate results from spraying a mycellized mist to the back of the throat. This spray consists of mycellized oils of wild oregano, clove bud, and wild bay leaf oil. It is a ‘creamy’ emulsion, much like milk. Here are some of the reports by the medical workers, when asked on the questionnaire, “How soon did you notice an improvement in your symptoms when you started taking (the wild oregano-based products, including the spray):”

  • “Right away”
  • “Instantly”
  • “Instantaneously”

Involving some 2o people, at least two individuals said their lives were saved, as they were able to recover from ventilation, which is well-known to be up to 100% fatal. In one case the wild oregano oil  form was rubbed on his feet and shins, from which he recovered. In the other the spray was used to the back of the throat, five pumps at a time, after she coded post-respirator. Both said that if it wasn’t for the wild oregano-based supplements, they would not be alive today.

In COVID-19 the throat is the ideal area to treat. If infection in this region is shut down, the entire pathology is reversed or at least the potential for fatality. The mycellized spray also penetrates the bronchial tract and the lungs, where it cleanses out the pathogens. A group of 50 nurses have relied upon it successfully to ward-off the disease, now going on nearly 10 months.

Another arena is the sinuses. Though hot, it can be sprayed within this region. It can also be misted towards the face and inhaled. Sprayed on the checks, it is hot and irritating but usually only temporarily, but it will likely irritate or burn the delicate outer nasal skin tissue or labia. So, it is better to apply it on a Q-Tip passed up along the less-sensitive nasal septum. It is hot on contact and bitter to taste, but all this passes. Even so, it is entirely non-toxic, even if it enters the eyes.

A simple method is to spray the roof of the mouth, from which it will  penetrate and reach the sinus membranes. All these methodologies will curtail upper respiratory infections, even COVID-19.

One important note is the number of sprays. It should be a multitude, like four or five at a time. Plus, this can be done repeatedly, ever hour, if necessary. There is nothing toxic in such a spray, no chemicals or carrying agents. Regardless, keep in mind that wild oregano oil is an antiseptic with no untoward effects. The most potent antiviral oils are oil of wild oregano, oil of wild bay leaf, cumin oil, cinnamon oil, and wild sage oil.

Another use is to mist it on the body: the hair and clothes, making this an ideal pre-flight protective agent. Before entering a public toilet it must also be misted about the body and inhaled deeply into the sinus cavities. It must be made use of as aggressively as possible, as it is a certain germ-killing agent.

Take advantage of such a spray for the ultimate protection. Keep in mind it is concentrated, so for various uses it can be diluted such as cleaning and using as a room spray. A reasonable dilution is 20:1. For adding to a diffuser it is ideal, but, again, a 20:1 dilution is advised.