Nasal sprays are the answer for the COVID-19 pandemic, says Yahoo Finance

With wild oregano oil-based spray being the most powerful

Cass Ingram, D.O.


The SARS coronavirus-2 has been made way too frightening and difficult. It is a minor pathogen that can readily be destroyed by wild oregano. Especially potent in this regard is a wild oregano oil-based saline spray, which would attack and destroy the pathogen on contact. 


This is the premier approach being evaluated in modern medicine. According to a Nov. 7 Yahoo Finance article, a nasal spray is the new front-line attack against the disease. Hopes for returning to a normal life, the editors note, were ‘pinned’ on a vaccine, but this appears problematic at best. Most of the vaccine trials have so far failed, some miserably so. 


A team of scientists at Columbia University developed a spray they have high hopes for, but it is drug-like and it, thus, must go through clinical trials. It isn’t ready. The world needs the answer right now. The pharmaceutical spray regardless only dislodged the germ from receptor sites, that is it didn’t kill it. Now, enter the wild oregano oil-saline spray with oils of bay leaf and clove bud. All such oils are potent germicides, including against viruses. The people of this world cannot and should not wait. This would largely solve this crisis if people would use this antiseptic spray on a regular basis. 


There is also an emulsion of wild oregano oil in beeswax. Put on a Q-tip or just a fingertip in the nose, it would act as an enormous protection, while destroying any germs. This is the nature of wild oregano oil and associated spice oils. Nothing can resist them, and common germs, like flu and coronavirus, are no match. 


Let us quote the Yahoo article directly:


The lipopeptide (that is a lipid and peptide combination) prevents the coronavirus from fusing with a target cell’s membrane by blocking a key protein…It should work immediately and last for at least 24 hrs.


An oregano oil-based saline spray is far superior, where it simply obliterates the pathogen: no contest.


The article goes on to state that a spray such as the one that is touted is “still some ways” from reaching the public, as there would be a need for the trials plus the complication of making it as a pharmaceutical, patented agent. The fact that it doesn’t need refrigeration is mentioned as a benefit, as its affordability.


Yet, all these benefits are found in a spice oil/saline spray. There are also available through a room-misting spray in this case with micellized oregano oil and clove bud oil, which can be spray into the nose and mouth but is mainly for decontaminating the air. 


The pharmaceutical spray is supposed to “complement” vaccines and reach people and places where it will be unavailable. Let us instead promote the natural approach for these distant regions, which can be done immediately. As a habit, people could utilize the spice oil medicines on a daily basis. They are available here and no; there is no need to wait, allowing the germ to attack people relentlessly. 


The investigators admit that the vaccines “won’t work” for an unknown part of the population. These people, they say, could “spray themselves daily, knowing they’d be safe.” That is quite a statement, even though the product is not only available but has yet to be approved or tested. In contrast, as shown by hundreds of scientific studies wild oregano oil destroys germs of all categories, including viruses. In an in-vitro evaluation, it was shown to rapidly decimate the human coronavirus and the difficult-to-kill bird flu, the latter being 60% fatal. 


So, trust fully in natural medicine. Do so in a vigorous and consistent way. It will be guaranteed protection. Use any such natural, God-given formulas to gain the ultimate protection, especially against diseases that attack the nasal region, bronchial canal, lungs, and sinuses. There is no reason to wait for a supposed medical miracle that is untested and unproven. It is already here, and it is free of any negative effects. These include the sinus-wild oregano oil saline nasal mist, wild oregano-clove bud oil micellized room or air spray, and a beeswax-oregano oil emulsion in the nostrils. It also includes the oil of wild oregano, drops, or capsules. In this regard be sure to purchase on wild oregano oil and avoid all such oil labeled “standardized”. There is no way to standardize it and still keep it natural. Every batch is different in carvacrol and terpene levels. Spice oils kill all germs known. Pandemic viruses and bacteria are no exceptions.