Nashille Nurse Suffers Bell’s Palsy from COVID-19 Experimental Vaccine, Gives Impassioned Plea

Cass Ingram

Dec. 27, 2020

See this moving testimony of a Nashville, Tennesse, nurse, Ms. Mitchell, who suffered the onset of Bell’s palsy three days after an experimental COVID-19 vaccination. The entire left side of her face is so weak she can’t even express herself. Vaccine-induced Bell’s palsy is a sign of inoculation-based encephalitis. In her bravery she is to be commended. She did this, she states, to warn others about the severe consequences.

Here statement: “I just want everyone to know that I think this vaccination is the worst thing ever. And I would not give this to anybody, even my worst enemy.”

The answer isn’t to intoxicate the people with addition poison, to stress their immune system’s to the max. Her protection is wild oregano oil and similar spice oil-based supplements.

None of what is being offered to the health care workers is effective, as this dire case reported by KHN Lost on the Frontline demonstrates:

“The toll continues to mount. In Indianapolis, for example, 41-year-old nurse practitioner Kindra Irons died Dec. 1. She saw seven or eight home health patients per week while wearing full PPE, including an N95 mask and a face shield, according to her husband, Marcus Irons.

The virus destroyed her lungs so badly that six weeks on the most aggressive life support equipment, ECMO, couldn’t save her, he said.

Marcus Irons said he is now struggling financially to support their two youngest children, ages 12 and 15. “Nobody should have to go through what we’re going through,” he said.

For Ms. Irons PPE, shields, masks, and more proved useless. An entire different approach must be taken. People must guard their immune systems; they must build themselves up. Nothing else is working. What she should have utilized was the oil of wild oregano, the wild oregano-based mycellized spray on her PPE, and possibly the hydrosol or juice-essence of wild oregano. She would likely as a result be continuing to work to save lives.

Circumstances are bad enough. Health workers don’t need to add to this by causing themselves brain and spinal cord inflammation.

The FDA says that people who receive the vaccine should be “watched” for such facial paralysis. No attitude could be more wretched than this. They should be warned about it in-advance, so they can make an informed decision on taking the risk.

Bell's palsy typically resolves on its own but can cause one side of the face to droop rather alarmingly for weeks. It's exact cause is unknown but it's more common among pregnant women, people with diabetes and those with upper respiratory infections

Credit: Daily Mail, Dec. 8, 2008

Note: this site does not agree with the use of corticosteroids for any potentially viral disease.