Natural Medicines with Killing Power are Superior to Toxic Drugs for COVID-19

Cass Ingram

October 17, 2020

Make no mistake almighty God made all a human needs to fend off pandemics, even from man-made agents. Can anyone believe it? The drugs have proven so toxic that pharmaceutical companies were forced to halt their clinical trials. This includes those for both vaccines and so-called monoclonal antibodies. Put simply, the new-fangled drugs made relatively healthy people sick, which is an obvious derogatory outcome.

The National Institutes of Health itself “paused the trial” but repressed information about it. See the degree of the deception. It is said that “one of the two groups in the study” did poorly, but it didn’t identify it as the drug group. One took the drugs, which included the antibody cocktail plus remdesivir, while the other took a placebo. Without doubt, it was the pharmaceutical-taking group that was sickened, while great pains were taken to disguise this. That demonstrates how powerful is this cabal, which makes every attempt to profit at the expense of the public.

By the monitors the toxicity was observed in merely five days . Yet, in the epitome of cheating, capitalistic cronyism, and deceit the agency “did not indicate whether it was the treatment group or the placebo group that may have crossed a safety threshold.”

No wonder these healthy participants are getting sick. The drug is made from the blood of other humans, presumably those with anti-viral antibodies, and sick humans at that. What else is in that human fluid? There would be endless contaminants that are impossible to determine or sterilize. Vaccines would are equally as bad, if not worse. Trials for these have failed miserably, with a number of participants suffering damage to their spinal cords, not being able to sense parts of their bodies.

In contrast, the natural. God-given medicines are routinely effective. They work rapidly, often immediately. Against respiratory viruses these natural medicines are infinitely more potent than anything synthetic medicine can produce. A list of the most powerful natural remedies against seasonal germs, especially viruses, includes the following:

  • raw garlic
  • raw onion
  • mustard
  • wild oregano
  • wild sage
  • cumin seed
  • wild bay leaf
  • raw honey (from bees never fed sugar)
  • black seed
  • cinnamon
  • clove bud
  • lemongrass

With 12 in total, of these, wild oregano is the most potent. The most versatile form is the oil of wild oregano, high-mountain grown, as pictured, although the juice-essence also offers considerable powers. What is unique in this list is that all the foods/supplements are killers, that is they directly destroy germs. Why aren’t the familiar complex included, like echinacea, elderberry, goldenseal, zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C? It is because none of them have the capacity to destroy germs. The have value, however, for immune potentiation, especially if taken in a natural, unprocessed form.

People are being threatened with germ-based diseases that would upset their lives, not just physically but also socially and emotionally. There is no need to endure this. All that is necessary is to consume the “Killer 12” and all will be well. The fact is there is no way to contract a serious seasonal illness while doing such a program. Four of these killer substances are found together in a spice oil remedy as capsules or sublingual drops: oils of oregano, cumin, cinnamon, and sage. Or, a person can find an exceptional grade of oil of wild oregano from the truly wild-growing plants. Google “from bees never fed sugar” to procure truly medicinal honey. Avoid all cheap imitations of black seed oil or oregano that say “standardized” on the label. Also, beware of any oregano oil claim carvacrol levels of above 85%, which means that are falsely advertised as wild.

Get the highest-quality organic spices and use them in cooking. Add more cinnamon to all recipes and drinks possible. Apply the wild oregano oil to the bottom of the feet, and rub it on the shins. Look for a beeswax-oregano oil balm and shield the body by rubbing it on the feet, chest, and hands, even putting it up the nose. Use a wild oregano oil-based, also with wild bay leaf oil, spray around the home and when traveling. Avoid chemical-based hand sanitizers. Through these approaches a person can stay supremely healthy all year long.