No Need to Wear Masks in Public, It is All a Scam

May 31, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

The hypocrisy of the various pandemic-related mandates, or the local governance ones, can readily be proven as a scam. Without any basis these mandates have been put in place, and, as a rule, the public obediently follows.

Nevertheless, to wear masks in public is the most inane dictate every known in history. This is especially true when they are worn outdoors for which there can be no sound basis.

The dictatorial powers who make these impositions have themselves proven the fraud. This is demonstrated by a callous disregard of what is demanded of the public. The media’s actions fully reveal this. It is all a side-show, a mere farce.

Now, it must be kept in mind that if someone wishes to wear a mask, seeking protection against a potential pathogen, this is their choice. It is a minor issue, and no one has the right to interfere with this. In contrast, if a person wishes not to do so, similarly, there should be no autocratic effort to force such a one to do so.

While masks are supposedly mandated for the general public, when it comes to the actual power-brokers themselves, that is those who make the dictates, the hypocrisy is there for all to see:

Look at these examples. For one, a CNN reporter, instructed by her superiors, was to accost the White House press corps and Mr. Trump, in particular, for its lack of consistency in mask use. Yet, as soon the reporter, Kaitlin Collins, presumed the cameras were off, she removed hers, ripping it off. She is merely one of many. The same is true of various politicians and dignitaries. When no one is looking, they take them off:

Foolish people, they are attempting to blame others, even the President himself, for all this death and despair. They say nothing about the real sources of this debacle such as industrial farming and the diseased animals this breeds plus and recombinant, that is genetically engineered, vaccines. Virtually nothing is said about the role of a weakened immune system and how nearly 40% of all victims are nursing home residents. Never in the controlled, contrived media sources is there any discussion about natural medicine and nutrition. No guidance in this regard is given of any kind. People are left to their own devices.

Caption: screenshots proving media agents who wore the masks before the general public and removed them immediately when they presumed being off-camera, which proves it is all a scam

The MSNBC blunder has gone viral, where the anchor was, once again, called out for being a hypocrite:

Even worse, people are being purposely and maliciously misguided. In the public there is no evidence that wearing a rather flimsy surgical mask or various home-made cotton masks would do the slightest bit of good. Then, what of the mandate to wear them on an 8 hour shift, especially for those who are not accustomed to them? What about requiring them, as some states are doing, for those three years-old and up. That has never been tested. No one knows the potential harm this might cause, especially with those made from synthetic materials, petrochemical in origin.

Under certain circumstances as a barrier there might be need for protection, for masks and other forms of PPE. Yet, there are numerous other arenas where their use is contradicted. This is especially true of all physical activity, including aerobics, weight training, bicycling, jogging, and running. Masks should never be worn during such activities for risk of oxygen depletion and carbon dioxide build-up. This could prove fatal.

This is obviously power-brokering by hostile and antagonistic ones. There is no sound basis for their use, as recommended. “Wear a mask, we’ll mandate it.” However, there will never be a word said about building, strengthening, and empowering the immune system. Nor will natural medicines that have the power to kill germs, such as garlic, onion, wild oregano, clove bud oil, cumin oil, and wild sage oil, be described. This is true even if their intake was known to kill this virus and, thus, save lives.

Why not fully resist it by making the body immune to all pathogens? This is achieved through the intake of hot or aromatic food and spices—plenty of raw onion, raw garlic (a social issue, though, but at this rate, who cares?), wild oregano, oil of wild oregano, cumin spice, and wild sage will suffice.

The White House is acting opposite of these demands, and the media, as well its agents, are being downright hypocritical. Avoid all this two-faced nonsense. Simply do not wear a mask in public, especially outdoors. If you don’t have to, do not wear one at work. Wear instead wild oregano oil and its aromatic spray with clove bud oil. Nothing could be more cleansing and protecting than that.

The so-called laws are vague, but they are based on control. It is clearly time to fight back. Where possible, walk into stores without one, and see what will happen. Defy this nonsense; speak out against it. This serves no purpose other than to create mayhem and oppress the people.