Nurse Refuses Respirator, Survives COVID-19 with Multiple Spice Oil Capsules

May 14, 2020, updated, May 14 2:30 CST

C. Ingram, D.O.

Ms. T., a 60 year-0ld  nurse of African-American heritage, was working closely in the hospital with COVID-19 victims. Contracting the virus she developed many of the standard symptoms, including dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, and a feeling of severe weight or tightness on the chest. Curiously, she did not develop a fever or headache but did suffer a sense of confusion plus inability to arouse. Additionally, she had a sensation of her nose being dry.

Testing positive for COVID-19 by both swab and CT-scan she experienced a continue decline and simply could not breathe. After being hospitalized, she was informed she would be intubated, but she refused. Fighting the serious disorder she was released from the hospital but still with symptoms. Doctors, she noted, refused to re-test her despite her continued decline.

After more than a week of the unrelenting symptoms, in desperation, she accompanied her daughter to a health food store, where the multiple spice oil supplement was recommended. Containing dried oils of oregano, cumin, sage, and cinnamon, she took two capsules and while feeling no major change in breathing, at least that she could notice, she did sleep soundly, the first time in over a week. According to her research-based questionnaire on Day 2 she was “breathing better.” By Day 3 she stated she was “breathing much better” and had a “clearer mind, no fog.” By the fourth day she reported “increased breathing” capacity and “more energy.” By Day 7 there was, again, even “better breathing” and improved “thinking.”

In contrast, she was also prescribed hydroxychloroquine, which she halted after her hospital stay. This, she said, caused peripheral neuropathy in her fingers and toes, leaving two fingers of one hand severely numb. The fact is all synthetic drugs are fraught by side effects, whether recommended by the White House or not.

She continue to take two capsules at a time and noticed that every time she did so, “It made me feel good.” Her daughter then developed the illness and tested positive. With her asthma she sounded “like a foghorn” whenever she exhaled. The multiple spice oil complex eliminated this and caused her to breathe normally. Of note, she was also given hydroxychloroquine from which she developed the side effect of parasthesias, especially in her fingers and toes. Yet, after taking some 30 multiple spice oil capsules the only effects were a systematic, definite improvement in her health. As a result, she said, enthusiastically, “This really works,” adding, “The whole world should know about it.”

She is right. The fact that it worked so efficiently and rapidly and possibly saved her from death should get the whole world community’s attention. Nothing works for this disease as dependably as wild oregano oil and related spice oil supplements, no drug, social procedure, or vaccine. Will this world use this to save lives? Or, will it neglect it, in fact, oppose it—to the detriment of the entire human race?

With the spice oils wild oregano, cumin, sage, and cinnamon there are no risks of toxicity. She has taken already 30 capsules with only a host of benefits. Through this natural medicine in all likelihood a life has been saved, perhaps two, considering her daughters co-morbidity.

Plus, compare the power of the spice oils to hydroxychloroquine, which left her with serious sequelae and as far as is evaluated no benefit. Clearly, the natural medicine greatly aided this nurse, as she only started to improve, dramatically so, after consuming it. The nurse also noted that “the word must get out” about this, as her colleagues and numerous others are at risk, while a natural medicine that ‘really works’ is relatively unknown.

It is also unknown how many fatalities have resulted from the use of ventilators. From this case issue is categorically clear. Medicine has proven incapable of dealing with this syndrome. As is obviously the case there is a terminal resistance against natural medicine. Unless this is reversed, unless there is a willingness and open-mindedness to evaluate other therapies, when the spread of pandemics strike, there will be nothing but chaos within the medical systems.

The role of the immune system must be brought to play. Meanwhile, if anything can enhance it, this must be made available, not repressed and belittled, as is being perpetrated by the people in power today.