Our Broken Immune Systems and the COVID-19 Catastrophe

May 09/2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

Of course, our immune systems are broken. The human race has been assaulted by all manner of toxins, including poisonous petrochemically-derived herbicides and pesticides, plus a host of other noxious substances, including dioxins and PCBs. Perhaps, even more vile are the GMOs, which are highly immune suppressive. What about the heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium? These substances cause widespread damage to immune system function.

One source of mercury is influenza vaccines. Flu vaccines, among others, are the most immunosuppressive exposures known. Make no mistake the injection of septic solutions into people, including various live viruses, is a major risk factor for death from COVID-19. This is proven by statistics of infection incidence at nursing homes and long-term care facilities. It is mandatory in such facilities for residents to be vaccinated, particularly with the flu shot. These are the greatest zones for high death rate in this pandemic. For instance, in Ontario, Canada, some 1000 of 1300 deaths province-wide have occurred in such long-term care facilities. The residents are the most extensively vaccinated with the flu shot of all Ontario citizens.

In New York City nursing home residents account for up to 30% of all fatalities. In some cases nearly 100 people have died in a single institution. There is virtually 100% coverage of flu vaccination for all in-patients in these facilities. As a result of these injections their immune systems are so disrupted that there is no way they can vigorously respond to the SARS-CoV-2 virus or associated pathogens.

Today, children in certain Western countries receive up to 60 inoculations by the time they are 18. Included in the injections are live viruses, septic bacteria, bacterial and viral genes, human fetal tissue, canine fetal tissue, heavy metals, especially aluminum, pork gelatin, MSG, and squalene. In some cases measurable levels of antibiotics are found, as well as in the case of the HPV vaccine, antifertility drugs.

There is little hope for such children and, similarly, as they rise to adults. They will suffer the colonization of opportunistic microbes, acquiring the diseases they cause. It is the environment for disease, the terrain, that they, in consequence, suffer. The immune system now has no defenses. Virtually any virulent pathogen can now cause corruption. In contrast, a healthy, robust, unvaccinated person can fend off the various associated disorders: eczema, asthma, bronchitis, colitis, Crohn’s disease, autoimmune disorders, immunodeficiency, and far more. Or, they simply never develop them. Not so with the heavily vaccinated.

These are recombinant vaccines. No one knows precisely what they are infested with, though it is certainly vile. The production of mad scientists attempting to patent their wares, these genetically engineered cocktails are nothing but aberrations: freaks not of nature but, rather, of human corruption. Certain elements of humanity, such as the vaccine promoter Bill Gates, threaten to rely on these GMO-based poisons as the basis for the most nefarious goals conceivable. It is, apparently, not to disseminate a natural medicine but, rather, in his own words, to reduce overall global population.

The food, too, is artificially engineered. The obvious toxins, or GMOs, are commercial corn, canola, soy, and sugar beets. The less obvious but nearly as destructive sources are the cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, eggs, and milk based upon such sources, found in feed. It is fully established that in all cases the ingestion of GMOs with their litany of infective genes is immunosuppressive. This is to such a degree that cancers are ultimately formed. Why wouldn’t this be the case when they are taken in via injections? The fact is all today’s vaccines are GMO-infested.

There is the noxious habits common to humanity, smoking, alcohol consumption, and the intake of refined sugar. For any who partake regularly in these the immune system is basically incompetent. Perhaps even more horrific is the regular intake of pharmaceutical drugs. All such agents vigorously corrupt immune function. Those elderly individuals who are on several of these have a heightened risk for COVID-19-based destruction. The risk is dependent upon the quantity and type of medication consumed.

What about nutrition? No one is speaking about this. It is never mentioned at the governmental level. Nor do any of the supposed experts mention the importance of fresh air, oxygen, too, being a vital nutrient. Instead, the world is expected to be covered in a mask, synthetic or natural. Solid nutrition with the discipline to consume certain protective foods is far more critical than the protective barriers.

Key sources of nutrition are those foods dense in disease- and infection-fighting nutrients, including vitamin C, the B complex, protein, vitamin A, zinc, selenium, and vitamin D. Such foods include grass-fed meat, citrus fruit, papaya, kiwi fruit, pumpkinseeds, Brazil nuts, rice bran/brown rice, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, fresh tomatoes, green pepper, red sweet pepper, wild fatty fish, organic liver, organic kidney, farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed butter, and organic yogurt. Do nursing home inhabitants or America’s children ever consume these regularly? Most American adults never do so. Yet, those who do are rarely if ever crisis victims of the COVID-19 infestation. Nor are people certain to gain these key nutrients in a truly whole food supplemental form, the only way they would prove effective. Instead, they consume petrochemical-based multiple vitamins, which do them no good and, rather, cause significant harm.

What about traditional foods with antiseptic power that people consume in a heritage way? These are foods like garlic, leeks, onions, shallots, oregano, rosemary, cumin, basil, turmeric. cinnamon, and sage. Surely, the sufferers of this disease and so many others are not regularly and vigorously consuming these as a protection. Then, there is raw honey and bee pollen, which are ultra-protective to the immune system. This is true of the general capacity and, importantly, it’s gut activities. People stricken with COVID-19 rarely if ever consume these and certainly not on a regular basis.

What about super-key supplements, for instance, oil of wild oregano and black seed oil? Are the victims consuming these on a daily basis and from high-quality sources? This is exceedingly unlikely. These supplements bolster the immune system, no doubt, but in the case of wild oregano oil, it is a potent germ-killer. The victims are not taking advantage of this, and yet these are available to all.

Water is critical. The body needs its goodly share every day.  Yet, what we consume does perhaps more harm than good. That’s because it is heavily chlorinated and fluoridated; both chlorine and fluoride are biological poisons.

As far as sleep is concerned are people out of sorts? Do we wrestle with it and get no consistent rest, or do we sleep peacefully?

Then, too, what about the spirit? Are we upbeat? Or, have we succumbed to doom and gloom, which is ultra-disastrous for immune function? Is negativity eating us up, or have we climbed above the challenged and maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude at all times?

It is about the immune system and enhancing it. There is no other issue.