Outbreak at California Slaughterhouse Proves Pigs as a Source of Coronavirus Transmission

May 26, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

An outbreak of the disease COVID-19 in an LA County slaughterhouse, the Farmer John facility, is hard proof of the role of pigs in the transmission of this epidemic disease. In an article posted by the Times of San Diego it was reported that the slaughterhouse in Vernon, California, was compromised by some 150 workers who tested positive. This amounts to the largest outbreak of the disease in the county outside of nursing home facilities.

In a pig plant who wouldn’t do so with all that porcine coronavirus spewing from slaughtered carcasses into the air, also contaminating surfaces? While these cases have accumulated over time a cluster of six cases were just discovered. Their jobs were the deboning of porcine hams, which amounts to closest thing to pig butts. With porcine coronavirus this tissue area would be contaminated to the extreme.

The plant can adopt whatever protocols to block this that it likes. That doesn’t take away from the issue of the danger of tainted flesh, which is never addressed. No one is going about attempting to sterilize hogs or their carcasses. What good will all the PPE in the world do if the source of the infection is the animal flesh itself?

At the facility hundreds of pigs are trucked each day into the Vernon Ave facility. They were killed, with, obviously, must contamination from blood and feces. The pork flesh was turned into Dodger Dogs, also ham, bacon, sausage and hot dogs sold under the Farmer John label.

There are just way too many of these cases of infection in pig processing plants for this to be discounted. When the hogs are slaughtered, there is much unavoidable contamination. This is through aerosoling of the germs found within the animal body. Clearly, then, it is ill-advised to eat the flesh of such animals. For instance, pigs are heavily vaccinated with both coronavirus and flu inoculations. This results in contamination of their flesh with live viruses.

That’s all the Vernon, California, plant does is process pigs. Then, is there not an obvious connection of this flesh with the disease? In China people are still getting sick from coronavirus-tainted flesh. Surely, this is happening as well in America.

The heavy contamination is occurring wherever pigs are slaughtered, even where the flesh is processed and packaged. In 2019 in China at least the flesh was tested and found to be corrupted. Processed food containing pork, including meat-filled dumplings, was recalled after the finding that it was poisoned by the virus. In the United States if this is being done, no one is revealing it. Moreover, the fact is it is likely being covered-up, including by the CDC. This is because the tainting of this flesh is directly related to vaccination, which is done routinely in America’s hogs. The CDC, USDA, and Department of Agriculture all have a diabolical history of covering up vaccine-induced catastrophes.

To reduce the risk of infection by coronaviruses it is advisable to avoid the consumption of pork. This is not just roasts and chops. It includes ham, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and salami. Choose instead exceptionally healthy options such as grass-fed beef and lamb as well as truly range-fed poultry. Or, cut back on meant. Especially for people over 50 meat consumption can readily be reduced by half or more with usually beneficial consequences.

Don’t avoid it altogether, though. There are nutrients in meat, such as taurine, carnitine, essential amino acids, and B12, that may be difficult to find in other foods.