People all over the world are dropping dead from the COVID-19 vaccination

Cass Ingram

January 19, 2021, updated, Feb. 7, 2021

Does anyone even care or is paying attention in the least  to the fact that the newfangled, human-engineered COVID-19 vaccines are killing people? People who wouldn’t have died otherwise are rendered deceased. This is happening within a week, usually 48 hrs, after receiving the medically invasive procedure. Surely, this would get the world’s attention: or at least it would be thought.

However, it is not to be so. The cover-up is in high gear. The deaths, we are told, are unrelated to the jab: mere coincidence, they were going to die anyway. It is an attempt by the vaccine cabal to lie its way out of disaster. The fact is even the death of one person from these inoculations is too many and cannot be minimized or tolerated.

It is just the way it is, people are told. Death is necessary consequence of mass vaccination, yes, some people will die. What a callous disregard for human life this is. The fact is any medical procedure that lists death as a definite consequence cannot be justified. The Oath for all medical doctors states categorically, “Above all do no harm,” Then, how can the deaths of hundreds or thousands of people via an invasive shot be explained, as every physician is held to this standard?

In the United States people are dying. This was the case of Miami’s respected obstetrician, Gregory Michaels and also Tennessee nurse Tiffany Dover. By the dozens, nursing home residents are succumbing. In Norway over 30 nursing home inmates have died, mostly within two days of receiving the shot. This is a fact which is impossible to deny.

In India it is not going well. Like elsewhere, the vaccine is killing people. A 43 year-old merely two days after he has given the shot a 43 year-old worker succumbed.  Sudden death was attributed to a heart attack, which was surely vaccine-induced. This was likely a result of a massive cytokine storm, which caused the cardiac muscle to give out. Yet another man, some 53 years-old, also died of heart collapse. In this case the man had a simultaneous lung infection, which made him ultra-vulnerable. “Oh, but the other workers who got the inoculation from the same vial didn’t react.” ‘This is how inane is the argument to maintain the inoculation propaganda.

In Italy four young health workers died. Yet, several doctors and nurses have succumbed in America. It is so toxic it readily kills the strong and relatively healthy.

Elderly Israelis quickly succumbed, though, again, it was attributed to predisposing heart conditions.

Deny, deny, and deny, this is directly out of the lying, cheating propaganda playbook. Thus, even when people die within hours or minutes after the shot  there is “no link,” the hostiles ones are quick to reassure. Yet, let’s not allow ourselves to be bamboozled. By December 18, a week or less after the vaccine roll-out according to the CDC over 3000 of the over 100,000 who where inoculated reported health- and work-compromising adverse reactions, much of this requiring hospitalization.

Nurse Tiffany Dover, Dr. Gregory Michaels, elderly Israelis, the middle-age Indian medical workers, the 30-plus elder-care Norwegians, the 24 and counting Auburn, New York, nursing home residents, plus countless others. Isn’t this more that sufficient to halt the entire campaign, seeing also that wherever it is given aggressively the pandemic is worse?

In San Diego this was nearly the exact response. Some 330,000 doses of the inoculation are to be destroyed and the campaign ‘paused.’ This was because of the violent reactions of some 10 vaccinated people, all shortly after the vaccine’s roll-out, some of them being hospitalized in critical care units. It should go beyond this. Globally, all COVID-19 vaccines must be confiscated and destroyed, before more deaths occur. Moreover, let us not forget that even a greater number are being harmed through a multiplicity of vaccination disorders, including seizures, paralysis, spastic degeneration, bizarre tremors, autoimmune disorders, and immune dysreguation.

Nearly 40% of all deaths from this disease is found in nursing home residents. Thus, it makes no sense to apply such a risky injection to healthy people, including health care workers. Nor should the elder-care residents be injected. They are too compromised to withstand this poisonous burden.

Moreover, let us not forget the people sickened by the flu shots, including the thousands that die yearly in the United States alone. Then, there is Korea, 2020, where dozens died from this shot.

How many millions will be harmed? How many will say they are fine but end up developing chronic, unrelenting disease months or years later? How many will suffer a delayed death, perhaps weeks or months after the injection? The purpose of this jab is purely diabolical. Let use fight back against this, spreading the word about the intense danger. In this regard let us take the attitude that a single death is unacceptable. The COVID-19 vaccines are largely targeted to relatively healthy individuals who will be suddenly sickened, who will then become a burden upon themselves and others. The suffering, the deaths and side effects, is often gruesome, and no one is talking about the pain and misery people are suffering. Let us tell the world, “Stop it now, before it is too late.”