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Polio Vaccine Monkey Virus Proven to Attack and Destroy 19 Year Old Turning Her into a Vegetable Polio Vaccine Monkey Virus Proven to Attack and Destroy 19 Year Old Turning Her into a Vegetable
Polio Vaccine Monkey Virus Proven to Attack and Destroy 19 Year Old Turning Her into a Vegetable Updated, July 16, 2017 Make no mistake... Polio Vaccine Monkey Virus Proven to Attack and Destroy 19 Year Old Turning Her into a Vegetable

Polio Vaccine Monkey Virus Proven to Attack and Destroy 19 Year Old Turning Her into a Vegetable

Updated, July 16, 2017

Make no mistake the polio shot and/or oral vaccine is a great danger to humankind. It is the primary cause of polio, world-wide. In fact, the majority of cases of this disease, if not all cases, are caused by the polio immunization. This proves that the inoculation has no value and, in fact, only causes harm. Moreover, while this happened in the past it is still highly relevant, as it is occurring today throughout the world, much of it at the hands of that arch-criminal mind, Bill Gates.



This is what Gates recently told President Trump after he raised questions about the safety of inoculations; he has, apparently, met twice with Trump regarding this issue:

“I heard when he saw pharma guys he said he was still wondering about vaccines, but he did mention to them that I’d said to him that I’d looked at it and that they were completely safe and that we shouldn’t raise any doubts about that.”

Gates spews nothing but lies. There are thousands of people, world-wide, who are being injured, even killed, by his vaccine mandate. Moreover, the deaths and injuries are being perpetrated on a daily basis. Regardless, if they are “completely safe,” then, how is it that the same inoculations he touts resulted in the brain death of the person, here, in question?

In this case a 19 year-old female developed an acute psychotic episode the developed into severe brain damage with inflammation and swelling of the brain, known as encephalopathy. This led to permanent brain damage, known as a vegetative state: that is, brain-dead. Of note, the investigators also make it clear that, besides causing neurological conditions monkey viruses are a major factor in chronic fatigue syndrome.

In order to determine the cause cerebrospinal fluid was evaluated. That evaluation found a single causative factor, which is a highly pathogenic simian virus. Moreover, it was determined that the virus arose from the polio inoculation:

It is categorical. It was the polio inoculation which destroyed the brain and nervous system of this teenager. In this case the cause was a ‘contaminant’ known as simian cytomegalovirus. The virus is definitively from monkeys and is 100% vaccine-induced; there is no other way for common people to contract this pathogen. There is surely no other means for this 19 year-0ld, living in Los Angeles, to have contracted it, infecting her brain and spinal cord.

Note how in immunodeficient animals the virus attacks a vast array of tissues. Grown in vaccine-based monkey kidney and testicular tissue it is a highly pathogenic member of the herpes family it also readily attacks and compromises nerve tissue.

Moreover, it is a definitive contaminant of polio vaccines, particularly the oral type but also, surely, the injectable one as well. This makes it clear that no one should take a polio vaccine of any type or form, regardless of where, when, and why. To do so, as demonstrated by the above abstract, puts the individual at significant risk for simian cytomegalovirus inoculation.

This is a clear and categorical case. In her immune suppressed state the young woman was taken over by vaccine virus, which attacked her brain stem, destroying her brain matter. While the carcinogenic simian virus 40, or SV40, has been the predominantly newsworthy immunuosuppressive monkey virus simian cytomegalovirus is no minor issue. In fact, it is thought to be the progenitor of an even more destructive wasting disease, HIV-AIDS. Yet, once again, its source is not natural transmission but, rather, the corruption of vaccinations:

The Martin article surely doesn’t tell the true story. In the AIDS African epicenters, such as Zaire and Rawanda, countless thousands of Africans had been, in fact, contaminated with vaccine viruses, this as a result of their ‘experimental’ inoculation in the 1950s. Regardless, any wasting disease on this continent or elsewhere in the world is vaccine-induced until proven otherwise. This is the new mantra that all medical people must pursue. It is crucial to define these, to prove them: to determine the cause and to, in particular, define the role of vaccination in their cause.

Yet, despite this, that is despite clear and obvious evidence of the danger of inoculations, still, the world’s powerful ones support and endorse mass vaccination agendas. No one can be more aggressive in this regard that Gates. It is he and his collaborators who are, for instance, responsible for causing numerous outbreaks of paralytic disorders, directly from polio inoculation. In India alone the Gates schemes have resulted in well over 100,00 cases of partial or full body paralysis since 2010 alone.

This is how this treacherous one handles his vaccine push – like a mere PR stunt:

This is a warning to all. No one should take modern-day vaccinations. Moreover, surely, all polio inoculations must be banned: immediately, for the sake of humankind and for the sake of preventing additional fatalities, cases of paralysis, and cases of gross muscular weakness. In the case of simian cytomegalovirus-tainted batches the urgency of the ban is extreme, for the sake of preventing unknown numbers of cases of fatal or brain-damaging encephalopathy. Moreover, if such an attack occurs, post-vaccination or otherwise, a person should know the antidote. That powerful anti-encephalopathy medicine is the edible, daily use oil of wild oregano as well as the aromatic essence of wild oregano. It is a most powerful means to reverse all vaccine-induced brain injury, particularly that occurring acutely.

It is the medicines of nature which cure. In contrast, as is being thoroughly demonstrated the injection of deadly pathogens, complexed with dangerous additives, heavy metals, and synthetic chemicals, can cure no disease and instead is disease promoting. Beware of the polio inoculation. Automatically, all takers will develop a degree of monkey virus contamination.


The education of President Trump by Bill Gates, global health advocate


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