After Mocking Others, Vaccine Advocates Suffer Injury and Drop Dead from COVID-19 Shot

Cass Ingram

March 12, 2021

It is never a good idea to mock other people who take opposing views to anyone’s position. God alone has the power of judgement, and it is He who deals with the cynics and antagonists, who torment others. The malicious cynicism is risky. This is especially true of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is nothing to take lightly.

No one should be so haughty about this. After all, it is an invasive medical procedure, which is fully experimental.  It is as if to say, “I trust Big-Pharma, despite its sordid history, including the perpetration of mass death. Even though it is a fabricator you should trust it, too. Join me in vaccinating. It’s OK, it’s safe.” Then, the vaccinator gives the high-five, shows off the bandage or the mark, and calls for all to comply.

Badania prenatalne

However, this insolent, if not sophomoric, behavior can come back to haunt. A Polish doctor, Witold Rogiewicz,  recorded a video of himself proudly getting the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, as if to defy others. He mocked the critics who questioned the efficacy of the vaccine while receiving it. Belittling others, he said was now essentially a 5G attenae, an allusion to Gates critics, adding an insult regarding autism. So far did he go in this angst that he alluded the autism wouldn’t allow him to speak. He fell dead two days later from injection-induced heart collapse. Just before the shot killed him he obnoxiously stated:

Vaccinate yourself to protect yourself, your loved ones, friends and also patients. And to mention quickly I have info for anti-vaxxers and anti-coviders if you want to contact Bill Gates you can do this through me. I can also provide for you from my organism the 5G network. I am sorry I hadn’t spoke for a bit, but I was just getting autism.

Another man, yet another European, while driving and on video alluded that resisters to the COVID shot were contagious. After taking the AstraZeneca injection he became paralyzed only a few days later, suffering from Bell’s palsy and a number of other symptoms. With that palsy he is no longer able to mock and smirk at those who don’t share his beliefs.

Facial paralysis

There are also the vaccine promoters, who didn’t necessarily belittle anyone but sent messages for all people to abandon their hesitancy to join them. Dr. Sara Beltran Ponce at 14-weeks pregnant was promoting the Covid mRNA vaccine on Twitter. Giving reassurance of the safety she got the shot live on camera. A few days later she lost the baby, strictly because of the mRNA toxicity. It is as if the pro-vaxxers are meant to give warning in their zealousness, perhaps saving lives.

Blonde-haired and blue-eyed people are highly vulnerable to the poisonous effects. Her entire protective mechanisms naturally existent to guard her child were decimated by the synthetic, transgenic shot. Why she put her trust in the likes of Pfizer and its fellow money-grubbing cohorts is unknown.

Hank Aaron in a sense chastised fellow black people. A poster person for the Pfizer shot a little over two weeks after being inoculated he was dead. Suffering a fatality in his sleep the vaccine was entirely responsible. His example was supposed to forge black people onward to get the shot. It had the opposite effect no matter how hard those in power sought to disguise it.

Saying she was excited live on TV to get the injection head regional nurse Tiffany Dover didn’t have a chance to fully lionize the Pfizer shot.  She collapsed on camera some 12 minutes after being injected. About 48 hours after this she has not been heard of and is presumed dead.

Tiffany Dover conspiracy theories: Nurse did not die after vaccine

She is another one of these blue-eyed, fine-haired, highly vulnerable types to inoculation toxicity. There is much speculation surrounding her and how she faired, which was not well. She is presumed dead. If the skeptics are wrong about the shot’s harsh actions, why does she not publicly come out to denounce this? Why not brag and say the vaccine investigators have got this all wrong?

Hospital shares video, support for Chattanooga nurse who fainted after receiving vaccine | WTVC

She fell downwards to the floor not because she was dizzy or woozy but instead due to the notorious vaccine-induced cytokine storm for which she was vulnerable. It is a significant issue that she collapsed on camera, causing the attempt for damage control in a chaotic way rather than any concern about her condition. She should have been hauled off on a stretcher and immediately examined, treated until was stable.

As described previously, another pro-vaccine individual, healthcare worker Brittany Hall-Perez had proudly gotten the shot, urging all others to do so. She said it would save her or others. It did nothing of the sort, killing her one day afterward. Notice that she, too, is of fair, vulnerable status.

Yet, there has never been any concern over humans as long as the shots prove profitable. Vaccines have always been based on coercion and hype. Are there any scientific facts that account for the following poster, with its obvious emotional basis:

MDHHS - COVID-19 and Immunizations

“Do your duty. Don’t neglect this and be the one who is responsible. You’ll feel really bad if you get some sick.” If there was any s0und basis for this, Big-Pharma would not have to resort to such devices. There is no reason to inject children or adults with poisonous concoctions.

Even when people are obviously killed, murdered by lethal injection, the so-called media outlets minimize this. A 75 year-old woman died only according to witnesses 15 minutes after getting the Moderna shot. The obnoxious ones, though, stretched this to 40 minutes, then claiming the medical injection had nothing to do with it. This kind of vile corruption is being imposed upon millions of people. It is all to make the government and its malicious agents look good, so people won’t lose confidence in them.

The poster-people for the mRNA shot did not fair well. It is no use in making fun of them, they carved their own path to destruction.

Let us live the rest of our lives without belittling others. Our lives may depend on it.