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Health Hunter Blueberry Kit

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Health Hunter wild & organic blueberry products are age-defying, and potent—you can tell by the tremendous taste and color.

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Health Hunter Blueberry Kit

1 Bottle of
Health Hunter Wild Blueberry Extract

Normal Price $39.99

Steamed wild blueberry extract is a true wild remote-source food. Made from handpicked wild blueberries from the remote north. This is a truly exotic and rare. Cleanse yourself inside and out with this powerful wild extract. Another first by Health Hunter the steam extracts virtually all the nutrients and phytochemical power, so it can be utilized by the body. Steamed wild standard heat-extracted juice. You can taste the wilderness in its woody flavor. Plus, it is free of all sugar and chemical additives. Wild blueberry extract helps support healthy blood sugar, vision, and brain function.


Ingredients: steamed wild blueberry juice and natural spice oils. Remote-source, absolutely handpicked and hand-extracted, non-GMO

1 Bottle of
Health Hunter Organic Blueberry Powder 3.5 oz

Normal Price $34.99

Health Hunter organic blueberry powder age-defying, freeze-dried and air-dried, raw blueberry powder is potent—you can tell by the tremendous taste. What a top source of all-powerful anthocyanins it is, ideal for supporting the health of all systems, especially the immune, cardiovascular, renal, neurological, and digestive systems. It’s extra-ordinary, as is expected from all Health Hunter supplements. Keep all the cells in your body in optimal health with Health Hunter Organic Blueberry Powder.

Directions: Add 1 teaspoon or more to juice or smoothies. Mix with raw honey, and give to children. Make a honey-blueberry sauce for healthy ice cream, cheese, fruit, and more.

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