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HempAlive – PurelyWild


Mycellized Hemp, Spruce, & Pine
Supports a healthy whole body response*

1 FL. OZ. (30 ML.)

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Raw HempAlive is heirloom organic hemp oil extracted with CO2 plus raw spruce and pine resins. HempAlive is mycellized for complete absorption. Because it’s raw, all the nutrients are intact, including the enzymes and terpenes. HempAlive is powerful to the extreme—for your better health.

Directions: Take at least 5 drops under the tongue.

Ingredients: Spring water, Organic mycellized hemp resin, Mycellized raw wild spruce resin, Mycellized raw wild pine resin, Sunflower seed vitamin E, Cinnamon & clove bud essence, Raw clover honey

Net Wt: 1 FL. OZ. (30 ML.)

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